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 Republic of Ever-Winter (M)

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PostSubject: Republic of Ever-Winter (M)   Wed Feb 23, 2011 8:54 pm

Never-Winter; South Entrance to the Republic

Thane Flint Stokes arrived at South Entrance as other dwarves were carrying the bodies of the two fallen back within the mountain. Wrinkling his nose at the corpses of the Avian's he instructed the gaurds motioning towards the avians, "Get ride of those creatures. Double the gaurds stationed here."

Walking over towards the sole surviving scout Flint asked, "Mind coming with me..."

"Oaks sir and not at all." the dwarf replied stifly his voice distant as his eyes were locked on his dead comrades.

"Good we'll take some horses to the Grand Hall of Thanes and you will make your report to all." grabbing the scout by the arm to shake him from his grief the old stout dwarve led him to a horse then instructed on of the riders, "Ride ahead to Ever-Winter and Black Lake City. Inform them of an emergency meeting. Now Oaks, on our way tell me what happened."

Grand Hall of Thanes; Later the same day

Thane Flint Stokes began seeing as he called the emergency meeting. "Dwarves of the Republic, my fellow council members, we are at war. The Avians have appeared again. Their patrols swooped down and attacked our dwarven scouting party sent out from the South Entrance. We all know our history with those evil creatures. They killed a peacefull emissary who's only mission was to inform them of their error by settling in our mountains and provide them with the alternate mountain's previously inhabited by the Scola Clan far in the east."

Allowing his words to remind the sons and grandsons of the dwarves who lost their lives fighting the Avians, "We thought to explore our lands again and attempt to negotiations with peace and a clear head. But their actions cannot be forgiven. They have proven time and again that they are unworthy of our friendship and trade. We must not let the comrades of Oaks be in vain. We must strike back with such force these birds begin to learn their place."

The dwarves who had gathered in the amphitheater to find out what it was about where in agreement with Thane Flint. They had tried peace once and it was paid in blood. Now hundreds of years later those winged creatures hadn't changed at all and it was time that the Dwarven Republic reacted in force instead of the skirmishes that resulted the last time. The strength of voices in favor were strong and clear. The dwarves would go to war.

Silencing the crowds the leaders voted in favor of war with the Avians. The General Sid spoke up, "I'll have the army mobilized at the Southern Entrance. A portion will remain at the Northern Entrance though for security. When ready, we'll march out from the southern Entrance and engaged the Avians."

The Regent accepted, "A sound plan but I'd like the north entrance closed after we send an ambassador with ten gaurds out through. We still wish Explore the lands around us. They have changed during our isolation."


-The Republic of Ever-Winter is going to war with the Avians of the Kingdom of Ezria. Unlike the last war this is no mere skirmishs with the Avians.

-Forces are being deployed to both entrances.

-The North Entrance will be sealed and closed after an ambassador and ten gaurds leave. They'll be heading out to explore for other nations.
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PostSubject: Re: Republic of Ever-Winter (M)   Thu Feb 24, 2011 1:16 pm

Ever-Winter City; Regents Palace

The Regents Palace was a magnificent home to all the past Regents. Every Regent that was ever elected to serve the people had a tapestry made, one that was woven to resemble their appearence. The halls of the Palace were adorned with a many great leaders who were thrust into their position due to the times they lived in. Not wanting power for powers sake but gaining power because the people needed loyal and just rulers. The only building on the highest level within Ever-Winter it had a breath taking view of the Black Lake and the city named after it. The palace gardens were open to all the dwarves of the republic to appreciate the view, and sometimes the citizens would be able to chat with Regent Thrag when he was allowed time to take in the view as well.

Today though, as the ambassador from Never-Winter entered the palace grounds, the Regent would not have such luxuries as to talk with the citizens coming to visit or marvel at the view. Being escorted to the private study of the Regent he was announce by the escort, "Ambassador Firestone, from the city of Never-Winter is here to see you Regent Thrag." As the Ambassador entered the study The Nine stood at attention and pounded their right armored fists to their equally armored chests in greetings before relaxing at their posts.

Returning the guesture out of respect for the Nine Warriors selected from the Clans to protect the Regent the ambassador was greeted by Thrag, "Ah, Ambassador Firestone, I'm glad you came so quickly. As you know it was decided to send out an ambassador with ten gaurds through the North Entrance before it's sealed shut. Your name was at the top of the list among the Thanes. If you decline we'd understand but should you accept your name very well could go down in our Republics history for years to come."

"I'm honored Regent and accept the post. Who will be with me on the journey?" Ambassador Firestone asked barely containing the excitment within. After years of studying he'd finally be able to put his skills to the test.

"Nine soldiers will be riding with you. They will be lightly armed and amored for swift travel. The horses will be our best remaining steeds whose endurence and speed are great. You'll be provided with what you request from the City of Ever-Winter at my expense and leave as soon as your able." The regent replied with a smile.

"Nine soldiers Regent Thrag? I thought that you and the Thanes agreed upon ten?" Firestone question momenitarily confused.

"Oh yes." looking about the room at The Nine Thrag stopped when he saw one Dwarve. Guesturign with his hand, "Collins here will be accompanying you. Your mission is of great importance. He's already selected the Dwarves. They'll be under his command naturally."

Shocked that one of The Nine would be accompanying him Firestone replied, "O Oh, well then um I'd best be getting ready Regent Thrag." His thoughts wandered to the tales of The Nine, which if even half were true would mean that no harm would come to him as long as Collins still breathed.

"Of course. Just inform Collins of what you'll require and he'll see to it." said with a genuine smile.

North Entrace

Ambassador Firestone and Collins were at the front of the small procession leading out of the republic from the North Entrance. As they approached the camouflage that hide the entrace and 'sealed' it from the outside world the Dwarves urged their mounts to greater speeds. A few dwarves at the Entrace pulled back the camouflage tapestry that from above made the entrance appear as if it was just another part of the mountain. Unlike the South Entrance though the North opened up to some plains at the base of the mountains.

Collins and the other gaurds had their weapons out when they passed through the portal scanning the area for Avians flying or grounded. They group was to travel with as much haste as possible and not lower their gaurd untill they reached some other kingdom where they could relax slightly. After all they knew they were at war with the Avians but other races and other kingdoms who knew how they'd react towards the dwarves of the Republic.

Behind them the entrance was resealed and gaurded by no small amount of force.

City of Never-Winter; South Entrance

As the 3rd Dwarven Legion marched out of the south entrance all the females of Never-Winter bid them farewell. Wearing clothes as black as night greiving that many of the 3rd would not return to their undermountain republic the wives and daughters of those couragous warriors from Never-Wint shed tears for those who'd not return.

The women of the Operis Clan who called Never-Winter their home gave their centuries old enemies from the Purpuras Clan tokens of strength and luck for their wives and daughters were not there to greive with them. It was traddition whenever a Legion marched to war, a tradition that strengthened the resolve of the dwarves marching to war to return home to their loved ones alive. It was a solemn day throughout the republic where all shared in the greif.


-Shows that an ambassador has been selected as well as troops to go out and find other people whom the republic could grow and thrive with.

