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 Military Units [Post Kingdoms Military Units Here]

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Mille Sessau

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PostSubject: Military Units [Post Kingdoms Military Units Here]   Sun Feb 20, 2011 10:14 pm

Much like the Kingdom Timelines, this is purely fluff. Here you can give your military units descriptions, and although fluff will help me in interpreting your units doing ModMarks. An example:

Kingdom of Lordaeron

Light Infantry -- Blahblah.

Heavy Infantry -- Blahblahblah.

Et cetera. As many or as few of the units as you wish.

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PostSubject: Re: Military Units [Post Kingdoms Military Units Here]   Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:25 pm

War Master- The commander of the entire Ezrian military, he is the second most powerful man in the Kingdom and serves as the King's right hand man. There is generally only one War Master active within the Army at one time.

Battlemaster- A battle master leads an 'Aravt'. A formation ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 men. These are most often veterans of many years that have been on several campaigns and commonly command large expedition forces.

Battle Captain- The commander of a 'tumen' or regiment of 300 men. (Though when there is no Battlemaster present, the most senior Battle Captain will lead larger units).

Archon- A company commander of around 100 men. There are three Archon's to every tumen.

Talon Leader- A Talon Leader is in charge of 20 men, there are four Talon Leaders to a company and 12 to a tumen.

Tetrach- The human equivalent of a Sergeant, the Tetrach ensures discipline amongst the ranks. Often through physical violence if required.

Navarch- A Navarch is the backbone of the entire Ezrian military, these are the frontline troops and warriors that make up a regiment and is the basic rank for all soldiers of the Ezrian military.

Imperial Ezrian Army:
The Imperial Ezrian Army is a force that has existed for nearly three centuries and has fought a number of brutal wars for the control of the Ezrian mountain Kingdom first against the human's whom occupied the mountain chain and then later in periodic battles with the Dwarven folk. The Ezrian army is renowned for being highly mobile in what the Ezrian's refer to as 'lightning war' where the Avians use their dominaton from the sky in the form of their light infantry and their heavier troops on the ground to constantly outflank and outmanuever their foes. The result of innovative tactics and charasmatic leadership has lead the army to steadily expand Ezrian borders. After Ezria declared itself an Empire, the Army was re-organized accordingly.

Kashig (Heavy Cavalry)- The Kashig are the cavalry force of the Emperor and ride the highly revered Gryphons into battle. They have a rich history in Ezria's military and are made up of older veterans. The Kashig are armed with lances and sabers, in addition to being heavily armored. The Gryphon itself is a weapon with it's massive talons and aggressive nature, they as much as the rider are warriors.

Baatur (Heavy Infantry)- The Baatur are the primary heavy infantry of the Ezrian Imperial Army. The Baatur are the strongest and largest of the warior caste and the most experienced. The Baatur fight in tightly packed and extremly veristile halberd or spear formations (such as the square) to fend off infantry and cavalry attacks and when used in the offensive, use thei long reach of their halberds to literally roll over enemy formations. In addition to the pike, the Baataur are armed with short swords, iron helms, breastplates, chainmail, and iron greaves.

Lubchiten (Light Cavalry)- The Lubchiten are light cavalry mounted on extremly fast and smaller Gryphons. The Lubchiten are rarely used in direct engagements. Instead, their primary purpose is to raid, outflank, and harass enemy troops. The Lubchiten are armed with cavalry sabers and lances for charges, and are powerful shock troops when in a direct charge. The Lubchiten are armored in either in durable leather or light mail.

Imperial Guard (Warriors)- The Imperial Guard are the Emperor's elite troops. Combined with their unique ability to fly and outflank their opponents, the Imperial Guard often known by their formal name of the Nukur are the most highly trained and professional troops in the Ezrian military. They are armored in chainmail and are armed with bucklers and long swords. However, more than one member of the Imperial Guard has been known to fight with two blades.

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PostSubject: Guild Union of Shidrus   Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:10 pm

The Guild Union Army
The GUA is the military organization in charge of all terrestrial warfare perpetrated by the Union. Enlisted personnel have their guild memberships temporarily put in abeyance to avoid conflicts of interest, and the army itself answers only to the Union Council itself. Thus, the army is in some ways a "fifth guild," impartial in any possible quarrels between the other guilds.

Warden (Spearmen): The title of "Warden" has two meanings. Traditionally a warden was a Shidaran responsible for the protection of a village or road from wild beasts and bandits. They would hunt down nearby animals that could be dangerous, escort merchants, and were otherwise responsible for safety in their area. The job was difficult, requiring the Warden to travel over long distances and fight both armed enemies and creatures. When the Union was formed the army took over the responsibility of patrolling the countryside, as much to keep it out of trouble as anything else, and ended up absorbing many wardens into its ranks. During his reforms, Heruth realized the need for standardized light infantry, and turned to the traditional armaments and training of the Wardens for inspiration, taking the name along with them.

