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 The Kingdom of Hyksos

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PostSubject: The Kingdom of Hyksos   The Kingdom of Hyksos Icon_minitimeMon Apr 18, 2011 11:40 pm

Kingdom Name: The Kingdom of Hyksos

Kingdom Race:
Avians --- Avians stand six and a half feet tall with a humanoid frame and distinct avian features. They have talons for appendages, a beak instead of a human orifice and nose, and a huge set of feathered wings. They hatch eggs instead of live births. Their own race has its legends set in stone with the Lizardmen. Most Avian Kingdoms have a founding within huge mountain resorts rather than across the plains.

Lizardmen --- Rumored to be as old as the Elves, the Lizardmen are bipedal, reptilian humanoids that have clawed appendages, beady eyes and elongated snouts with a vicious row of teeth. They hatch eggs instead of live young. The Lizardmen as cold-blooded creatures are much more receptive to the environment than the warm blooded races.

Kingdom's Race Bonuses & Malus:

Flight - Avian Warriors and Skirmishers may take short range flight during maneuvers, but not during combat.

High Culture - All Luxury Resource Nodes generate +1 Culture a week. Arrogant - Avian Kingdoms have decreased diplomacy with all other kingdoms.

Arrogant - Avian Kingdoms have decreased diplomacy with all other kingdoms.

Xenocentric - Avian Kingdoms must pay double for non-Avian mercenary units.

Kingdom Size:
Massive - A massive kingdom has large swathes of land and four secondary cities along with the capital. The largest problem with a massive sized kingdom is that it becomes exceedingly difficult to defend its large borders.
* Has four cities and the Capital.

Name of the Capital and surrounding Cities (if any):
Avabeshr-Capital (1) - Avabeshr is the Capital of the Kingdom and has been since the seventh Dynasty. The city is based directly on the Wara river, the main source of water in the deserts of Hyksos. The Capital itself is filled with High Class citizens of both the Priesthood, Warrior Castes, along with many Merchant and Artisan Caste members as well. The Capital, like all others of Horusite design, is separated into rings the center being the Pharoah's Palace. The second ring is the Priesthood Ring, followed by the Warrior Ring, then the Middle Caste Ring. Outside the City is where the Lower Caste members live, working the mudflats and tending to their herds and crops. The main Diety worshiped here is the Pharoah himself.
Zawadi (2) - Zawadi is the Religious Center of the Kingdom. Although small in comparison to many cities, the bulk of the cities rings are formed of Priesthood and Artisan Castes. In the center is a massive Temple Complex where the Priesthood enacts it's many rituals and rites to contact the pantheon of Gods. In an unprecedented act of Complex Design, the original City Planners designed the city to Geometrically copy the symbol of Za the Sun God. Like every City, the most outer areas are where the Agricultural and Labor Castes live and do their work.
Kudashem (3) - Kudashem is a Military City placed at the mouth of the Wara originally serving as a defensive fortification against the water borne raiders from the north. Since then it has become the center of the Military caste, a vast city of Barracks and Drill Grounds, the roars and bellows of Sobek Warriors echoing across the stone rooftops. It is here where the the Armies of the Kingdom are held in preparation for war. The city is separated into three rings, the Center being the Main Barracks Temple Structure, the second filled with Military Training Areas, and the Third which houses a vast population of Artisans whom slave away constructing the weapons of war. The main Diety worshiped in the city is Ku, God of War.
Nubathr (4) - Nubathr is a city of the Dead in all respects, a Tomb City, a Necropolis. Hardly a city, it is formed of only two Rings, the Center being the main Pyramid. The Center Necropolis Pyramid is of jet black marble and towers over the rest of the city, it's shadows consuming everything around it, just as death. The depths of the Pyramid are home to a unique order of the Priesthood, the only one made up of Sobeks. In the hallowed halls are held every ruler of the Kingdom since the fourth Dynasty, the structure itself being commissioned by Aneihun the Great. The surrounding circle is home to a dreary caste of Laborers and Farmers who constantly drudge away in their meaningless lives, hopeful that their proximity to the Necropolis will give them a good spot in the afterlife. The main Diety worshiped in the city is Nu, god of Death.
Marnakar (5) - Marnakar was once a city founded to serve the same purpose as Kudashem. However, over the years it has become a haven for the members of the Lower Caste. To the Lower Caste Members Marnakar is a city of prosperity and wealth, where even a lower caste member can rise to high heights, supposedly. The City itself is partially a city of crime, where syndicates of Lower Caste Members attempt to control trade throughout the Kingdom. The city itself is quite well maintained due to a large presence of Administrators living in the City. The city is broken into three Rings, the Center being the main Administrative Temple Structure, followed by Housing for all castes, then the production ring where all things are made to be shipped off down the Mara. The most common worshiped Diety in the city is Ma, God of the Harvest.