-Shows that the entrances are 'sealed' and that the Ambassador and his gaurds are off to find other people north of them if any exist.

-Shows that although the Dwarves beleive was is nessecary to attain peace that they don't nessecarily like sending their husbands, sons, and father out to die but beleive they must against such creatures that are so evil.

(OOC: Not technically sealed with like a stone plug making it impenatrable seeing as I got no such defenses but shows how the entrances have been hidden for so long. Camouflage that appears to be a mountain. Ingenious no?)
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PostSubject: Re: Republic of Ever-Winter (M)   Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:39 am

Republic of Ever-Winter

Between the Ezrian Mountains and Great Plains

The political entourage left with all due haste out of the northern entrance. Ancient manuscripts indicated scattered human tribes to the north where the mountains ended and that was where Ambassador Firestone intended to go. It was a predicted three day journey there and a predicated three day journey back with who knows how much time in diplomacy in between. The Northern Entrance opened up to the great plains, but the location of the Dwarvish entrance meant the group had to travel a small distance before being total clear of any and all mountains.

Their journey was never meant to be however, and even the presence of one of The Nine could not totally dissuade fate's hand. They had journeyed for less than half a day and the sun hung high in the sky. The small entourage (of which the exact number was apparently unknown) eventually reached the end of the small pass in between two small mountain tops. Past them the Great Plains lay, the snow ended and green fields met them. The thick packed snow slowed the horses, but it was the throng of an incoming crossbow bolt that dropped one of the guards from atop his steed that stopped the entourage immediately.

" Firestone, down! " Collins shouted. The Ambassador was quick to dismount just as a crossbow bolt careened past him. The other guards had dismounted from their own steeds and moved to take cover behind various rocks and outcroppings. Those with crossbows (Collins among them) pulled their own crossbows from their backs. Collins gave a wave to two of the guards at his flank to shoot, they leaned up, took aim and let their quarrels loose. Collins maneuvered oft of them, out of range of where the hidden assailants were perched and began to climb, first having to sling his crossbow across one shoulder. He was slow but sure, and in between the time he climbed to the small trail the assassins had used to follow them along the path, Collins had heard at least one more soldier fall to their steel headed fury down below.

He clambered over the rocky edge and pulled his crossbow from his shoulder. He advanced and as the trail turned saw them. Four of them! Humans!. They wore leather tunics and cloth leggings with swords at their sides. A few dozen crossbow bolts had been set on the ground beside them for ammunition. Collins righted his weapon and loosed it. It struck the first human right in the side and he slumped over dead. The remaining three noticed and turned their attention to Collins. They dropped their crossbows and went for their weapons. One of the humans, the only one with metal shoulder pauldrons on stood up and waved to someone across the chasm in which Firestone and his soldiers were being assailed from. Collins didn't have time to see whom he was waving at, he threw the crossbow down and pulled the axe from his back, ready to face his three human opponents with a steely gaze.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Between the Ezrian Mountains and the Great Plains

Captain Griedus and his guards had been pinned down for what seemed like days before the firing finally stopped. Nidus and Dordan were both dead. They barely had time to rest though, as soon as Griedus stood up a new threat appeared from the opposite side of the small valley they were stuck in. There were twenty, maybe thirty of them running down the slope opposite from where the crossbow fire was coming from. Humans, dressed in salvaged battle armor and waving a myriad of different weapons. One of the Dwarven bodyguards who still had a bolt in his crossbow loosed it and killed one of the charging soldiers before the Dwarves and Humans met in a gruesome melee. It didn't last long, but the entire Dwarven entourage was dead, Ambassador Firestone, indicated as a non-combatant by his lack of weaponry and more formal attire was not slain however and was taken captive. The Ever-Winter's journey to the north had been ended.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-- Collins of The Nine and the entire Dwarven bodyguard are slain by a well laid trap from an unknown group of human soldiers just as their journey begins into the Great Plains. Ambassador Firestone is taken. The Republic of Ever-Winter cannot even begin to expect the group faced problems or may have perished for two ModMarks (this will be considered one).
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PostSubject: Re: Republic of Ever-Winter (M)   Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:53 pm

Black Lake City; Quil Tome's Home/Book Store
The Tales of Victor and Magma

Quil Tome hailed from a long line of writers who published and copied their own works to be sold to interested collectors or books that the librarians bought for the three libraries, one in each city. His father and grandfathers before him wrote works of dwarven history in the golden ages or during times of darkness. That was how the Tome's family continued to own the small book store. But Quil, with no heirs to his family or the family buisness was growing old when he came up with an idea nearly three years ago that would ensure the Tome's would never be forgotten.

Quil's first book was about the tales of the great hero Victor and his dragon stead Magma. Many know the tales of how he and his dragon created the Black Lake but none know of the events leading up to it even though by historians and well read dwarves who were collectors. The book was such a hit with some of the dwarven upper class, many who had the historical books written by his grandfathers in their own personal studies but those were books owned by their own grandfathers and were seldom read, that Quil was able to hire dwarven youths who were reliable to copy his original book. During these two years a great number had been written and rumors from the upper class had flitered throughout the republic.

During those two years Quil and his employee's had coppied nearly 378 books, a stagering amount in such time. The books were then sold, down to the last one within the republic 100 in each city. 50 were kept so that Quil could hire workers to copy and produce more books in the upcoming year and sell them during which time he'd be writing his next best seller. Of the 28 remaining books 20 went to his employee's for their hard work as a gift. The remaining eight, one went to each Thane and one was sent to the General's wife leaving four left which with the the Palace in Ever-Winter.

City of Ever-Winter; Regent Thrag's Palace
Mission for the Republic's Survey Team

Toland entered the Palace using a carved wooded cane. The old dwarve was had mostly a graying beard though a few hairs of black showed his beard and head. "Regent Thrag, you requested my pressence?" the old one questioned

Placing his hand to his chest the Regent honored the old dwarve before him. "Please Toland have a seat." The regent said helping him to a comfortable chair that Toland practically sunk into while his assistant who was 200 some odd years old stood patiently besides the older dwarves chair ready to help him out when he needed to.

"I've asked you hear because I would like the survey team to go looking for resources. I know it's still some twenty odd years before the next one is to take place but with our dwarven kinsmen wishing for an alliance and the war with the Avians under way I fear we'll be needing some other mining sites. I was hoping one of your teams could be sent out to search for such things while the others prepare the rotation of our crops in the warrens because it's that time yes?" The Regent asked showing his knowledge for the working of the Republic.

"Yes, I can send them out. It's been over two decades since the last Regent ordered such a task and our equipment since then has greatly improved. It will allow these younger dwarves to learn the trade and allow those of us too old to retire so I'll send a team Regent. Is there anything we're searching for speficlly? Last time we were searching for stone which we found."

"No, just resources to mine in general Toland. When will the team leave?" Thrag asked his elder

"Tomorrow morning. They'll miss the seeing these visiting dwarves in the Grand Hall of Thanes but their's is an important mission. If you'll excuss me I'll have to see to the preparing the team and equipment." Toland excussed himself and his assistant aided him up. As he approached the doors two of the Nine opened them for the elder dwarf a saluted like their Regent the dwarf who had ensured the crops be rotated within the warrens to provide the Republic with a stable food supply throughout his long life.