Wardens are lightly armed and armored for fast travel and scouting. Their best defense is a round, 16" wooden shield that can be easily strapped to their back for fast travel. Should the shield fail to do its job, Wardens also wear a tough leather armor which can deflect glancing blows or soften hard ones. For weapons a warden carries a long wooden spear with a 3" speartip at the end, and a long knife in case that weapon fails.

Steel Shields (Swordsmen): The roundshield is a central piece of armament in Shidaran culture, used by almost all soldiers, and commonly used in emblems and symbols. Heavy infantry are thus known by their definining trait: a large, steel-coated roundshield that provides them with solid cover in combat. More contemporary than the Wardens, the use of steel shields did not become common until the Great Wars period of the Guild Wars. At that time warfare in cities and villages was becoming increasingly common, and the light weapons and armor traditionally used in combat was ill-suited to head-on clashes with armed opponents. Steel shields carried larger, heavier shields, better armor and more dangerous weapons, allowing them to go toe-to-toe with opponents.

Modern Steel Shields have standardized equipment. Beyond the titular shield, they also wear heavy chainmail and metal greaves to protect themselves from any blows that may get past. Their armament is a shortsword, stouter and longer than the equivalent Warden's, designed to be flexible in combat. They are trained to fight in formidable Shield-Wall formations, using their heavy armament to present a solid wall of steel against an enemy.

Sea Shields (Skirmishers): Shidaran naval combat has always emphasized light combat and archery. A good shot from an archer could kill valuable rowers, pierce the heart of an enemy drummer and stop the tempo, or remove some of an enemy vessel's leadership. The conditions aboard these vessels- constantly rocking in the waves, often with tempests and sea winds- has helped refine Shidaran naval archers into masterful marksmen and deadly soldiers. Due to their skill at archery, sailors were often paid to fight as skirmishers in land battles, ultimately leading to established "Sea Shield" regiments during the Heruth Reforms.

Sea-Shields carry a light wooden shield, just like other Shidaran soldiers, but their shields are actually small bucklers used for quick parries in combat. Their primary weapon is a compound shortbow, made from glue, wood chips, and sinew, which packs an astonishing punch for its size. If Sea-Shields are forced into melee combat they have a short-sword and buckler, as well as padded leather armor.

The Guild Union Navy
The naval element of the Guild Union Army. The GUN is not an independent branch, being integrated into the GUA. Both organizations share ranks and command structures, with only slight discrepancies. This prevents the organizations from forming rivalries, a heightening risk with the rising naval power of the Union, and allows them to coordinate combat plans much more easily.

Danthir Class (Trireme): Named after the massive whales that swim off Shidrus' coasts in the summer months, the Danthir Class was developed as a "Cruiser" capable of traveling long distances, fighting in varied circumstances, and enforcing Shidaran naval dominance anywhere at any time. It was developed out of one of Heruth's initiatives- the search for a standardized naval vessel design that would facilitate large-scale naval actions. Heruth himself never got past preliminary designs, but his legacy lead to the development of the class.

The Danthir-class has a complement of 150 rowers- three decks of fifty each- and a complement of fifty boarders. Danthirs are designed to function as heavy cruisers in warfare - being strong enough to fight in pitched battles and defend themselves on the open ocean, but fast enough to maneuver and patrol. Due to these requirements, Danthir triremes are larger than other ships of the class, with high decks protected by armored railing and a rounded keel which allows room for supplies. They have a single large mast, but two sails. In combat the ship has three weapons: its steel-tipped underwater ram, a company of fifty soldiers armed with bows and swords, and four large ballistae.

Guild Union Military Ranks
The Guild Union Military uses a very strict and deliberate ranking system developed during the Heruth Reforms. The system is designed for minimum confusion and maximum cohesion between units and groups regardless of origin or specialty. Any commander can take over a company and immediately know its organization and officers, even if he comes from an entirely different branch of the military.

In keeping with the strictly disciplinarian methods of the GUM, all soldiers and officers wear standardized uniforms. Apart from equipment and stylistic changes necessary for combat, these uniforms are almost identical across branches and ranks. The hallmark of the uniform is a common white and gray jacket with blue trim, along with accompanying clothing in white and gray. Every soldier wears a metal badge clipped to his left breast which indicates his rank.

