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 Isle of Zvar'Korett

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Asylum of Zvar’korret

Lizardmen - rumored to be as old as the Elves, the Lizardmen are bipedal, reptilian humanoids that have clawed appendages, beady eyes and elongated snouts with a vicious row of teeth. They hatch eggs instead of live young. The Lizardmen as cold-blooded creatures are much more receptive to the environment than the warm blooded races. Average lifespan of 600 years.
Cunning - Lizardmen are extremely cunning, both in diplomacy but especially in warfare. Many tales have been told of Lizardmen leaders who have routed entire enemy armies or led enemies into well designed traps.
* Lizardmen Kingdoms start with the trait Military Tactics and may pick one of the following sub-traits.
Isolationist - The scaled Lizardmen are a very passive negotiating species. They may know where every other race on the continent is, and understand the political situation but much prefer to keep to themselves rather than stepping onto the political stage.
* Lizardmen Kingdoms have decreased diplomacy with all other kingdoms.

Minute - A minute kingdom is the barest of kingdoms. Besides the central capital city and a small plume of land surrounding it composing villages, windmills, et cetera, there's very little else to the kingdom. The kingdom has either lost land due to war, or just never expanded past the borders of its capital.
* Has only one city, the Capital.

Name of the Capital and surrounding Cities (if any):
Kala’mocal (Capital)
Small city, built in the middle of swamps. It has just been set up (as it is the capital of new country). All buildings are made with mud and branches (sometimes also thin logs of swamp trees).
Whole city is based on four rings’ plan. In the middle, there is round district, closed with barricades and guarded by watch, where only most important Lizardmen may enter. Around it, there is space left for future marketplace, but for now it’s only muddy plaza. From that plaza, four shallow waterways were made, heading North, East, South and West. They also divide four zones of the city (with two subzones in each). North-western part belongs to army and city watch. It’s used both as homes for soldiers (outside part) and their training place (inside). Jail is also located in the inside military zone. On the south west, there is merchants’ district. Bigger and more ‘luxurious’ (from reptiles’ point of view) homes’ construction sites can be found in its outside section and more expensive shops with warehouses in the inner one. South-eastern slice is occupied by workers. Poor people trying to run their own workshops (inner) or hired for most tiring and dangerous works (outer) live here. North-east is the sacred part of the city. Like in military zone, religious buildings are planned in inner part of ring and homes in outer one. Every section is more or less guarded and divided by barricades from each other (they also surround whole city).
Despite the fact the capital is well planned, most buildings are temporary and building of serious city is in progress (still early). The plan is working only thanks to the city watch, which often has to act, because of neighbors’ arguments. A few people live outside of city borders, in the swamps. They gather food for whole settlement.
The newest history of the country may sound short, but long lifespan of Lizardmen should be considered.

Names of the Leaders
Tamen Pas’shef – strong, cold-blooded Lizardman. Young for his position and race (60 years only). Founder of Kala’mocal and owner of local army which grants him control of this new country. He’s said to be dangerous, but as a ruler he tries to stay just and calm, although his sentences are hard. He wants to unite Reptilians and shut them out from whole world.

Wakhmis Resh’prit – experienced soldier, he always was leader of Pas’shef’s army, but stood in the first line during all fights. His talents connected with war, commanding and fighting granted him high position. He hates disobedient people and punishes them hardly. His main task is to defend Kala’mocal and he is believed to be perfect choice – he’s great in preparing ambushes. 54 years old.

Kaplin Zotflas – head priest of Lizardmen. He is weak and short, at the age of 153. Everyone follows his advices and he is said to be the wisest Reptilian and to speak with gods.

Kupc Qev’Krahin – advisor of tamen. Appointed to take care of economical affairs. Very young (at the age of 36), but clever. In the past he used to be a merchant, travelling by waterways and trading goods and made some money on it.

Wojt Jurob – manages workers’ zone of the city. Choosing work for unemployed people is up to him. He is also responsible for construction sites of public buildings. 37 years old.

Population Size and Population Growth: 20,000 (+2,000/week)

Kingdom History:

Early beginnings
Lizardmen are as old as Elves, but they didn’t set up any countries before, even temporary. They used to live in swamps or near rivers, caring only about their basic needs. They were hunting, laying eggs and living near the water. Many races also remember attacks of these big, bipedal reptiles. Some of them (united in small groups) would attack small settlements looking for food. In the beginning they also used to worship nature. They usually prayed to the Sun and to the Water, but rarely exceptions happened.
Nature was very important for them. All life was treated as a family (excluding avians who were feared), since most of it was believed to evolve from reptiles (it was always hard to believe for other races). When any animal was hunted or any plant destroyed, they used it whole, without any leftovers.