Grand Hall of Thanes; Bernard's Dilemma

An older dwarf muttered into his beard of gray as he stared at shattered peices of funiture before him, "Thane Flint would have looked like a fool if he had to share a two seater bench with that dwarven ambassador." Slowly turning he looked over at some of his assistants who had the bright idea he yelled at them, "Clean up this mess and get the Thane's regular chair back in here."

Bernard had been the Keeper of the Grand Hall of Thanes for almost four centuries. He was some 38 years shy of 400 years as Keeper and in all his time there'd never been a visitor from another nation, let alone another dwarven nation, within the Grand Hall of Thanes. The old dwarf was at a lost, with the absence of the General Commander Ironfist would be present in his stead so all five seats around the pentagon table would be occupied, "Curse them all, why couldn't they have waited till I was dead and returned to the stone before making things complicated for me." the bent decript dwarve muttered grumpily to himself

Looking at the table he noticed that Thane Flint and the Commander Ironfist who'd be sitting in for the Gerenal would be sitting further from the entrance then the other Thanes. Looking behind him he noticed that the 'Tip' of the pentagon. The young Thane and the military Commander Ironfist wouldn't mind turning a bit to face the visitor when he spoke. His apprentices had come back to begin cleaning up the mess of the bench when Bernard ordered them, "Go get a stone square table. Enough to where three can sit easily. Bring it here and place it right over..." Bernard stopped to walk to the spot he wanted it at, "Here. and bring three comfortable chairs different from those around the pentagon table."

Smiling the dwarves earlier anger subsided as he figured a way to honor the visitors without lowering the standards of the Grand Hall of Thanes.


-Quil wrote a book that was a hit. Used 4 Cultural Points to make the Minor Work of Art, a book called The Tales of Victor and Magma.

-Survey team is being built to search for resources tomorrow when a Concil of Thanes will be held in the Grand Hall of Thanes.

-Bernard figures a way to honor the visitors with one of the three seats by placing a new Ambassador's Table and doesn't dishonor the Grand Hall of Thanes by making any changes to the Pentagon Table and it's long standing tradition of only having five seats around it. As time goes by purhaps the other two seats at the Ambassador's Tabel will be filled with other races.

*Grand Hall of Thanes:
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PostSubject: Re: Republic of Ever-Winter (M)   Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:45 am

Training Grounds; Outskirts of Ever-Winter City

Thane Anvil Hammerfell was viewing the cadets who passed the screening. No dwarve under the age of 125 years old was allowed to join the elite heavy infantry of the republic and if you were older enough you had to have at least one heir to your bloodline before being allow to join. Many of the younger dwarves attempt to join but the law of the republic has always been thus. The Heavy Infantry of the Republic was the ones put in the most danger and generall received the most casualties during war time.

In the past it was more relaxed, but after the 1st Dwarve Legion returned home laws had changed and been passed to ensure the grief the dwarves felt then would never be repeated. It was a dark time, the first contact and conflicts with the Avians above. Their tactics unknown to the dwarves had cost the 1st a great many young lives who had no heirs to countinue their line. Much greiving was spent it was said and it was one of the republics darkest moments in history.

Thane Hammerfell was observing the dwarves spare with eachother. Hammer vs axe, Sword verse spear and so on. He and other senior instructors gave or took away points from the 100 dwarves under each of their supervision. These dwarves had been training for a chance to join the elite heavy infantry of the Republic. Only a handful of dwarves would be allowed to join. The best of the best.

These dwarves were sons of fathers who served in any one of the companies or tears the Republic maintained. They had heirs that would train and attempt to join when they were old enough. Of all the dwarves who were trying to join only 900 would be allowed within the republics military. The others would be forced to wait who knows how long till the next increasment of the military's finest would happen. Out of Thane Hammerfells first 100 only 17 were qualified to join one of the three companies being assembled for the repbulic to combat the Avians in the war. 10 other dwarves were told to wait till the end of the qualifications. Should the companies have any slots open, which normally they had around anywhere from 50-25 slots open, their scores would be re-evaluated and a selected few would be able to join.

City of Ever-Winter; Regents Palace

Regent Thrag was writing orders to be sent out. The carravans of supplies would be ready at the south entrance ready to move out tomorrow morning. They held enough to supply the 3rd Dwarven Legion for another 3 days. Thrag was writing two letters. One to Thane Hammerfell about his new recruits and their first assignment within the Rpublic of Ever-Winter.

Thane Hammerfell,

I'm glad to hear that three companies of our finest were found. Two of the companies will re-form the 5th Heavy Infantry Tear. The last company will be joining two Light Infantry Companies in forming the 1st Mixed Infantry Sheilds. It will be an experiment to see if a company of Heavy Infantry along with two companies of Light Infantry is better then any individual tear in sparing sessions to come though that will be later when the unit is more cohesive.

Those two units assignments are to take the place of the 11th Light Infantry Tear as well as the 2nd Heavy Infantry Tear at the North Entrance. The two remaining light infantry companies will form the 9th Light Infantry Tear. They'll be with the 11th Light Infantry Tear and the 2nd Heavy Infantry Tear when they march out from the south entrance tomorrow. Don't worry they're being sent to gaurd the caravans and then return unlike the 11th and the 2nd who will be joining the 3rd Dwarven Legion.

Your friend,

The second letter was addressed to Commander Ironfist informing him of the rotation and orders being issued to the dwarven home gaurd with the new recruits there to compliment their ranks.


-Shows that those becoming past of the militaries finest HI most dwarves are sons to those already in and have been training for the day they can join. Shows the difficulty of joining the HI with the fact that out of one group of 100 dwarves normally around 20 succed from each batch at the most.

-Caravans are being preped to leave tomorrow (Next Mod Mark in the Battle Campaign Thread that states it's the next day). They'll leave with the 2nd Heavy Infantry Tear and the 11th and 9th Light Infantry Tears. Supplies enough to last the 3rd Dwarven Legion 3 days (three mod marks)

-Shows the rotation of younger units, the 5th Heavy Infantry Tear and 1st Mixed Infantry Sheild, into defending the Republic's northern entrance while more experenced units, the 11th Light Infantry Tear and the 2nd Heavy Infantry Tear, go off to reinforce.

-The Creation of the 1st Mixed Infantry Sheild (1 HI Company and 2 LI Companies making 3 Companies in all)

-States the 9th Light Infantry Tear is to return after aiding in gaurding the supplies that are ment for the 3rd Dwarven Legion.
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PostSubject: Re: Republic of Ever-Winter (M)   Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:43 am

Republic of Ever-Winter

The Republic had heard little word from General Sid and the Dwarven Legion. The runners had been either delayed or killed on their way back through the winding passages of the Ezrian mountains. The Dwarven runners had much to fear, a single slip would be their end at the other side of sharp and jagged rocks, not to mention soaring Avian scouts that littered the sky like insects. The supply caravans were led out with a minor escort to begin maneuvering the pass to hopefully meet up with the legion at Coronne.