Shield - The term for a standard infantryman or soldier in the Shidaran military. The term derives from Shidaran cultural emphasis on the shield as the primary symbol of warfare.
Badge: Stylized roundshield

Flankshield - The first rank in the Shidaran army, Flankshields were originally the warriors responsible for holding the exposed flank of a shieldwall. In the GUM they serve as low-level officers, usually an assistant or backup to a Foreshield
Badge: Two roundshields, the left one overlapping the right

Foreshield - Second rank in the Shidaran military; roughly equivalent to a sergeant in other countries except that the GUA makes does have a system of commissioned and noncommissioned officers. A Foreshield (literally "first shield") commands a Tier of ten soldiers.
Badge: Roundshield with two others flanked behind it

Commander - A commander is in charge of a Formation of 100 soldiers. It is generally considered the first real "rank" of distinction, and is a coveted post by many Foreshields.
Badge: A stylized shield colored with a gold rim and hub

Captain - Commander of a full company, or a ship if in the Navy rather than the Army. Captains have a degree of autonomy that lower ranks lack due to the organization of the army.
Badge: A stylized gold shield with two simple shields flanked behind it

Highshield - A Highshield is a High Commander, master of multiple companies and roughly analogous to a "general" in other cultures.
Badge: A stylized gold shield flanked behind by two overlapping simple shields.

Guild Union Military Organization

Shield - 1 - A single infantryman or soldier.

Tier - 10 - First organizational group in the Shidaran military. A Tier is composed of ten soldiers, usually nine shields and a foreshield.

Formation - 100 - A formation is a group of ten Tiers organized under the command of a single officer. The formation is the smallest tactical unit in the GUM, sometimes used in quick maneuvering and small skirmishes.

Company - 300 - A company is comprised of three Formations, and is the basic organizational unit in the Shidaran military.

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PostSubject: Re: Military Units [Post Kingdoms Military Units Here]   Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:35 pm

Throng of the Holds:

Ranger (Light Infantry): Every Dwarf in the Holds is trained from birth how to use a weapon. Most continue their family profession as craftsman or miners, storing their training away for times of need. However, those born into Military Families or Rebellious youths seeking honor and glory join the Rangers. Trained for survival on the surface, Rangers are sent out to far off Way-Towers to watch over the mountain paths leading to the entrances of the hold. Due to the lack of Light Cavalry in the holds, Rangers are used as the scouts of the Army, patrolling far ahead of the main force, harrowing enemy formations, sabotaging fortifications, and generally being a complete nuisance. In order to give them the maneuverability needed to serve as a scout force, Rangers are given a shirt of light mail and a coat of linen for those cold nights. Each are told to bring their own weapons consisting of a Round Shield and some sort of melee weapon, however they are given a Light Crossbow upon induction into the Rangers.

Forge Guard (Heavy Infantry): Deep within the holds of the dwarves lie massive forge complexes, hidden in the catacombs beneath the mountains. In the deeper parts of the Holds, a constant bang of metal on metal can be heard as the artisans of the Mountains bang away. The Forge Guard were originally founded with the single purpose of guarding the ancient forges from all invaders, holding the rooms even after the rest of the Hold had fallen to its foes. Taken at a young age from the Military Clans, Forge Guard are trained in all methods of underground and above ground warfare. As the centuries progressed, their purpose was altered to defend the entire hold, and more and more Forge Guard were inducted into service. Now visitors to the holds will always be in sight of armored statues, unmoving and silent. In times of war, the Forge Guard sally forth to serve the holds, doing battle with the innumerable threats that stalk the land. Completely professional, when a Forge Guard completes his apprenticeship to a Veteran Forge Guard, he is brought to the forges and aids in the construction of his armor. A combination of full plate and mail joints, Forge Guard armor is the finest piece of Metallurgy to come out of the holds for many centuries. Each are given choice of a Runed Ax or Hammer, then the customary Forge Guard Spear. The final piece of their kit is their massive shields of solid steel, bulwarks in times of war and symbols of their office in times of peace.

Bear Riders (Heavy Cavalry): All across the mountains of Mor live monstrous predators of all sizes. The mightiest of these is the Mountain Bear. Massive carnivores of rippling muscle and thick fur, they are the most feared creature in the mountains and even dwarves keep their distance when dealing with them. However, the Bears share much with the Dwarves of Mor. Both live deep beneath the earth in caves and grottos, both has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and both have a deep sense of honor. For this, it is the greatest honor in a young Dwarves life to gain a Bear Cub for his own. Although there are many methods of obtaining one, the most honorable way is to have the mother give it up to the Dwarf, a sense of trust being shared between the two. However, some younglings have been known to do battle with the mother to gain their prize. In any case, the young dwarf raises the bear to adulthood and is trained in all the ways of mounted warfare. When they are finished, they are permitted to join the elite ranks of the Bear Riders. Bedecked in mighty war plate, chainmail, and horse hair plumes, the Bear Riders go to war by the side of their unmounted brothers with Magni's name on their lips.

Ranks and Titles:

King - Lord of the entire Dwarven Kingdom.

Thane - Lord of an entire Dwarven Clan or title given to outstanding Military Commanders.

Viceroy - Title given to Guild Lords or Military Officers or high merit.

