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 Timeline of the World

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PostSubject: Timeline of the World   Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:50 pm

Timeline of the World

1.000 AE - Present day Majitra is established, within a century Agrinia and Coronne will become the three most dominant city states in Ezria.

800 AE - The first of the human tribes begins invading the mountain spine, however the three great Avian King's are more concerned with each other than 'pathetic lowlanders'. Period of the Warring States begins.

400 AE - The amount of humans in the mountains have grown massively, to the point where they nearly outnumber the Avians. Coronne is sacked and occupied. King Solongo of Majitra and Sehsehr of Agrina announce a temporary truce to focus on fighting the humans.

350 AE - Fifty years of bitter fighting has seen the conflict grow into a stalemate, with the humans steadily tightening their grip on the city of Agrina. A falling star signals the birth of the prophesied Chosen One.

349 AE - Zengari is born to King Solongo.

297 AE - The aging King Solongo finally dies not on the battlefield but in his sleep, the relatively young Zengari inherits his throne. The human's begin besieging Agrina.

295 AE - After several years of preparation, Zengari leads a surprise assault on the humans besieging Agrina and slaughters them before beginning a push to attack Coronne.

290 AE - Coronne finally falls after a bloody five year siege. For the next twenty years a bitter war of attrition will be waged.

270 AE - The last of the human settlements are burned to the ground, their populations slaughtered or pushed out of the mountain chain. Peace does not last long however, as Zengari moves to swiftly crush former allies and rivals signaling the start of a new civil war.

262 AE - Eight years of bloody conflict end, all opposition to a united Ezria has ended. Zengari declares himself sole King of Ezria and moves the capital to Coronne. King Sehsehr and his heirs are murdered. Period of the Warring States ends.

260 AE - The first Imperial Cult begins, within a generation Zengari will be worshipped as not only the savior of Ezria but a divine entity as will his entire line.

150 AE - Zengari dies of the plague, his son and heir Ogedi reigns for over a century before he dies under mysterious circumstances.

35 AE - King Casimir the First takes the throne, and immediately launches a series of reforms that has seen a cultural and military golden age sweep through the country.


1 NE - The Ancient Era comes to an end. Small border disputes between the Avians of Ezria and the Dwarves of Ever-Winter. Ezria begins diplomacy with the Elvish Kingdom of Mabiya.

Winter Season
1.) The Avians of Ezria and the Dwarves of Ever-Winter reignite a hundred year old war. Fueled by revenge, King Casimir of the Kingdom of Ezria decides to wage war on the Dwarves, but the Dwarves mobilize an army and march out against the Ezrians. A small Ezrian scout force accidentally runs into the Dwarven 3rd Legion and attempts to hold them back, the Ezrians hold the Dwarves for half a day at the Battle of Agrina Commons before retreating back to the Ezrian city of Agrina.

2.) The Elvish Kingdom of Mabiya falls into disarray and scatters after the ruling monarch is found dead. The Kingdom of Ezria enters the Mabiyan capital and installs a governor to act as a temporary ruler. Many Mabiyan's do not comply, most are complacent. The Republic of Ever-Winter and the Hold of Karag Mor enter into a diplomatic defensive alliance.

3.) The Union Guilds of Shidrus establish the Lashid Fishing Colony on a far away island. The Empire of Mille Sessau discovers the new continent and claims a huge swath of land called New Mille.

4.) The Ezrians defeat the Dwarves of Ever-Winter at the First Battle of Agrina. The Dwarves request reinforcements at Death Trap Pass and the Ezrians finally complete their stone walls around the city of Agrina. The war continues with no end in sight. The Dwarves construct a fortress at Death Trap Pass.

Spring Season
1.) Traenyn Mervao is born, the first mixed blood of Elvish and Avian origin. He is protected by the Thaedys'm Cal, the Elvish resistance movement in Mabiya.

2.) King Casimir I of the Kingdom of Ezria declares himself Emperor. The Tribes of Ejrahk negotiate a new treaty with the Kingdom of Ezria to assist them against the Republic of Ever-Winter in exchange for access to their ancient holy sites in the Ezrian Mountain Chain.

3.) The Merenaz Caliphate makes contact with the Empire of Mille Sessau.

4.) Raiding orcs from the Confederacy of Caexi are defeated by Sessauan militia at the Skirmish of Fumee. The New Mille colony expands it's borders along the south and discovers wild horses that can be trained as cavalry.

