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 Free City of Eraenhil

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PostSubject: Free City of Eraenhil   Free City of Eraenhil Icon_minitimeThu Apr 14, 2011 12:13 am

Kingdom Name: Free City of Eraenhil

Kingdom Race: Elves

The Eraenvalas (people of Eraen) are entirely identical to their more eastern cousins in Mabiya physically, but living in the hot mountains of Meranis has changed their complexion and attitudes. Eraenvalas quickly develop a tan in the hot sun of the mountains. They also wear loose, embroidered cloth, often in the form of a cloak or overshirt, which protects them from the sun but also makes them visually distinct. Eraenvalas are notably fond of jewelry in their attire, especially gold.

Kingdom's Race Bonuses & Malus:

Old Kingdoms - Elven Kingdoms start with a Construct of choice in the capital.
Silvan - Wood Resource Nodes start with a 30 unit limit, instead of 20, but cannot build Lumber Mills.

Deliberative - Elves are very slow to decide on all political and military matters.
Ancient Peoples - Elves Population Growth is decreased by 800.

Kingdom Size: Minute - A minute kingdom is the barest of kingdoms. Besides the central capital city and a small plume of land surrounding it composing villages, windmills, et cetera, there's very little else to the kingdom. The kingdom has either lost land due to war, or just never expanded past the borders of its capital.
* Has only one city, the Capital.

Name of the Capital: Eraenhil
The city-state of Eraenhil sits atop a barren mountain-top in the Meranis range. The walls of the city stretch all the way around the shallow peak, in some places built right into the mountain slope itself. A long, narrow road winds back and forth up the mountainside to the city's gate, and then hooks left and wraps around the peak before reaching the citadel at the very top of the mountain. The city itself is mostly reddish stone and brick buildings, built into the slope of the mountain. The only truly flat place in the city is the square, which was carved and leveled into one of the mountain's crags.

Eraenhil mountain overlooks a wide, shallow valley that rests between the mountains. The small lake and flat lands of the valley provide the food and cultivation to support the city. Mines below the city and in the nearby mountains supply the gold that makes the city rich. While the valley and city do hold most of the city's citizens, there are wandering bands and homesteads that range miles into the mountains, living off their own and returning to the city only to trade.

Kingdom Government: Despotism - A true dictatorship, there is one leader and he or she has taken full power and there is nothing the population can do about it. The people are treated according to their whim, whether good or bad. However, their presence is not preferred by the people and they make it known often.
-- Every 5 Military Units purchased gives 1 new Military Unit for free.

Eraenhil has been a tyranny for generations, ever since the ancient days when they resisted the old empires of Karag-Mor and the humans to the south. The times before that, when the leaders were tribal elders, is long forgotten, even by the elves themselves. Still, there are some laws and traditions that even tyrants do not break. Ever since the first Lord died, it has been customary for the Commander of the Eraenmirot to choose a successor, a privilege that comes with the best soldiers in the city. The necromancers also hold a privileges seat in the management of Eraenhil, represented through the Lord or Lady's spiritual advisor.

Name of the Kingdom's Leaders:
Lady Aaliras - An elven woman in her prime, a powerful necromancer, and the uncontested ruler of Eraenhil. She is known as an often callous woman, willing to sentence men to die rather than give them the benefit of the doubt. Despite her cruelty, no one would call her a fool, she manages the city with a clear vision and an iron fist.

Commander Isenral - Commander of the Eraenmirot - the elite guard of archers that is sworn to the current Lord or Lady of Eraenhil - Isenral has been instrumental in putting down rebellions and maintaining the secrecy of Eraenhil. He is well known as "Lady Aaliras' right hand." There is a rumor that he and Aaliras might be related - he is a generation older than her - but if any know of a close tie they keep their mouths shut.

Priest Halendor - The most respected priest in the city, spiritual advisor to Lady Aaliras, and a gifted necromancer. Halendor is a young elf who looks old due to the time he spends meditating in the wilderness, or studying his tomes in dark rooms. While his skill with the undead is fearsome, it is his spiritualism and understanding that grant him his position.

Kingdom's Hero:
Lady Aaliras
Skilled Mage (if acceptable. Otherwise Organized)

Kingdom's Population Size and Population Growth:
Population: 34,000
Population Growth: 1,200

Kingdom's Labor Trait: Slavery
The kingdom has legally funded the institute of slavery within its borders. Slaves can be of the same race of the kingdom, or another race. Slavery allows for the freemen of the kingdom to work and if they need to, fight. This has allowed for increased economic growth as well as possible military growth during wartime. However, other kingdoms that don't condone slavery look down upon this kingdom for its barbaric institutes.
-- All Constructs have their prices decreased by 30% (rounded up).
-- Decreases Happiness by -3 Points per city per week.