Commandant - Title given to Military Officers for Distinguished Military Service.

Boyar - High Ranking Military Officer. Commands an Expeditionary Force if a high ranking officer is not present.

Thegn - High Ranking Military Officer. Usually commands a Formation (300 Men). ((Similarly pronounced as Thane, but different title.))

Druzhina - Middle Ranking Military Officer. Usually commands a Line (100 Men).

Shield Bearer - Middle Ranking Military Title. Not an Official Officer Status but serves on Command Staff.

Banner Carrier - Middle Ranking Military Title. Not an Official Officer Status but serves on Command Staff.

Musician - Middle Ranking Military Title. Not an Official Officer Status but serves on Command Staff.

Huskarl - Title for Elite Soldiery. Given for distinguished service. Forge Guard lowest Rank. Non-Forge Guard Huskarl lead Columns (20 Men)

Veteran - Soldiers granted this title for having served in the military of upwards of 10 years. When given command they lead Bands (10 Men)

Churl - Lowest Active Rank, all Soldiery not in the Forge Guard begin at this rank.


Throng - Referring to an army of several Formations.

Formation - Referring to a force comprising of 300 Soldiers, including Command Staff.

Line - Referring to a third of a Formation, generally 100 Soldiers, including Command Staff.

Column - Refers to a fifth of a Line, generally 20 Soldiers, does not include a Command Staff.

Band - Refers to a half of a Line, generally 10 Soldiers, does not include a Command Staff.


Varying Helmet Designs:

Varying Weapon Designs:

Varying Shield Designs:

Varying Armor Designs:

((Keep in mind, all pictures are property of their Artist, Faradon - DeviantArt.com. Also, these are just ideas, designs for unit uniforms and gear vary much more widely.))

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PostSubject: Re: Military Units [Post Kingdoms Military Units Here]   Sun Mar 06, 2011 5:58 am

The Caliphate Guardsmen
They are the mainstay of the caliphate's military force, its first and final line of defense. Currently, the caliphate's guardsmen has members of over 13000 military personnel that is being stationed all over the Merennian's realm. The caliphate employs the service of generals or commanders to lead their forces, generals would usually march in an army of over a thousand troops while assisted by commanders who led an entire regiments.

However, all of them answers to the supreme commanders of the caliphate guards, and these are the Amirs. Amirs are legendary commanders who have proven themselves time and again in the field of battle, most of them are veteran of the civil war that erupted barely 10 years before the current caliph took power. This war that would later be known as the Separatist's War has seen a couple of noble houses prematurely declaring themselves independent from the caliphate, the result is a brief two year wars that destroy these rebel houses.

Members of the society who enrolls into military service would have to sign a contract of serving in the caliphate guard for 20 years time. At the end of their service, they would be given an ample amount of money and a land to call their own, these rewards alone is suffice to persuade many brash young men into joining the guardsmen.

Light Infantry Companies - 20 Companies(40 points = 6000 troops
The light infantry regiment of the Merenaz Caliphate, currently stands of two different organization, the Ghazi Infantry who are armed with a wooden spear or halberd and adorned with simple desert robe over a boiled leather armor makes up the supporting line troops that are able to move swiftly in the desert and reinforces battered lines. The second is that of the Desert Archers who serves as the mainstay of the caliphate's missile troops. Adorned similarly in fashion to the Ghazi Infantry, these troops are however armed with different set of weapons. A crude dagger that they strapped by their waist belt and a composite bow as their primary weapon.

Heavy Infantry Companies - 10 Companies(30 points = 3000 troops)
Being a desert nation, Merenaz Caliphate had rarely ever relied on the superiority of heavily armored troops since the desert heat would probably boiled those soldiers alive in their armor and made it hard for them to cross the desert dunes. However, the caliphate does maintain a rather small company of elite heavily armed troops. These are the Emirate Cohorts. These soldiers are specially trained to survive in the desert with a more cumbersome armor(but not by much). They are armed with a large rounded shield and a scimitar as well as adorned with lightweight chainmails.

Light Cavalry Companies - 10 Companies(30 points = 3000 troops)
Aside from the obvious infantry regiments, the caliphate also maintain a strong light cavalry force. These are divided into two groups, the first one being the Mounted Desert Archers. These troops are basically the mounted version of the desert archers but are highly trained to shoot and ride their steed at the same time, giving them mobility and range advantage over the more slowly moving infantry, especially in the desert. The second one is the Fedayyin, these are the natives of the deep desert dwellers and are rather shunned and feared by the more civilized folks of the caliphate. The Fedayyin are a group of tribes that were excluded from the great war and even during peaceful times were rarely seen in the more civilized area, they do however benefit from the caliphate and offer their military service as camel riding mounted troops. Armed with boiled leather armor and javelins that they could throw at their enemies.

