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 Kingdom Timelines [Post Kingdoms Timeline Here]

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Mille Sessau

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PostSubject: Kingdom Timelines [Post Kingdoms Timeline Here]   Sat Feb 19, 2011 7:27 pm

This is purely for fluff, but if you would like your kingdoms ancestral history displayed, post it here.

The current year is 0 NE, or New Era. And anything before the New Era would be AE, or Ancient Era. For example

Kingdom of Lordaeron

500 AE -- Lordaeron is established as a kingdom.

197 AE -- Start of Lordaeron Civil War.

194 AE -- End of Lordaeron Civil War

0 NE -- Lordaeron's begins exploring.

It can be as long and as detailed as you want it.

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PostSubject: Ezrian Timeline   Sun Feb 20, 2011 6:41 pm

1.000 AE- Present day Majitra is established, within a century Agrinia and Coronne will become the three most dominant city states in Ezria.

800 A.E.- The first of the human tribes begins invading the mountain spine, however the three great Avian King's are more concerned with each other than 'pathetic lowlanders'. Period of the Warring States begins.

400 A.E.- The amount of humans in the mountains have grown massively, to the point where they nearly outnumber the Avians. Coronne is sacked and occupied. King Solongo of Majitra and Sehsehr of Agrina announce a temporary truce to focus on fighting the humans.

350 AE- Fifty years of bitter fighting has seen the conflict grow into a stalemate, with the humans steadily tightening their grip on the city of Agrina. A falling star signals the birth of the prophesied Chosen One.

349 AE - Zengari is born to King Solongo.

297 AE- The aging King Solongo finally dies not on the battlefield but in his sleep, the relatively young Zengari inherits his throne. The human's begin besieging Agrina.

295 AE- After several years of preparation, Zengari leads a surprise assault on the humans besieging Agrina and slaughters them before beginning a push to attack Coronne.

290 AE- Coronne finally falls after a bloody five year siege. For the next twenty years a bitter war of attrition will be waged.

270 AE- The last of the human settlements are burned to the ground, their populations slaughtered or pushed out of the mountain chain. Peace does not last long however, as Zengari moves to swiftly crush former allies and rivals signaling the start of a new civil war.

262 AE- Eight years of bloody conflict end, all opposition to a united Ezria has ended. Zengari declares himself sole King of Ezria and moves the capital to Coronne. King Sehsehr and his heirs are murdered. Period of the Warring States ends.

260 AE- The first Imperial Cult begins, within a generation Zengari will be worshipped as not only the savior of Ezria but a divine entity as will his entire line.

150 AE- Zengari dies of the plague, his son and heir Ogedi reigns for over a century before he dies under mysterious circumstances.

35 AE- King Casimir the First takes the throne, and immediately launches a series of reforms that has seen a cultural and military golden age sweep through the country.

0 NE- Present era
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PostSubject: Re: Kingdom Timelines [Post Kingdoms Timeline Here]   Tue Apr 19, 2011 6:31 pm

8000 A.E. - Estimated time of the Exodus by Eraenvalas historians.

7700 A.E. - Estimated time for the settlement of Eraenhil and the founding of the Eraenvalas.

5589 A.E. - Contact with the Dwarves of Karag-Mor. Beginning of the Time of Prosperity.

4601 A.E. - The First Dwarven War begins and ends when a dwarven legion from Karag-Mor marches to Ereanhil and forces the elves to pay tribute in gold.

4587 A.E. - Elven warrior Falaras declares himself Lord of Eraenhil and begins to marshal an army. End of the Time of Prosperity

4503 A.E. - The Dwarven War begins with the battle of Morvalas when the dwarves demand that Lord Falaras abdicate and return power to the tribal council.

4500 A.E. - Second Battle of Iniras. The Eraenvalas army is defeated, but inflicts great casualties on the invading Karag-Mor army.

4488 A.E. - The dwarven army from Karag-Mor besieges Eraenhil itself. Beginning of the hundred-year siege.

4593 A.E. - The dwarves fail to conquer Eraenhil and are recalled to deal with domestic issues. The shattered remnants of the Eraenvalas begin to rebuild their civilization under the rule of Lord Falaras.

3801 A.E. - Lord Falaras dies of old age. Three claimants step forward to take the empty seat and begin to fight for lordship.

3797 A.E. - Two claimants are assassinated by the Eraenmirot. Lord Vassilas is appointed Lord of the city.

2963 A.E. - Lord Vassilas is killed putting down a tribal rebellion of Ereaenvalas. Lady Easra is appointed his successor.

1380 A.E. - Lady Easra is killed by the Eraenmirot due to her incompetence in dealing with the city's water shortage and slave rebellion. Lord Nimaran is appointed to replace her.

1372 A.E. - The slave rebellion is finally crushed by Eraenhil forces. Peace returns to the valley.

832 A.E. - The necromancer Aalinas is appointed Lady of Eraenhil by Commander Tal'cathar. Tal'Cathar is granted a large estate with many slaves in the lake valley below the city and retires.
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PostSubject: Re: Kingdom Timelines [Post Kingdoms Timeline Here]   

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Kingdom Timelines [Post Kingdoms Timeline Here]
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