Not everyone in Eraenhil is worthy of citizenship. A fraction of the population, a little less than a fifth, is comprised those who were either slave-born or condemned for crimes. Eraenhil has no prisons, and slavery makes a useful repository for those who have committed crimes, but have not acted so heinously that they must serve their time as undead. Foreign slaves did at one point exist, but very few non-elves still survive in Eraenhil.

Kingdom's Legal Trait: Iron Rule
In the sense of a legal system, one ruler, or multiple rulers have absolute law. What they will is the first and last sense of justice the kingdom can expect. Iron rule can occur in every type of government except a Republic. Even in a Monarchy, where a king usually rules with some degree of benevolence, he can become a tyrannical leader by usurping legal documents and commanding as he wishes, what can the people do besides be oppressed and shun by his or her will?
-- Allows the existence of an Elite Guard unit. 5 Military Units of any type. If they are ever defeated they can be brought back for 5 MP a unit and they must all be the same units.
-- Decreases Happiness by 1 per city per week.

The Eraenmirot are a cadre of elite soldiers, hand-picked and sworn to the Lord or Lady of the city. Throughout history they have served as the ruler's primary method of oppression and last line of defense. The Eraenmirot handle jobs too difficult to leave to undead, and make up a powerful backbone to the city's generally weak armies. Indeed, they are the only true professional soldiers in the city, and it is this monopoly on force that makes them so formidable.

Kingdom's Religion Trait: Local Beliefs
Local Beliefs are ancient and old religions, whether polytheistic or monotheistic that have stood the test of time and been passed down through the ages, most likely through storytelling and in some rare cases with scripture. Minor Religions have the added boost that people can accept a Minor Religion much easier than a Major Religion which might have a huge pantheon of Gods and hundreds of new rituals to learn. People can take on local beliefs without having to change the greater things in life.
-- Kingdom will have a Minor Religion that starts at 35% of the kingdoms population. Your kingdom's capital will be that Minor Religion's capital.
-- +2 Happiness Points for every Natural Resource Node your kingdom possesses.

The citizens of Eraenhil practice a form of spirit-worship, believing that the world is inhabited by a vast horde of wandering spirits. When a child is born, spirits rush to be incarnated, and when someone dies his spirit again returns to the world around. Some die and become the honored spirits of ancestors, holding knowledge for others to learn from, while others become malevolent spirits twisted by their experiences.

Kingdom's Military Trait: Conscription
In times of war, many of those serving in non-military roles are put through a hurried training, given a weapon and ordered to the front. They do not have to pay for their own weapons or training, the kingdom pays for it as the kingdom is the one who needed them there. They are fed, but as soon as the kingdom no longer needs them they will be disbanded and returned to their original form of work.
-- Warrior Companies, Swordsmen Companies and Light Cavalry can be purchased at a price of 1 Economic Point.
-- For every one Military Unit conscripted, 1 Happiness point is automatically deducted.

The practice of Conscription goes back to the founding of Eraenhil, when war was common and the city stood against invaders on a regular basis. Everyone was expected to contribute to the defense of the city, warrior or not. This method eventually grew into the practice of necromancy - even the dead were not exempt from service at times of need. Even thousands of years since those times, the practice is still adhered to, and a great list kept of all those eligible to serve the city.

Kingdom's Military / Military Spending:
Military Points: 34

Eraenmirot Skirmishers (Elite Skirmishers) - 5 Companies

Eraenhil Cabal (Mages) - 1 Company
-- 8

Nightblade Company (Spellswords) - 1 Company
-- 10

Military Points Remaining: 16

Kingdom's Resource Nodes / Economy:

Foodstuffs - Foodstuffs are staple foods raised in farms as agriculture, or hunted in the forests and on the plains in order to feed the entire population. They are absolutely essential to the livelihood of a kingdom and without it, a kingdom will quickly drop into recession and its people will begin to starve and die at an alarming rate.
* Feeds the entire population.
* Portion of the population will begin to starve if a Moderate or Massive amount is traded away.
* Generates 1 Economic Point a week unless being traded away in a Moderate or Massive amount.

Gold - +6 Economic Points

Total EP generation: 7

Kingdom's Cultural Points:
Total CP generation: 0

Current Constructs:
Stone Walls

Kingdom History:

The Exodus: Little is known about the Exodus, an event even beyond the memory of the elves. What tales are told to children around camfires retells of a time when the Eraenvalas lived far to the east, among cities of kinsmen. But the Eraenvalas did not cooperate with their kin. The tales differ on why - some say it was a difference in beliefs about magic, that the Eraenvalas worship of spirits angered the other else, or that the Ereaenvalas were exiled for a failed political coup. Whatever the case, they were exiled, and a few thousand elves were sent far from their homeland. At the time, the continent was full of war and great powers. The homeland of Eraen was chosen at last because it was safe and empty.