The Republic was also two months away from the elections. The Regency was up for re-election, as were the Dwarven Clans. Most still supported the War against the Winged Ones as well as General Sid Oaks, except for Thane Anvil Hammerfell who had pledged his support for peace and prosperity for the Republic once again. He announced that he would run to be elected as Regent Thane and ensure that no more Dwarven lives be shed for a hundred year war that few of those alive actively participated in. Anvil Hammerfell was a charismatic and comparatively old Dwarf who was often in the streets of Ever-Winter campaigning and downtrodding the likes of the current Regent Thane Shields. He campaigned on his experience and strict adherence to the growth of the underground in the stead of fighting wars on the surface.

Hammerfell Anvil promised that if elected, he would reform the Republic's policies to ensure that no more needless wars were waged.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The tome The Tales of Victor and Magma was a minor hit. It changed no policies, no ideologies, but instead further strengthened the resolve of the Dwarven people. An oddity, although perhaps easily seen, was there a slew of the books were now being sent to the Hold of Karag Mor, but not from Dwarves of the Republic. Traveling Dwarves from Karag Mor found the book to be a wonderful addition to their already non-existent library, as there hadn't been any significant literature in Karag Mor since before the Great Fall. Common talk of the day was discussing the themes and adventures of Victor and his trodden stead and if the writer would ever continue the legacy of his work down the road.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-- Republic Elections are in two more ModMarks. Hammerfell Anvil is running against current Regent Thane Thrag Shields. Anvil's campaign is Mod controlled. How much Shields campaigns is up to the player.

CURRENT POLL: (Two months left to campaign)
Favor's Regent Thane Shields: 72,154
Favor's Hammerfell Anvil: 57,546

-- The book of The Tales of Victor and Magma has found its way into the culture of Karag Mor as well
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PostSubject: Re: Republic of Ever-Winter (M)   Mon Mar 21, 2011 5:13 pm

City of Ever-Winter; Fire and Brimstone Tavern

Regent Thrag was campaigning for his re-election with the Scout who defended himself against the Avian's surprise attack and had lost his comrades in battle. The young dwarf, Oaks Fire, was the sole survivor of the group who were doing a routine patrol near the South Entrance. Grabbing his shoulder the Regent spoke to a large gathering of dwarves, "We should be grateful for Oaks and his party. They died honorably. If not for them we'd have continued our peaceful ways oblivious to the Avian's re-kindled interest in we dwarves and unprepared for their inevitable assault on our homes."

Taking a drink of his first mug of ale the Regent continued, "The last time we saw scouting parties from the Avians was during the last war with them after they beheaded our ambassadors and only left one dwarf alive to spread the tale hoping to strike fear into our hearts, our very souls. But we didn't feel fear, but rage and anger that diplomats would be butchered so ruthlessly. Our ancestors fought for this mountain against the Avians repaying them in kind for the crimes they committed against peaceful dwarves."

Standing up Thrag continued his spiel mug in hand, "They didn't learn their lesson last time they'll not learn it now. When we are victorious in defeating their leaders, the root of their evil, their eyes will be opened and their fears will be no more. Until then we cannot let such an evil force remain above our homes, if we do their evil will seep into the very mountain itself infecting us all and we'd no longer be dwarves but something more sinister. We must fight this war to the bitter end once and for all so we can achieve peace, for ourselves as much as for the Avians who have no choice in their realms actions, otherwise we'll never know true peace but live in constant terror all the while knowing we had the power to free those Avians from their cruel oppressors and live with the shame of our inaction!"

Thrag hoped that his people would keep in mind that the Avians in general weren't evil but simply misguided fools who, out of loyalty or fear, followed the current regime above.

The Regent left Fire and Brimstone Tavern after finishing the first mug of ale and cleaning off his second; The Nine had enjoyed a mug of ale themselves at the tavern at the urging of Thrag Shields. The Nine, whom numbered eight with the departure and currently unknown death of Collins, then followed their ruler when he left back to the Palace within the city.

When he arrived in his study Shields wrote letters to both Thane Flint Stokes and Steel Brimstone asking for their support in the upcoming election. The letters were similar to what he said in the tavern except more personal to the Thanes having known them for some time. After sending the letters off Thrag approved the departure of the Survey Team who would travel to the Deep Reaches of the Republic to search for new resources. The request asked for a escort to ensure their safety which Regent Thrag assigned Master Sergeant Taliv and his seventy-five Dragon Scale Shield Dwarves (75 HI Escort).

Regent Thrag Shields continued to make appearances in public campaigning for his re-election during his spare time within all three cities of the Republic of Ever-Winter in hopes to counteract the campaigning done by Thane Anvil Hammerfell who promised peace and prosperity while a threat still lurked above.

Black Lake City; Quil Tome's Bookstore

Quil Tome had received payments from Dwarves both within the Republic as well as the Holds of Karag Mor. Books were going far faster than they could be copied. He’d received more the one letter asking if he’d continue writing such works, which he happily replied that he would but was forced to admit that the future book was some time coming due to the process of copying such lengthy tomes and in enough quantity.

Replying to the latest letters the old Quil set his replies aside so when he left the store he could send them off. Bringing an empty book closer he began writing the next book, though it wouldn’t be completed for some time.


-Regent Thrag Shields campaigns for his re-election and writes to the other two Thanes not running for Regent for their support.

-Rumors of Quil Tome writing another book that Dwarves of both the Republic of Ever-Winter and especially Dwarves from The Holds of Karag Mor would thoroughly enjoy.
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PostSubject: Re: Republic of Ever-Winter (M)   Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:17 am

Deep Reaches Entrance; Outskirts of Ever-Winter City

Toland's Surveying team had been assembled, consisting of some twenty dwarves. Fifteen of the surveyors were anywhere from 100 years old to 225 years old. The other five were their mentors who were given the honor of searching for new resources within the mountains Deep Reaches. Hopefully they would meet success with new equipment developed since the last search for such resources in the Deep Reaches two centuries ago had turn up nothing. Luckily back in that time Toland and his colleagues had found the Stone near the Never-Winter City. Toland didn't personally accompany the team, but the overall leader of these civilians was Surveyor Jaymes, whom many of the warriors escorting them commented about his unusual name.

Accompanying the surveying team was Master Sergeant Taliv and seventy-five well trained Dragon Scale Shield Dwarven Warriors (75 HI). They were tasked with ensuring the surveying team's safety. Part of the newer units formed they were excited about their task although Master Sergeant Taliv considered the task nothing short of babysitting.

Having the more energetic dwarves of his command roll the large stone out of the way pushing it to a locked position that would keep the entrance open. Posting a twenty-five Dwarven guard at the entrance under the command of one Corporal Jack the other 50 Dwarves of the elite Dragon Scale Shield's marched into it'd depths. Twenty-five dwarves in front and twenty-five behind the surveying team.

The Dwarves would travel into the Deep Reaches. An old area used in the past when the city of Ever-Winter was being built for storage until it's completion. Since then it has been seal except to send the occasional Surveying Team into its depths ever few centuries. Maps of the area show areas with Glow Worms, large caverns, and tunnels throughout the Deep Reaches but since the discovery nothing of great value has been found. Sealed up after each expedition to prevent curious dwarven children from getting lost or injured the Deep Reaches had seen little use in a long time.