Kingdom Government:
Confederacy - A confederacy is a patchwork of states coming together under a shared banner for a single purpose. They have each decided to support eachother financially, militarily and politically to consolidate their power. A confederacy is power in ways of unity and offering multiple views, but it is weak in that disagreements are often common, and full unanimity is required in all decision making.
-- Starts with a Marketplace and a Shrine in the capital city.

Name of the Kingdom's Leaders:
Pharoah Tawadjem Ku-Amul'Tet the Conqueror -- The Current Pharoah of the Unified Kingdom is Tawadjem Ku-Amul'Tet, son of the previous Pharoah and seventh Pharoah of the Ku-Amul'Tet Dynasty. Like all the Pharoahs of the Ku-Amul'Tet Dynasty, Tawadjem is a Sobek Warrior King who prides himself in his strength of Arms and and his ability to Command his vast armies. Of course, like all leaders rose to the status of Demigod Tawadjem hold's himself in quite high esteem, believing himself far superior to the mortals of other nations. Due to this he has crushed several small tribes and cultures for any perceived slights towards him and his honor.
High Hierophant Adiamut Za-Sef'Weru The Current High Hierophant of the Unified Kingdom is Adiamut Za-Sef'Weru, a Horusite hailing from Zawadi. Inducted into the Priesthood at an early age like all his kindred, he rose to greatness through religious zeal unsurpassed in generations. He is the youngest High Hierophant ever to be put in place at the age of fifty seven. Since then he has governed the Priesthood Caste with complete rationality and control, barely letting any religious insurrections to appear and those that do he quickly snuffs out. He is considered ruthless by some of the Lower Caste Members who view his obsession with Dieties and Religion far beyond that of a rational being.

Kingdom's Hero:
Pharoah Tawadjem Ku-Amul'Tet
Warrior -
-- Increases individual prowess in battle.
Commander -
-- Two of the following may be chosen: Cavalry Commander, Infantry Commander, Siege Attacker, Nightfighter, Admiral, Logistics Wizard or Strategist. The selected trait will increase their abilities in that area.
(Infantry Commander, Strategist.)

Kingdom's Population Size and Population Growth:
125,000 (+700 a Week)
50,000 - Sobek (Lizardmen)
75,000 - Horusite (Avian)

Kingdom's Labor Trait:
Caste System - The caste policy is an elaborate and complex social system that combines elements of occupation, endogamy, culture, social class, tribal affiliation and political power. It should not be confused with more elemental aspects such as nobility, race or social class, in that members of all castes in one society may belong to the same race. The caste system divides the kingdom up among it's different castes, and while sometimes can be a positive enforcement, is mostly negative. There are usually the worker, warrior and often times leader or noble castes. These castes create social conflict and can sometimes lead to political or military incidents.
-- Forges, Plantations, Textile Milles, Marketplaces, Theaters and Quarries all generate +1 more Economic Points per week.

Kingdom's Legal Trait:
Taxation - The kingdom has decided that it can vary the level of taxation upon its citizens. The economy can flux and the taxation rate can be adjusted to ensure the people are kept happy. When the taxation rate increases, the revenue of the kingdom increases but the unrest within the kingdom increases as people make less and less for themselves.
-- Taxation Rate: Anywhere from 0 to 10.
-- For every level of taxation past 7, a decrease of 2 Happiness points a week occurs.
-- For every level of taxation of 6 or below, an increase of 2 Happiness point a week occurs.
(Set at 6)

Kingdom's Religion Trait:
Organized Religion - Organized religion is one in which a number of people follow the same religious practices and have the same beliefs. The religion may have priests who intercede with higher powers on behalf of the believers or who set/interpret the religion's rules. There may be a complicated hierarchy of priests and other religious leaders. The religion may have temples or other sanctums in which the people pray and worship. Generally the believers contribute money to support the religion, its priests and buildings. Generally, organized religion is a force of stability within a culture. People who share a religion have something important in common, and although strangers are less likely to murder each other. It can also be quite divisive as well - historically many organized religions have seen other religions as threats or abominations, and more than one war has been fought over whose god is the real God.
-- Kingdom will have a Major Religion that starts at 70% of the kingdoms population. Your kingdom's capital will be that Major Religion's capital.
-- Missionaries cost 50% less.

Kingdom's Military Trait:
Warrior Code - The Warrior Code is the ideology that the state requires a strong military, and that the needs of the military are paramount, trumping all other considerations. The state's army and navy are glorified, and its military officers hold a great deal of political power -perhaps all of it. Military states may be expansionist, but that is not a requirement.
--Mustering Hall constructs give 8 Military Points a week and Barracks constructs give 12 Military Points a week.
-- All Military Units cost 1 less Military Point.