Heavy Cavalry Companies - 5 Companies(20 points = 1500 troops)
Farisi Cataphracts are the caliphate's heavy cavalry force, while not really preferring the use of heavy cavalry in mounted engagements, the caliphate have adapted to the use of charging tactics as opposed to their more traditional military doctrine that teaches them to use ranged weapon and speed when engaging in mounted combat. The cataphracts are however a sight to behold in any battlefield, armed with steel lamellar armor painted in gold dye, these heavy cavalry are a force to be reckoned with especially when they charged into a column of infantry units with their lance bearing down upon the enemy.

Finally, the caliphate also employs a rather small platoon of bodyguards to guard the caliph himself. These are known as the Deathlords, a secretive order who currently holds 10 members and are usually seen alongside the grand caliph himself when he makes a public appearance. There are even rumors circulating that the Deathlords are said to be genies or marids of the desert bound to the grim and yet magnificent armor they wore. Whatever their secrets are, none can argue that the Deathlords are perhaps the most powerful warriors of the caliphate and there has even been talks of the current Grand Caliph, expanding the small platoon of these legendary warriors to a full regiment itself. The Deathlords are adorned with mystical armor whose material has never been known to the public nor their construction and they are armed with supposedly magical falchion light and sharp enough it could cut an armor into two with ease.[A full regiment of these soldiers are soon to come when the caliphate has access to mithril]
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PostSubject: Re: Military Units [Post Kingdoms Military Units Here]   Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:39 pm

Military Organization:

Legions – The Legions are a large group of Dwarven warriors put together to form either the Dwarven Legion or the Mountain Defense Legion. Generally the legions aren’t formed unless a declaration of war or during a crisis. One of the Legions is commanded by a commander temporarily promoted to the rank of General. The other has always been led by the General of the Republic of Ever-Winter.

Dwarven Legion – The Dwarven Legion is the Republic of Ever-Winter’s assault Legion. The Dwarven Legion is created whenever an outside danger threatens the Republic’s safety or to deal with a crisis within the Republic. The Legion is then disassembled and the Tears within it are given their peaceful assignments once more.

Mountain Defense Legion – The Mountain Defense Legion is similar to the Dwarven Legion except for the fact that this Legion is assembled for the defense of the Republic during war time or times of a crisis. They maintain order and man the entrances of the underground realm while the Dwarven Legion deals with the threat/crisis at hand.

Reinforced Tear – A reinforced Tear consists of three companies of any one unit type. Generally only the Heavy Infantry and Light Infantry of the Republic have reinforced tears because of the numerous units within the Republic compared to the Skirmishes and Cavalry Companies.

Reinforced Mixed Infantry Tear – Currently only one Mixed Infantry Tear is present within the Republic. The Mixed Infantry Tear is a combination of all infantry unit types. When deployed the HI make up the middle of the formation with a LI company splitting up and taking the flanks. Behind these two companies is a Skirmisher Company of crossbowmen who spread out the length that the front infantrymen provide which is 200 dwarves wide and 3 dwarves deep in total. The Skirmishers take up a similar formation though they spread out 150 wide and 2 deep.

Tears – The mainstay of the Republics military they are the most commonly used grouping of units. Consisting of two companies a Tear is a fearsome fighting force.

Mixed Infantry Tears – Consist of a Heavy Infantry Company and a Light Infantry Company.

Companies – The standard unit throughout the Republic. Generally units are recruited in companies and then placed in Tears at a later date when they’re better equipped and trained.

Entrance Wardens/Gate Guards – The composition of the Entrance Guards differ regularly but there’s never less than four companies at either Entrance to ensure the safety of the underground Republic of Ever-Winter. Although their official name is the Entrance Wardens they call themselves the Gate Guards among themselves. When the Mountain Defense Legion is assembled generally the Entrance Wardens become a part of the Legion.

Cities and Warrens/Peoples Guard – The Peoples Guard is what the army of the Republic of Ever-Winter is called when at peace. During war time a large portion is sent off and reassigned to the Dwarven Legion while those that remain along with the Entrance Wardens form the Mountain Defense Legion. Those not assigned to the Entrance Wardens are assigned to protecting the Warrens and the cities of the Republic.

Military Ranks:

General – The general of the Republic of Ever-Winter commands the entire military forces. It’s an honored position that during times of peace has see little actual fighting and is mostly kept to ensure that all training of the military continues and that they don’t become relaxed during the lull of peace. It’s the highest rank within the Military.

Legion General – A Legion General is a temporary position within the Republic. Normally only during war time or times of crisis a commander is promoted to a Legion General to ensure the safety of the Republic.

Commander – Generally the most respected Commanders are in charge of Tears or Reinforced Tears if they are lucky. These dwarves are normally selected because of any number of factors be it their charismatic leadership, their military tactics, or their superior powers in battle to name a few. Very rarely does a commander within the Republic ever have more than one of these desirable traits though it is very rare and happens occasionally ever century or so.