What the Surveying team would find if anything would be found out upon their return.

Commander Ironfist; Formation of New Skirmisher Units

The following units had been pulled temporarily from their posts to be decommissioned as Light Infantry units and re-commissioned as Skirmisher units:

18th Light Infantry Company
9th Light Infantry Company
4th Light Infantry Tear

As well as a Light Infantry Company from the Mixed Infantry Tear, changing its status from simply Mixed Infantry to Reinforced Mixed Infantry Tear having a Company of Dwarven Berserkers (LI), a Company of Breath of Dragons (Skirmishers), and a stout Company of Dragon Scale Shields (HI).

Commander Ironfist spoke to the dwarves as they were getting their new equipment which consisted of heavy crossbows, "Dwarven Berserkers, kinsmen, you were selected because of your outstanding accuracy with the crossbows. It is not a punishment but an honor, for you'll be the ones to take down those Birds in flight when no other can. When the 9th Light Infantry Tear returns some of you will even join our brothers above and fight giving them the support they require. You are the Breath of Dragons now, burn the feathers of the Avians and make them plummet to the hard ground when you see them next."

The dwarves were informed prior that they had the choice. They signed up to be Dwarven Berserkers but some would take the chance to become the new Breath of Dragons. Those who wished to remain would find themselves sent to other units as dwarves from those units ensured that the five new companies of Breath of Dragons were at full strength. Commander Ironfist wished most would grab at the opportunity to become part of the first all crossbow units so he didn't have too much paper work to do with the reassignments.

The new skirmisher units we're the following:

1st Breath of Dragons Tear(Skirmishers)
3rd, 4th, and 5th Breath of Dragons Companies (Skirmishers); The 5th was sent and became part of the Reinforced Mixed Infantry Tear.

Siege Training Warren

The ten new Catapults were completed. Their crews were being trained in a warren used specifically because of its height and length. They were subpar now but in the coming weeks and of training they'd resemble the other more experienced crews. The catapult crews liked to call their machines of war Dragons Arse and the large stones they fired Dragons Poop. The new crews and catapulted were ordered into existence for fear that the single battering ram sent with the 3rd Dwarven Legion wasn't enough. Some of the crews were experiencing with not blocks of rock and stone but a more round shape, that, according to the maker of the catapults, would deal more damage to any given point then the block forms of before.


- Surveying team and escort have left to see if any resources are within the Deep Reaches. When they return the Republic of Ever-Winter will find out if their search produced fruit or was a failure.

- 5 Companies of Dwarven Berserkers (LI) were reformed into the Breath of Dragons (Skirmishers). Some may be sent with reinforcements to the 3rd Dwarven Legion when the 9th returns with word.

- Construction and training of ten new catapults and crews.

Due to the new units and all that jazz with the forces guarding the caravans here's the current forces within the mountains just so no Moderator is confused:


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Republic of Ever-Winter

The caravan finally returned and with it, bad news. The caravans returned with their supplies spent and handed to the Dwarven Legion. The wounded also returned with the caravan, limping and saddened. Those few commanders wounded in battle reported back to the Regent of the terrible defeat suffered at the Battle of Agrina. They reported that the Legion still stood however and had taken a defensive position at the base of Death Trap Pass. The fortress at the top of the hill had been completed and the workers were on their way back as well. As it stood, the valley between the southern entrance and Death Trap Pass was free of Ezrian presence, but their ability of flight could always change that. The fortress, now complete could be manned by the Legion or filled with additional reinforcements if they were to be sent.

The race between Regent and Thane Anvil Hammerfell was still hotly debated, and they both campaigned long and hard. One late evening, Thane Flint Stokes pledged his allegiance to Hammerfell and announced that his clan was behind him. He asserted that the War with the Winged Ones would have to be won for the sake of the Republic, and he indicated that Steel Brimstone had allegedly been consorting with Anvil Hammerfell and would most likely side with him. The race was currently split, and propaganda was equally heavy on all sides.

" Regent Thane Shields is a warmonger! He just wants to fight 'cuz his gran'daddy died in the Old War!" "

" Anvil Hammerfell is a coward, we suffer a minor setback an' he wants to quit! "

" The Regent won't give up office, we need to kick 'im out! "

" If I ever see Hammerfell in the streets, I'm gonna show him wha' it means to be a REAL dwarf! "

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


A letter reached the office of the Regent Thane regarding an incident that happened only a day or so ago, apparently wounded soldiers who had fought at Agrina had returned and began campaigning for the Regent had run across several protesters who were campaigning against the Thane. The incident started verbally but quickly deviated into a brawl in which nineteen Dwarves were injured and two smiths were killed. The soldiers were court marshalled but quickly requested an audience to be reinstated into the Legion by the Regent Thane. Reinstating the soldiers would garner continued electoral support from the Dwarven military, but siding with the smiths would also help the Regent's campaigning status.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The order for the catapults could not be filled because the fungi-roots had all dried up. Fungi-roots were the huge roots that resembled fungi of ancient trees that dotted the mountain landscape. They had been a source of wood for many years, but no longer. The Dwarves would need to find new resources if they were to continue their warmongering. They were not unintelligent however and sent out scouting parties into the ancient depths of the world and into the used up mines to see if any new resources could be found. Initially, many of the surveyors can back with nothing but ill words, but on the nineteen day of exploration, a team that had journeyed far to the south had come back with words of glee, they had found a huge vein of Bronze (Bronze Resource) that could be tapped to make new weapons of war. However, according to cartographical maps the vein started within Ever-Winter territory and continued south into Karag Mor territory, though the surveyor said they had not seen any other Dwarves in that particular tunnel. Would they claim it, or tell their southern cousins of the discovery of said vein?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-- Republic Elections are in one more ModMark. Hammerfell Anvil is running against current Regent Thane Thrag Shields. Anvil's campaign is Mod controlled. How much Shields campaigns is up to the player.

CURRENT POLL: (One month left to campaign)
Favor's Regent Thane Shields: 68,154
Favor's Hammerfell Anvil: 62,746

-- Dwarven surveyors find a vein of Bronze (Bronze Resource) but half of the vein actually goes into Karag Mor territory, though the Dwarves of Karag Mor do not know about it yet.

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North Entrance; Regent Thrag and Thane Flint Stokes

Thane Flint worriedly questioned, "Where's Ambassador Firestone and his escort. They should have been here this morning at the latest and it's already noon." The Thane was impatiently pacing back and forth.

"Purhaps they ran into trouble, Commander can you send a force to the base of the Entrance and see if they can't spot the ambassador and Collins, one of the Nine so you'll have no trouble spotting him." The Regent smiled politely

"Aye, I'll have to send a small force though Regent Thrag. Anything as big as a company will surely be spotted by any Crows in the area." the stout dwarf rumbled.

"Of course." Thrag responded then was distracted as news from the Caravan reached him and Thane Flint. The other Thanes were surely to have received similar reports indicating the problems the 3rd Dwarven Legion had faced along with this new city that had sprung up in the past 140 or so years. It was mainly an agricultural city though had tough fortifications, to tough for the 3rd Dwarven Legion to crack with their current force. Luckily the Fortress at Death Trap Pass had been finished, the 3rd Dwarven Legion would fall back to it and safely secure the South Entrance from the immediate threats besides the flying Avian's whom the 2nd Mountain Defense Legion could easily handle.