The Early Times: The early times of Eraenhil were tribal and difficult. The elves were very few, and the many humans and orcs in the land, although not organized, were a serious threat to the elven existence. It was at this time that the Eraenvalas first turned to necromancy, using the arts they had learned worshipping the spirits to raise the dead and reinforce their numbers. The orcs were driven off swiftly of their own will, they were superstitious enough to avoid the mountains for fear of the "death plague." The human nomads from the desert were not so easily scared off, but with the aid of the mountains and undead the elves kept them at bay without great losses of numbers.

At the end of the early years, gold was discovered below the mountain of Eraen. The city of Eraenhil was founded on the mountain's peak, replacing the old tribal meeting place.

The Time of Prosperity: With Eraenhil founded and secure, food being cultivated in the fertile valley below, and gold flowing out of the mines, the Eraenvalas finally managed to establish themselves as a people worthy of respect. Their numbers grew large enough to hold the mountains, especially with the help of the undead. At this time they met the dwarves of Karag-Mor again, this time as one people to another instead of as refugees exiled from a homeland.

The Rebuilding: Although the Eraenvalas won their war against the dwarves, their numbers were devastated, thrown back to the numbers they had during the tribal era. Lord Falaras took the time to rebuild, but also to consolidate his rule over the elves for future generations. He founded the Eraenmirot as his personal guard, but also to serve as defenders against any further invasions by the dwarves. He needn't have worried, as his own popularity was assured.

It was after Lord Falaras' death that strife returned. Several elves claimed the title of Lord or Lady of the keep, and many wanted a return to the tribal rule of the past. These arguments turned to bloodshed as the factions rallied their followers and prepared to war, but the event was forestalled. The leader of the Eraenmirot chose a Livaeus as the next lord, and had all other candidates assassinated. The commander went on to live a life of wealth on a lord's stipend.

Current Time: Livaeus lived out his time, as did his (short lived) successor. Their lifetimes were consumed with rebuildings and defending their own. The same forces that the dwarves had fallen too faced the elves, and in order to avoid attack the Lords adopted a policy of isolationism: killing anyone who passed their borders and reanimating their corpses, thus fueling the rumors of a cursed land.

Lady Aaliras came to power just under a thousand years ago. Her time so far has been relatively quiet, apart from a small rebellion that was brutally put down. The elves are just now recovering from their losses, and it is nearing the time for them to reenter the world.

Kingdom's Location:
Free City of Eraenhil Mapoft10
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PostSubject: Re: Free City of Eraenhil   Free City of Eraenhil Icon_minitimeSun Apr 17, 2011 2:02 pm

Accepted. This is of coarse pending Theo putting the ACCEPTED on the app, but it looks good to me. Also figured I would accept it since he hasn't been on.

Military Units
UnitCompaniesAdvance TrainingBasicIronMithril


[table border=2 cellpadding = 2 width = 80%]
[tr][td][b]Military Units[/b][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Unit[/td][td]Companies[/td][td]Advance Training[/td][td]Basic[/td][td]Iron[/td][td]Mithril[/td][/tr]

[table border=2 cellpadding = 2 width = 80%]

Stone Walls

Happiness: 65/100 [-2]
-2 for 1 City
-1 for Iron Rule
-3 for Slavery
+4 for Local Beliefs


Population: 34,000 [+1,200/week]

EP Generation: +7 EP
+1 for Foodstuff
+6 for Gold

CP Generation: +2CP
+2 CP Baseline

MP Generation: +22 MP Current
MP Maintance: -12 MP Current
MP Stockpile: 16 MP
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PostSubject: Re: Free City of Eraenhil   Free City of Eraenhil Icon_minitimeTue Apr 19, 2011 10:14 pm

Talis is accepted by default. I'm going to change some of the info on your little post to make it more accessible to me, Ryan, but yeah you're all good.

EDIT: After the end of the Sessauan-Shidran Battle, you can start posting at this kingdom and I'll remove Shidrus.
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PostSubject: Re: Free City of Eraenhil   Free City of Eraenhil Icon_minitimeTue Apr 26, 2011 11:11 pm

Given the situation, wouldn't it be better to explain it as some kind of agreement? Perhaps the Shidaran fleet agrees to cede the colonies to Sessau in exchange for some kind of payment, and then their fleet returns to deal with an urgent vampire-village problem that will be occupying the country for some time.
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PostSubject: Re: Free City of Eraenhil   Free City of Eraenhil Icon_minitime

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Free City of Eraenhil
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