Summer Season
1.) The Empire of Mille Sessau lands on a previously explored island to claim it and discovers that the Guild Union of Shidrus has claimed it instead. The exploratory ships heads back to Mille Sessau and a battle fleet is prepped.

2.) The Thaedys'm Cal army under the Elven General Silias are defeated in the Battle of the Northern Fields by Imperial Ezrian soldiers. Archmage Lionar of the former Order of Mabiya is slain in battle, but General Silias and Traenyn Mervao both escape to unknown locations.

3.) A cougher, a huge beast native to the Northern Plains emerges for the first time in hundreds of years and attacks several Ejrahk hunters. Another group of hunters is sent after it.

4.) A combined Sessauan-Ezrian naval fleet leaves the Sessauan harbor of Chouannerie la Que and arrives at the Hrothar Lumber Colony where a lone halfing bireme is also arriving. Baron Dechamps lands his men on the island and claim it in the name of Mille Sessau.

Fall Season
1.) The Second Battle of Agrina begins when soldiers of the Dwarven Legion surge forward and attack the walled city of Agrina in the Empire of Ezria.The Dwarves of the Republic of Ever-Winter defeat the Ezrian Imperial Army at the Second Battle of Agrina, killing over 2,000 native Ezrians and vanquishing an elite force of Nukur Avian Infantry. The remaining 700 Dwarves capture the city of Agrina from the Empire of Ezria. It is the last battle in King Casimir's War in the year 1 NE.

2.) The Merenaz Caliphate occupies the ancient Saylahudd fortress that lies in the small Merennian Corridor that connects the Empire of Mille Sessau and the Merenaz Caliphate.

3.) The Confederacy of Caexi sends the Cerebrus Legion into the High Plains, a desolate and arid savannah between the Confederacy of Caexi and colony of New Mille. They move slowly but surely into the western regions to scout out exactly who has settled to their west.

4.) 3,000 warriors from the Tribes of Ejrahk head south at the command of Ezrian diplomats to head toward the besieged city of Agrina. Although the fastest steeds in the land, they must navigate treacherous mountains paths and will arrive in early winter to the city to help reinforce the beleaguered Ezrian defenders.

2 NE - The second year of the New Age. The Empire of Ezria has established itself as the dominant military power on the Old Continent, although it is still embroiled in the infamous King Casimir's War against the Republic of Ever-Winter. The Empire of Mille Sessau and Guild Union of Shidrus have begun colonizing the New Continent, currently inhabited only by the orcs and elves of the Confederacy of Caexi.

Winter Season
1.) The Sessauan-Shidran War officially begins as a patrolling halfling bireme Dark Wave is attacked by allied Ezrian ships in the Skirmish of Centroppen Sea just east of the Hrothar Lumber Colony. The Ezrian bireme Shurmanda is sunk and the first battle in the war is won by the Guild Union of Shidrus.

2.) Chalava, a form of Ejrahkian Monotheism is officially established in the Ejrahkian capital of Kresh. It is a Major Religion that about 72,000 native Ejrahkians follow.

3.) On the Eastern Continent, the Confederacy of Caexi sends an advanced scouting party into the High Plains which discovers the Sessauan city of Keye. 600 Sessauan men-at-arms are defeated by 1,300 Elven Confederate soldiers, but the majority of the Sessauans retreat after the defeat at the Battle of Keye.

4.) The Third Battle of Agrina takes place as the Ezrian Imperial Auxiliary arrives under the command of Emperor Casimir I's son, Prince Rhago. They defeat the small and fatigued Republican Dwarven Legion and General Sid, Commander of the Dwarven Legion is slain. The Ezrians retake the city of Agrina just as the first blizzard of the year begins.

5.) Emperor Casimir of the Empire of Ezria sends an ambassador to the high mountains in a desperate attempt to rally more troops to his cause. He employs the help of the Avian Blood Wing mercenaries to fight in his army. They too are dispatched to Agrina to help under Prince Rhago's command.

6.) The Republic of Ever-Winter and the Empire of Mille Sessau sign a trade agreement. Sessauan merchants will sell furs to the Dwarves of Ever-Winter, and Dwarven caravans will take slabs of marble to the Sessauan city of Saint-Mille for sale. This begins the first diplomatic relations between Sessau and the Dwarves.

Spring Season

1. ? ? ?

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Timeline of the World
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