A Lieutenant with 100 dwarves with him left the North Entrance to hide among the rocks waiting for Ambassador Firestone and Collins one of the nine. Unfortunately they found Dwarven bodies not far off from the entrance. The total number being one less then those sent out. The bodies showed varying degrees of decay. The Lieutenant ordered some of his men who were using cloaks of different shades of gray, that allowed them to blend in with the surrounding mountain landscape, to use their cloaks and wrap the bodies up so they could be properly buried within the Republic.

The Lieutenant made his report to Thane Flint Stokes as the Regent was busy writing a letter to the King of the Holds of Karag Mor about the recently discovered Bronze vein. The letter was to inform the King of the newly discovered vein of Bronze and suggest that each nation split the find seeing it was located on both sides of their boarders. The Thane's letter hinted that this would give the citizens working the site to mingle and get to know eachother enhancing each others relations.

"My Thane, it appears the Ambassador and escort were ambushed not to far from the entrance. They've been dead for some time. One of them, I'm assume the Ambassador Firestone was captured for all these dwarves have ruined armor or broken weapons that were left."

Shocked and stunned into silence Flint was unable to respond for a length of time, "Was there any evidence of their attackers?" Thinking that if the Avian's had the Ambassador then they'd have ample time to break him and find out where the entrances to the Republic were located at.

"No sir none. They left no one behind nor did they leave any thing of note." The Lieutenant stated somberly.

"Take care of the dead then. Make sure the North Entrance is prepared we don't know if or when the Avian's will strike." Thane Flint informed assuming that the ambush and capture of Firestone was a plan of the Avians.

Regent's Palace; Thrag Shields Audenice Hall

Both parties involved with the brawl that had taken place a day ago were present. The wives of the Smiths were also present with their families, ready to defend their families honor should the soldiers be reinstated. Interrupting on of the dwarves speaking the Regent stated, "I cannot with good conscience reinstate you within the military. You are to be an example for your former peers. Words and votes will solve the upcoming election not fists. Beating you opinion into another dwarf will not be tolerated. We are the Republic of Ever-Winter. If I reinstated you I'd encourage such action and what we stand for will begin to crumble. What good would defeating the Avians do if the Republics foundation becomes a flawed as the last Regent who was nothing short of a dictator in the making. I will not follow in his footsteps."

"Further more you were dishonorably discharged from the military service because your actions led to the death of two citizens you swore to protect." the soldiers attempted to interrupt the Regent whom slammed his fist hard on the arm of his stone chair, "I'm not finished. You broke your oath and have been removed from service. Live the rest of your life honorably and attempt to rectify your actions with the two smiths family, purhaps then you'll regain your lost honor. You may leave now." Thrag guested with towards the doors.

Other soldiers in the Audenice Hall witnessed the verdict and began spreading the word. Reminders of the former Regent who's name was striken from the Republics history were repeated. He had become power hungry and attempted to use the military, under Regent Thrag's Command at the time to enforce his will. Luckily the Regent had brought about the revival of the Republic and continued to protect it from people seeking power even if it ment protecting the Ever-Winter from himself. The oppinions of the Regents recent actions would show with time as the events in the Audenice Hall was passed to the soldiers of the 2nd Mountain Defense Legion.


-Escorts of Ambassador Firestone are found dead near the North Entrance. Assumption is immediately beleived the Avian's had something to do with the ambush and capture of Firestone. Possibility of Humans isn't assumed due to the Republics seclusion and time passed above ground erasing the tracks and evidence of humans.

-Letter sent to King of the Holds of Karag Mor informing him of the Vein of Bronze found by the Republic of Ever-Winter and suggested they split the claim allowing the citizens of each nation working the site to get to know one another further developing friendly relations.

-Regent Thrag sides with the Smiths stating his reasoning clear and bringing to surface the recent memories of the former Regent turned dictator who's attempt to overthrough all that the Republic stood for failed. Similar mistakes that could lead to such a course of action would not be permitted within the Republic.
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Toland Reports Surveyors Finds

Regent Thrag entered the Surveyors building and waited in an antechamber before being admitted into Toland's office. Taking a seat at the insistence from the old dwarf, Regent Thrag listened to Toland as he reported his findings as well as the disappointing report regarding the Fungi-Roots.

"Regent Thrag, it's a pleasure to see you again. Sorry you had to wait I was dealing with some matters that needed attending. I believe you've heard about the vein of Bronze we found in the southern parts of the Republic. Some issues with that as well but more importantly the ancient fungi-roots have been depleted. We've planted more but it'll be hundreds of years before they produce anything in the quality and quantity we need. Such plants take a lifetime to grow." Toland informed giving the depressing news to the Regent himself. Many things within the Republic required wood, not as much as other people but the dwarves relied on an equal amount of stone and wood for a great variety of things. Losing such a resource wasn't pleasant news.

Commenting on the Bronze as he thought, "Yes I heard about the bronze. I sent word to the Hold of Karag Mor. I'm sure they'll be delighted to hear about half of it residing in their nation. Hopefully it will further strength the bonds between our people." Sighing he asked Toland, "Is it possible that there are other fungi-roots within the Republic's lands?"

"Possible but the chances are very slim, they're hard to miss after all huge things they are, at least underground. Our boarders above ground though may prove fruit full though we can't send anyone out of North Entrance. It's been locked down since Ambassador Firestone left. We could send some out the south entrance though we've no means to gather the wood unless a colony is built or our aboveground boarder matches what we claim to be ours belowground." Toland replied with a few coughs

"Very well, some Ambassadors are leaving the south entrance I'd like some Surveying teams with them to look for wood above ground on their journey, although the Crows claim that to be their land, if they can't defend it we'll take it from them. Should they find anything they're to take 50 of the Sapphire Dragoons with them and return to the Republic to report their findings. Also continue to search for resources within the Republic. Although we found a bronze vein it's not dedicated solely to the Republic see if we can't rectify that Toland." placing his fist to his chest the Regent left

"Aye Regent Thrag I'll set about it at once." Tolands words found his ears as he left the dwarves office.

South Entrance; Ambassador Optim and Albar

The two Dwarven Ambassadors were being sent out of the more secure South Entrance. Their escorts were 150 Sapphire Dragoons (HC) apiece. Ensuring their belongings were properly stowed the Ambassadors double-checked their belongs, among them each was a copy of The Tales of Victor and Magma by the great Quil Tome should they run along another nation. Among the ambassadors and their escorts were two teams of surveyors. One assigned to each party with their mission clear.

Optim saluted Albar with respect his fist against his chest saying, "Let's make Firestone proud. He was lost attempting his mission; we will either accomplish ours or face a similar fate." Optim refrain from stating the dwarf was dead for it wasn't yet confirmed but widely suggested that the Avian's killed him like so many years ago this time leaving no survivors to tell the tale and bring the dwarves anger and wrath upon them.