Captain – A rank where experienced dwarves who may be in their prime are common. These dwarves lead the individual companies within the under-mountain realm. They are to help teach the young Lieutenants who will eventually become Captains though they generally leave that task up to Master Sergeants who put cocky Lieutenants in their place.

Lieutenant – Lieutenants, a sub-rank within the Companies these young learned dwarves tend to command 100 dwarves to 150. There can be 2-3, depending on the amount of dwarves they have under their command, within a company.

Master Sergeant – Master Sergeants are the right hand dwarves or rising Lieutenants. Any decent Lieutenant will take the advice of the older yet far more experienced Master Sergeants. These dwarves command either 50 to 75 dwarves but it’s always half of what the Lieutenant commands himself. Never more than 2 experienced warriors to a young Lieutenant to keep him in check. These old warriors like making jokes among themselves of how they must baby sit the younger warriors whom are their commanding officers.

Corporal – Corporals inexperienced dwarves who show promise those who wear the rank command 25 of their peers who are privates. Those who continue to show promise eventually rise through the ranks to achieve a larger command such as a Master Sergeant but those who can’t handle the pressure are generally kept in place or resigned to being a part of a 25 man unit.

*Private – The lowest rank within the Republics Military these dwarves are either green recruits who formed recently constructed units and are still undergoing training or dwarves who received step increases in their pay to compensate for their time and service within the military. As time passes and they pass evaluations they receive promotions, medals, and awards. These dwarves are the bulk of any unit within the republic.

Drummers – Drummers are essential to the military. Each Company has a drummer with a medium sized drum that is used to issue orders to the overall unit. Large drums are used in Tears and Reinforced Tears and issue orders to those units from the commander and are repeated by the drummers of the companies within those units.

*Private – Long standing units generally have older dwarves who have gone through proper training and time within the military service. Due to the nature of the ranks though instead of become Corporals with no command they get step increases, otherwise known as pay increases depending on their time in the service and their records. Those with the best records are promoted to Corporal’s or Master Sergeants as the need arises and receive additional increases in pay. There could be Privates at Pay Step 10 or Privates at Pay Step 1. 1 being the lowest and a new recruit and 10 being the highest those in long standing service to the republic but not qualified to command a unit or turned down such a promotion.

Military Units:

Warriors (Dragons) – Dragons are youths undergoing training to join any one of the other Military Units at the Republics disposal. The units are volunteers that forgo training to join the fighting skipping years of training. Although lacking experience and adequate training these units make up for it with their fierceness in battle, one that rivals the Berserkers whom are better because of their superior training and experience.

Generally these units are equipped with whatever weapons they own. Their pay from the Republic is pathetic for the danger they volunteer for. Luckily they’re not in it for the monetary gain but for the chance to defend the Republic of Ever-Winter and aid in bringing the current war to a swift conclusion and afterwards will continue to serve to keep the Republic safe.

Spearmen (Dwarven Berserkers) – Dwarven Berserkers are key to the Republic of Ever-Winter. They are the first, last, and only defense against enemy Cavalry. Although the Dragon Scale Shields would put up a good fight in a defensible position against enemy cavalry the Dwarven Berserkers are trained to specifically counter the enemy’s cavalry.

These soldiers are equipped with long reaching weapons if they don’t have some of their own. They’re adapt at medium ranged combat. They wear light weight armor, generally, leather or leather studded armor. They have shields as well and can form up in a solid mass to defend their brothers against a charge when needed. They very rarely carry close engagement weapons but prefer medium raged weapons.

Skirmishers (Breath of Dragons) – Breath of Dragons undergo the least amount of training. These units don’t rely on tactics but allow the other military units within the Republic to learn such things while they, during their training, hone their skills with the crossbow. The soldiers of the Breath of Dragons Companies practice at a range honing their skills during peace time. In the past the units required little training to become part of the Breath of Dragons and were able to gain their experience with on the job training as they spent the peaceful years honing their skills. Now though with the war with the Empire of Ezria all dwarves are to undergo a certain amount of training before being approved to go off to war.

They are equipped with a heavy crossbow and around 20 bolts per Dwarf. They carry small weapons as secondaries such as dagger, small axes, and the like that they can use when in a pinch but they aren’t trained for close encounters and prefer long ranged combat. Normally when engaged in close combat they turn tail, not experienced nor equipped properly for such melee confrontations.

Swordsmen (Dragon Scale Shields) – The Dragon Scale Shields are the Republic of Ever-Winters finest soldiers. They are trained individually for a month learning orders, chain of command, and other small necessities. Then for a year they are trained to fight as a cohesive unit learning the skills needed to accomplish such a task. During this year of training they also train with their weapons of choice learning how to properly wield the weapons of war more effectively.