Kingdom's Military / Military Spending:
-- 125 MP Total.
-- Warriors - 30 Companies = 30 MP (Avian)
-- Skirmishers - 30 Companies = 30 MP (Avian)
-- Spearmen - 20 Companies = 40 MP (Lizardmen)
-- Total MP Spent = 100 MP
-- Total MP Left over = 25 MP

Kingdom's Resource Nodes / Economy:
Foodstuffs +1 Economic Point Required. Every Additional resource node adds +400 population increase.
Stone +2 Economic Points Allows Stone Contructs
+1 EP (Foodstuffs)
+2 EP (Stone)
Total EP Generated = +3 EP

Kingdom's Cultural Points:
+2 CP (Baseline)
Total CP Generated = +2 CP

Kingdom History:
Prehistory -- Before the written chronicles of Hyksos was a time of ruin and violence. Tribes of Lizardmen in the South did battle with each other as the Avians to the North created more and more advanced ways of killing each other. Alliances were formed then broken, bloodshed was the law of the land, and all of the desert was painted red. For the longest time this remained so, Wars between Tribal Chieftains causing the map of the desert to constantly change. However, times were changing. Avian Priests of the North descended upon the warring tribes with words of great beings more powerful than any spirit or demon worshiped by the primitives of that time. Soon after the largest tribes of both the North and South united their fellows to create the Upper and Lower Kingdoms.
The Upper and Lower Kingdoms -- The first time in Hyksos History where writing became used, it was a time of prosperity for both regions. The Upper Kingdom, which was formed of Avian Tribes, and the Lower Kingdom, formed of Lizardmen Tribes, began expanding rapidly till the point of the two coming in contact with each other. At first tentative yet useful trade agreements were formed, uniting the two Kingdoms in Trade. However, the Monarchs of both Kingdoms began to distrust each other through the whispered words of their greedy Councilors. Thus the two began a war that would last for an entire Generation.
Old Kingdom -- After decades of warfare the Avians prevailed, their superior tactics defeating the more simple ways of their Lizardmen foes. For the first time in their History the lands of Hyksos was united and their leader, Amun Ka-Sett'Radi, became the First Pharoah of Hyksos. During his wise reign, the Old Kingdom flourished, it's armies the envy of it's neighbors and it's civilization the greatest in the land. Towering structures were built in honor of the Pharoah whom some Priests whispered to be a God. During this time the Necropolis in Nubathr was built, originally meant to house the Pharoah when he passed on to the next world. During the time of the Old Kingdom, Nine Avian and Lizardmen Dynasties formed and fell
Intermediate Period -- With the destruction of the Ninth Dynasty by foreign invaders, the Kingdom of Hyksos fell into disrepair. Once again separate tribes began to form. Several Warlords declared themselves Pharoah, each waging attrition wars with each other in an attempt to become the most dominant. The period was relatively short however with the rise of a prominent Sobek Warlord who had once been a General in the Pharoah's armies by the name of Ankhaemher Ku-Usef'Sefyit.
New Kingdom -- With the victory of Ankhaemher over his rivals the Kingdom was once again united. In order to keep such things happening again Ankhaemher created the Caste System, based on the tenets of the Old Kingdom. From there, the New Kingdom expanded rapidly once more, reaching above and beyond the greatness of the Old Kingdom. The dynasties of the New Kingdom saw many reforms put in place, along with many changes to the Military.

Kingdom's Location:
The Kingdom of Hyksos Mapoft11

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PostSubject: Re: The Kingdom of Hyksos   The Kingdom of Hyksos Icon_minitimeTue Apr 19, 2011 10:13 pm


1. Yes, initially boats did not require the Wood resource. Now they do. So you will be without a navy.

2. Application looks excellent, except for your Hero, I randomly assign the malus, not you. Remove the malus and it'll be all good! Great app by the way man.
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PostSubject: Re: The Kingdom of Hyksos   The Kingdom of Hyksos Icon_minitimeWed Apr 20, 2011 12:04 am

Alright, both have been solved. And thank you, you're too kind. However I'd like to ask if It's possible that I make my nation something OTHER than a confederacy yet continue to have my two races. A confederacy just doesn't fit for my nation, you understand? Oligarchy or Monarchy would be preferable.
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PostSubject: Re: The Kingdom of Hyksos   The Kingdom of Hyksos Icon_minitimeWed Apr 20, 2011 10:07 am

To have more than one race requires a Confederacy ; however your kingdom can have a King or a Council of Rulers, however you do not get those bonuses. Any other questions?
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PostSubject: Re: The Kingdom of Hyksos   The Kingdom of Hyksos Icon_minitimeWed Apr 20, 2011 11:36 am

No, that sums it up. If I can have a King and a Council then it's fine. Also, it stated I can be a theocracy just cause right? Cause I am one.
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The Kingdom of Hyksos
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