"Aye, we'll do him and the school proud." Albar stated referring to the diplomatic training the Ambassadors went through. A third member to replace Firestone was in the process of being trained, within the republic only three ambassadors were ever employed at once. One from each clan, no more but so far twice in history has that number dropped below three due to the Avian's.

Ambassador Optim left first, as the sun was rising, heading south. He was an older dwarf, and was being escorted by 150 Sapphire Dragoons who took this task seriously. Another incident like Firestone and Collin's would not happen, not on their watch. Optim hailed from the City of Ever-Winter, and was part of the Schola Clan.

Ambassador Albar left as soon as he could follow Ambassador Optim out of the South Entrance surrounded by his own 150 Sapphire Dragoons (HC) escort. Unlike Optim though, Albar headed west in search of another people to contact on behalf of the Republic of Ever-Winter. He was from Black Lake City and part of the Purpura Clan. They two ambassadors had surmised that the land to the east was either part of Ezria or so small that they had either been conquered or allied with the Kingdom of Ezria proving that direction to be hopeless.


Regent Thrag was seen during his days off campaigning for his re-election. Talking to soldiers about his reasoning behind his stance with the former soldiers of the 3rd Dwarven Legion stating laws of the Republic about the right to speak your opinion and the laws against any dwarve using military force to help in their campaign which would result in an election won through fear should they succeed not through the freedom of voting for whom the dwarves wished.

Thane Flint was also seen talking to the dwarves working in the stone quarries about the upcoming election as he worked besides them streching his muscles on days when inspections weren't arranged.


-Surveying teams continue searching within the Republic of Ever-Winter looking to find a dedicated resource solely to the Republic.

-Two Surveying teams are sent, one with each Ambassador, to see if there's wood above ground in the regions 'claimed' by the Avians, who currently are stuck on the other side of the Death Trap Pass, unable to defend their empty claims. Should they find anything they are to take 50 Sapphire Dragoons and return back to the Republic with their findings.

-Ambassador Optim heads south with 150 Sapphire Dragoons (HC). Depending on the terrain and which route across/around the mountains of the Holds of Karag Mor which moderators will decide also depends on whether they encounter Merenaz Caliphate or the Empire of Mille Sessau.

-Ambassador Albar heads west towards Meidi with 150 Sapphire Dragoons (HC).

-Regent Thrag and Thane Flint continue to campagin in their spare time when their jobs and matters of the Republic are not required.

(OOC: Short ending due to going to go eat some good home cooked asian food!! YAY FOR ME!!)
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Republic of Ever-Winter

The votes were in! It took sixteen days to count up the entirety of the votes, and although there was a disparity in that some 3,000 to 4,000 votes wouldn't be counted because those voters were soldiers and at war, a majority of citizens were present andhad cast their vote. The counters had finished after two long and hard weeks, and the runners began their rounds with the news. Regent Thane Shields had lost. He had sided with the Smiths in the interest of the Republic over the Incident of the Smiths and in doing so had cost him a huge vote with the soldiery of the Republic who had fought and given their all for the Republic. Regent Thane Shields still had another week before power had to be given to Hammerfell Anvil.

If he didn't want to however, he didn't have to step down. There were still thousands loyal to the Regent and he could remain in power by taking it! Although this was not neccessary. The Regent could step down, just like all the other Regents before him and run for re-election in the next few years.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dear Regent,
We have discovered a large source of stone in the Vargarian Mine. It is now just stone however, it is a more delicate rock that can be used in the construction of great things within the Republic. One of the old surveyors is calling it marble, though the exact name of the stone escapes me. We can begin mining operations as soon as you wish.
Surveyor Dwynn Blackbelt

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ambassador Optim left the Southern Entrance and headed south. He headed across the [i]Karag Mor
Mountain Range, which were a very small mountain range compared to the Ezrian Mountain Chain. They journeyed for six or seven days before the mountains gave away to small forests, winding dirt paths and small plains and meadows. They would come across the huge Sessauan city of Saint-Mille.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The surveying teams sent to scout the small area between the Southern Entrance and Death Trap Pass would find nothing in the small valley that made up the area. There was nothing there except barren rock. The Dwarves would have to look elsewhere for new resources.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-- CURRENT POLL: (One month left to campaign)
Favor's Regent Thane Shields: 63,609
Favor's Hammerfell Anvil: 67,291

Hammerfell Anvil has won the election for Regent due to 50% of the military voting for him against Regent Thane Shields. The Regent can step down for Hammerfell Anvil to become Regent, or stay in power at the risk of a government change to Despotism.

Hammerfell Anvil has the following protocols:
-- Must raise 3 additional troop companies (regardless of type) to fight the Ezrians.
-- Must form a trade agreement with Karag Mor.
-- Claims the Bronze vein in between Karag Mor and Ever-Winter for the Republic.

-- The south-bound Ambassador finds the Empire of Mille Sessau

-- Discovery of a Marble resource in the Republic
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New Regent Anvil Hammerfell

Regent Anvil Hammerfell’s coronation was a short one as most dwarven ceremonies are but the after party, the beer and ale flowed freely long enough to make up for the short ceremony. The Nine, with a replacement for the lost Collins, was now seen guarding Regent Anvil Hammerfell. A token force of lesser combatants who were sought to show their powers of combat to replace Collins was ordered to guard the former Regent Thrag Shields as is accustomed. Five guards protecting him though not on the same level of fighting powers as the nine they were still worthy advisors.

Anvil Hammerfell, after the celebrating of the first day began working the third day having a hang over on the second and not thinking straight much like past Regents. He immediately ordered miners to the Marble and Iron deposits within the republic while ordering more surveying teams to continue to search for metal deposits within the Republic and other resources.

Anvil Hammerfell due to Thrag's blunt refusal of peace with the Avians would have to prove that fighting the Republic was too costly for them and force them into submission coming to terms the Republic wished. Thus he wouldn't lose face with the people and still attain peace for the Republic so it could once against prosper. To do this he enlisted the aid of not three companies which was recommended by the military advisors but six new companies. After stamping his approval for the creation of six new companies the Regent left the Palace in Ever-Winter where he now resided to the Grand Hall of Thanes where he'd discuss the war and possible trade with Garek Whitebeard.

Thrag Shields; Military Service

After losing the election to Regent Anvil Hammerfell, Thrag decided to join the military to lead by example. The dwarves within the military who voiced their different opinion regarding his decision to not re-instate the soldiers were wrong. They were still clinging to a past where a Regent turned dictator killed his opposition when they won the election against him, using the military, some of the same companies that still served, to enforce his law. It was only due to Thrag's intervention that the Republic didn't become a Despotism government not even a decade ago.

Thrag knew that with time the dwarves who had forgotten their honor to embrace that fallen ones ideals would see the light, would remember their honor and pledge to the Republic. The citizens would have never forgiven Thrag if he had allowed those dwarves to be re-instated within the military service for they broke their oath and could no longer be trusted. With time his stubborn comrade’s eyes would open and see their wrongs and pray to their ancestors for forgiveness. Until then, he'd lead by example and show through courage and honor what it means to be part of the Republics Military.