The Dragon Scale Shields are equipped with a sturdy shield and heavy armor. They are trained for close engagements and excel at melee confrontations, far more then the Berserkers. The weapons they carry could be an Axe, Hammer, Sword, or any other short ranged weapon. The Dragon Scale Shields are soon known by any opponent they face on the field of battle due their superior skill for combat.

Light Cavalry (Mountaineers) – Soon to disappear when the update for Dwarves is fully implemented.

Heavy Cavalry (Sapphire Dragoons) – Soon to disappear when the update for Dwarves is fully implemented.

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Wingswords [Spearmen]

[OOC Note: Solely made up of elves currently.]

Description: The dark elves apart of the Wingswords are those who train for quick manuevers along the rolling grasslands of the Caexi. Their training makes them excellent for scouting missions as well as skirmishers among the main forces of Caexi’s military arm. The Wingswords also are excellent hunters and trackers helping to supply an army on the move. With the combining of orc and elves together, the Wingswords have implemented about a third of their force with the smaller, more agile orcs.

History: The Wingswords was one the primary units used among house patriarchs for combat with the orcs. They proved themselves during the Blood Age in the wars with the orc clans. Their ability to harass the enemy armies in quick attacks, screening the movements of the elvish cavalry, and ambushing supply lines led to the unit developing a strong commitment to speed and maneuverability instead of outright brutality.

Weapons & Armor: Being a fast unit, the Wingswords primarily use light steel breast plate armor and steel faced wooden shields that were painted black with a winged sword. The Wingswords’s weapons were designed to complement the purpose the elves performed. The mainstay weapon was the double bladed spear which was capable of slipping through armor and causing massive trauma with the double bladed spearhead when removed. When the spear was rendered ineffective, then the elves resorted to the arming swords they carried.

Talaes [Swordsmen]

[OOC Note: The Talaes main force, the 10 companies in the legions, are made up of 75% orc and 25% elf]

Description: The bulk of orcs fall into Caexi's heavy infantry. These orcs are the most savage and brutal fighters in the Caexi army. The finest specimens of the orc race are tested in all fields of combat before they are placed in the heavy infantry. These orc infantry are exceptionally trained by their dark elf counterparts and constantly tested on whether or not they may remain within the Legions.

Weapons and Armor: The heavy infantry primarily wielded a variety of weapons though the main ones are long handled battle axes, great swords, mauls, or morning stars. They are also equipped with charge lances when needed to combat the charge of cavalry. All wear plate armor over their arms, chest, and legs with the mind of maneuverability. The helms are typically open faced with curled metal horns that have been used as weapons themselves in desperate measure.

Mastarks [Light Cavalry]

[OOC Note: Made primarily of orcs currently]

Description: The Mastarks is the orc answer to the mighty elf cavalry, even though orcs' tend to prefer fighting on foot. By no means are they inadequate fighters for the Mastark’s wreck havoc on a battle field with their fierce mounts. The orcs ride on wargs, giant beasts that look like a cross between a wolf and hyena. The bone crushing strength of the wargs make them just as deadly as the weapons the riders use.

History: During the Blood War, the orc chieftains realized they needed an answer for the elves cavalry. It took years to form the orc cavalry because beating the wargs into submission was an extensive project. Also riding the ill-tempered beasts was a new concept because the orcs of Caexi since they could run for great distances. Though adequate as a light cavalry, their competence didn't gain until they began being instructed by the elves in the tactics of mounted combat during the Legion Age.

Weapons and Armor: Mastarks’s use pole axes instead of lances as well as a handful of javelins. They wear light breastplates. If all else fails, the orcs go to their battle axes and the wargs add another weapon to the fight at close quarters.

Warhorses [Heavy Cavalry]

[OOC Note: Made primarily of elves currently]

Description: The Warhorses are the elvish heavy cavalry. Through centuries of selective breeding, the elves have produce large and slender, swift, and intelligent horse to take into battle. The Warhorses act as the shock troops for the army with their deadly charges. The elves themselves have perfected the means and uses of cavalry across the plains which are ideal for any cavalry units, but also within the wooded areas as well.

Weapons and Armor: All riders wear plate armor over their arms, chest, and legs with the though elvish workmanship allows for more maneuverability and carrying shields of various types. The helms are typically open faced with backward wings. The war horses themselves have a lighter plate mail overlapping sheets that does not impede their maneuverability. The riders use light steel lances with two smaller lances in addition. They are also armed with sabers or war swords for close in fighting after the initial charge.