Due to his prior service he was given the rank of Legion General of the 4th Dwarven Legion that was soon to be assembled with allies of the Holds of Karag Mor for even Anvil Hammerfell knew Thrag's powers in combat and his ability to lead.

Thane of Ever-Winter City Election

Although Thrag Shields lost his election for Regent dwarves were placing his name on their ballots. For Thane elections you didn't run but were thrust into the position for the good of the people. Generally the population of the city would vote for dwarves they knew to be trustworthy and prominent figures within the community. Thrag Shields was one such dwarve as were others within the city, though none had prior experience as Regent or General of the Republic.

The city of Ever-Winter held the largest population within the Republic. Nearing 50,000 dwarves there was a good number of candidates. Unlike Regent elections there was no preset ballot outlining who was eligible to vote for. The occupants of the city simply voted for whom they thought best and then the next week the top three would be placed on a pre-made ballot. Of those three the one with the most votes would then become Thane of Ever-Winter City and the Scola Clan.

Normally only a new Thane is elected if the present Thane of the dwarves city improperly presents the city, dies, or becomes Regent.


-Regent Anvil Hammerfell orders miners to both the Iron and Marble site to begin working.

-Regent Anvil Hammerfell orders more surveyors to search the under mountain realm for more mines and other resources.

-Six new companies are created to put an end to the Avian's aggression so that with victory, peace also comes within the Republic without them having to bow down to Avian's terms. (15 MP for 3 Skirmisher Companies and 3 Spearmen Companies)

-Thrag Shields is joins the military and becomes a Legion General of the 4th Dwarven Legion; a legion in the making.

-Thrag Shields has a good chance of becoming Thane due to his past history within the Republic. No campaigning for Thane positions are allowed because it is considered a position that one wouldn't wish to have but at the same time be honored to be elected.

-Ambassador Albar continues with escort heading west towards Meidi
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Never-Winter City; Play House

The play house in Never-Winter City was a thing of beauty. Settled near the heart of the city it had seen some of the best and worst plays in dwarven history, but in the past decade no great play had emerged to awe the dwarves and they mostly showed older plays that had and still capture the attention of the audience.

A new play call Tarcisius and Talia soon became the best creation of not only the decade but also the century. A tale of forbidden love between a male dwarf and a fair maiden in the past, this play was about the dwarves far before the Republic was ever formed. It was created from the genius mind of Quil Tomes, whom suggested one of the passages in a old history book. The passage was short but to the point. The Tale of Tarcisius and Talia were dwarves from the two original cities of the Republic. Never-Winter and Black Lake City; during one of the many assaults from the forces from Black Lake City against the dwarves of Never-Winter the young Tarcisius was wounded.

The beautiful maiden Talia and her lady in waiting helped the young dwaven warrior, a descendent of the Thane of Black Lake City, to recover before sending him on his way. During his recovery though they fell in love with each other. Later when a tournament was held, as was costumed so a momentary peace could be called for the harvests, Talia was offered as a bride in such a tournament which Tarcisius won. Though he won the tournament in the place of another not knowing she was the ‘prize’ of the tournament.

Later when they attempted to keep their love a secret it almost spelled the end of Black Lake City, but instead Tarcisius defended his city valiantly suffering a fatal wound in the process. Their love didn’t end up being the destruction of a cities unique culture but saved it and allowed both cities peace for some years before emotions and aggressions rose once more.

Ever-Winter City; Palace of the Regent

The new Regent Anvil Hammerfell finally got about improving the Republic. Regent Thrag had been too conservative in expanding the Republic, without expansion Ever-Winter would forever be a footnote in history. Regent Anvil planned not only to make sure history never forgot the Dwarves of the Republic but also ensure that the growing population had not only space but also resources to expand upon.

He wrote up two issues to the surveyors. They would expand the Republics boarders and search the new land for valuable resources to ensure the continued prosperity of the Dwarves. One expansion would be out of the South Entrance and hopefully be a new area that would include Death Trap Fortress. Although devoid of forests from earlier parties perhaps there’d be some other resource in the area that the surveyors sent with the ambassadors missed in their quick search for suitable wood.

The other expansion would head towards the East, towards the coast and under the unknown Elven lands currently controlled by the Kingdom of Ezria. The surveyors sent on this mission would be searching for resources commonly found in the depths of the world. Hopefully something useful would be found by one or both parties if the Regent was lucky. Each group would be escorted be troops to ensure their safety during this mission.

Black Lake City

A large number of supporters for Regent Anvil called Black Lake City their home. When he was elected as the new Regent for the Republic over Thrag Shields the city held had begun planning a festival for when the Thane visited their city. The plans and decorations had gone on for a week as the new Regent visited the other cities within the Republic and took some time to expand the Republics boarders.

When the Regent visited the city there was a whole day of drinking and feasting followed that the Regent participated in. Afterwards the Regent thanked the dwarves of the city for such an grand festival, but it was in fact a minor one for it was a city festival and not a Republic wide day of celebration.

North Entrance; 4th Dwarven Legion

Legion General Thrag Shields was overseeing the 4th Dwarven Legions assembly when orders came down with some new recruits. “What’s this?” he questioned accepting a sealed piece of paper.

“Orders sir, from the Council of Thanes.” The messenger stated plainly.

As the newly appointed Legion General Thrag Shields read the letter. It seemed the Dwarves from the Holds were sending aid to help the Republic. The 4th though would march out of the North Entrance and fight their way towards the Crow’s capitol. They wouldn’t force their kinsmen to die if the 4th could win the good fight; but the 2000 or so dwarves sent to the north from the Hold would be essential as reinforcements for the 4th should their aide be required.

Along with the orders for the 4th Legion to begin there were five companies approaching the 4th. A Captain left their newly recruited men and reported in, “General Thrag it’ll be a pleasure to serve with you and the rest of the 4th Dwarven Legion. The units coming in are some fresh recruits to bolster your forces.” The captain informed the former Regent.

“Glad to have you with us Captain. We’re marching out as soon as the caravans with our supplies are finished with their last minute preparations.”


-Grand New Act happens in Never-Winter City. The play Tarcisius and Talia begins to spread throughout the city. (-25 CP and + 30 Happiness; Play is basically Tristan and Isolde)

-Minor Border Expansion above ground into Kingdom of Ezria’s territory out of South Entrance. Surveyor teams, with escorts, are sent to explore and chart the new lands, as well as tasked with finding if any resources reside in them. (-8 CP)

-Minor Border Expansion underground east of the Republic under the former Elves nation. Surveyor teams, with escorts, are sent to explore and chart the new lands, as well as tasked with finding if any resources reside in them. (-8 CP)

-Minor Festival in Black Lake City when the New Regent visits their city for the first time since being elected. (-12 CP and + 7 Happiness)

-Dwarven 4th Legion rallies and marches out of the North Entrance. They march on Ezria’s Capitol.

-2 Warrior and 3 Spearmen Companies are recruit and join the 4th Dwarven Legion for their march against Ezria.

Total CP Spent: 53 CP
Total Happiness Gained: +37
CP Remaining: 9 CP

MP Spent: 13 MP
MP Remaining: 156 MP Remainging
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Republic of Ever-Winter (M)
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