Military Sizes

Squad: 50 to 100 soldiers
Group: 100-500 soldiers
Sword: 500-750 soldiers
Host: 750-1000 soldiers
Star: 1,000-2,500 soldiers
Legion: 2,500-6,000 soldiers

Military Ranks

Taskmaster: A taskmaster is a sub officer who is in charge of a Squad.
Sub-Tystalaes: a sub-tystalaes is a sub officer who is in charge of a Group.
Hektarian: A sub officer who is in charge of a Sword.
Tystalaes: A sub officer who is in charge of a Host.
Dekarian: A sub officer who is in charge of a Star or Legion.
General: A officer who is in charge of a Legion.

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Hu Dynasty Warriors:
Jian Bubing (Light Infantry): The Jian Bubing or Sword infantry, make up a sizeable portion of the military. Given a sword and shield and light armor, they are able to swiftly deal heavy acrobatic slashes and stabs, but are not able to hold out long in intensive combat.

Lian Nu Gongjian Shou (Skirmisher): The Lian Nu Gongjian Shou, or Continuous Crossbow Archers, use repeating crossbows to easily shower the enemy in bolts. Lian Nu Gongjian Shou are not very effective at close combat however, they are not trained in such matters.

Qiang Bubing (Heavy Infantry): The Qiang Bubing, or spear infantry, are heavy infantry that wield spears in close melee combat. Qiang Bubing are very efficient with using the simple spear to quickly and efficiently kill enemies. In addition, they are given a backup dao sabre in the case of a soldier losing his spear.

Guan Dao Bubing (Heavy Infantry): The Guan Dao Bubing, or polearm infantry, are heavy infantry given large guan dao polearms. They are great at sweeping through swaths of enemies as well as dealing good damage to any cavalry mounted unit. Just like Jian Bubing, they are given a backup dao sabre.

Gun Xian (Light Infantry): Gun Xian are monks that wield staves. They acrobatically and swiftly deal blows and easily beat back other enemies quite easily. While they are great at combat they are unarmored and are easily killed if caught off guard.

Qiang Guang Qibing (Light Cavalry): The Qiang Guang Qibing, or spear light cavalry, are trained horsemen ready for flank and pick off any enemies on the edge of a formation. Armed with a simple spear or lance, their job is very easy, if done right. They cannot fight in prolonged combat however, the horses are not heavily armored and neither are their riders either.

Qiang Chong Qibing (Heavy Cavalry): The Qiang Chong Qibing, or spear heavy cavalry, are trained soldiers who ride heavily armored horses into battle. Trained in the ways of extended combat, they batter through enemy forces with ease. The hardened lamellar armor they wear as well as the armor mounted on their horses make them formidable opponents.
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Lizardmen army is known to be successful in setting traps and guerrilla warfare. They wear lighter armours than other races, because of hard scales covering their body. Equipment is usually made in color that can blend with surroundings easily. Every Reptilian, even not enlisted, has curved sabre and is able to fence well. Characteristic thing about this military is having Fjaluk (priest) in every unit.


Pera (warriors) – this unit is formed with Lizardmen wanting to help the army. In time of peace they serve as jail guards or train to be promoted into better companies. They are easy to defeat and their only power is quantity – Nec Hercules contra plures.
Equipment: no armor, wooden mace and short saber

Shti (spearmen) – backbone of reptilian infantry. They were invented to defend from Avians, but then learnt to fight against cavalry. Most agile and warriors are chosen to join Shti. In time of peace, their task is to serve as town watch. Since they are supposed to fight demons, all spearmen are very brave and faithful. Their characteristic tactic is throwing signed harpoon with attached line (generally they're equal to long spears of other nations). Of course, due to very limited reach of the string they cannot be used as long range units. That lets them fight against flying units, but the main reason is to help soldier find his victim so he can sacrifice it later.
Equipment: Leather armor, signed harpoon, short saber

Padu (skirmishers) – elite soldiers. Most famous and most feared Lizardmen unit. They are known of beating a few times bigger armies by surprise attacking and then running away. They can also serve as long-range units. They often hide themselves in shallow water. Then they’re very hard to spot, because only their eyes and nostrils are above water level.
Equipment: Leather armor, shortbow and arrows, short saber

Navy and siege machines are inspired on humans ones and are very similar. Lizardmen don't use cavalry yet.


Tamen – leader of whole country and owner of army.
Wahmis – commander in chief
Palk – officer commanding battles in place of higher ranks
Pilum – officer commanding one unit
Rii – NCO helping to keep discipline in lines
Mehir - war hero who has already sacrificed Avian’s wings to Zot’pyjet
Rohe – veteran soldier
Laftu – soldier who has already fought
Vogla – new recruit

Lemaj – adjutant of commanding officer, passes orders from officers to NCOs
Fjaluk – priest who celebrates exorcisms during battles against demons and evil powers
Shjen – ensign
Tingu – musician with fife
Zurme - drummer

'-ted' suffix is added to naval ranks.
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Military Units [Post Kingdoms Military Units Here]
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