First groups
As said, Lizardmen set up little groups, a bit similar to human tribes. It became more popular after some time, because humans had been developing their countries, taking and drying swamps - natural habits of Lizardmen. These Reptilians were always on the move. They were very aggressive to every race (except elves) and because of that, others started hunting them down.
Second type of group was religious one. Wise enough Lizard sometimes managed to establish little settlement deep in woods or swamp. Unfortunately, they were chased due to hunting bands’ habits.
Very few Lizardmen tried to hunt or get any other recourses and cooperate with other races. It’s easy to guess that it wasn’t very successful.

Pas’shef’s gang
One of the aggressive bands was lead by Pas’shef and his Wakhmis (Sergeant) Resh’prit. The group was growing and even managed to defend itself from other races’ attacks. They became big threat to citizens of growing nations in Western Continent. Attacks at them were getting bigger and bigger as reward for Pas’shef’s skin grew. Finally he decided that it’s time to flee from the continent. Fortunately he heard from captured human about little island always covered by fog. He learned that on the small island there are only woods and swamps. Few Lizardmen were said to live there in peace. Whole band started heading to the shore and Resh’prit with little force got a task to capture any ship (it was possible thanks to their racial swimming talents). Luckily, he managed to do it, but it was only one little transport named ‘Colonisateur’. After a few days of sailing, they got to their new home. They gave it a name of Zvar’korret (from two words – ‘escape’ and ‘island’).

Isle of Zvar'Korret

Oligarchy - Oligarchy is a form of government in which a small segment of society has all of the power. Power might be held by a specific family or tribe, or people of a certain religion or from a special caste. Usually the rich or militaristically imbued are the ones with the power. Some oligarchies can be good in nature, though this is rare.
-- Military Units fighting in Home territory fight as Veteran -- High Morale.

Caste System - The caste policy is an elaborate and complex social system that combines elements of occupation, endogamy, culture, social class, tribal affiliation and political power. It should not be confused with more elemental aspects such as nobility, race or social class, in that members of all castes in one society may belong to the same race. The caste system divides the kingdom up among it's different castes, and while sometimes can be a positive enforcement, is mostly negative. There are usually the worker, warrior and often times leader or noble castes. These castes create social conflict and can sometimes lead to political or military incidents.
-- Forges, Plantations, Textile Milles, Marketplaces, Theaters and Quarries all generate +1 more Economic Points per week.

Citizenship - Citizenship is the policy of a nation that acknowledges that a certain group of people, usually based upon their race or tribe or where they were born, are members of that nation, and as such, deserve a certain amount of protection as well as some rights and privileges, above and beyond those accorded to foreigners. For example, a citizen can often move around the country freely, while a non-citizen may be subject to deportation or imprisonment if discovered by the authorities.
-- Requires only 75% of maximum Happiness for a Golden Age requirement.
-- Marketplaces generate +1 Economic Points per week.

Organized Religion - Organized religion is one in which a number of people follow the same religious practices and have the same beliefs. The religion may have priests who intercede with higher powers on behalf of the believers or who set/interpret the religion's rules. There may be a complicated hierarchy of priests and other religious leaders. The religion may have temples or other sanctums in which the people pray and worship. Generally the believers contribute money to support the religion, its priests and buildings. Generally, organized religion is a force of stability within a culture. People who share a religion have something important in common, and although strangers are less likely to murder each other. It can also be quite divisive as well - historically many organized religions have seen other religions as threats or abominations, and more than one war has been fought over whose god is the real God.
-- Kingdom will have a Major Religion that starts at 70% of the kingdoms population. Your kingdom's capital will be that Major Religion's capital.
-- Missionaries cost 50% less Cultural Points.

Warrior Code - The Warrior Code is the ideology that the state requires a strong military, and that the needs of the military are paramount, trumping all other considerations. The state's army and navy are glorified, and its military officers hold a great deal of political power -perhaps all of it. Military states may be expansionist, but that is not a requirement.
-- All Military Units cost 1 less Military Point.

Military Tactics (racial with one tactic)- The kingdom has developed certain tactics that are above the norm, they give the kingdom an edge in time of war. There are a multitude of different choices but the kingdom has honed and perfected only a handful of these strategies.
-- Ambush - Ambush allows the kingdom to deploy a few regiments of Light Infantry in a position that will conceal them to the point of being unable to be located by enemy scouts and forces. When the time is right, they may ambush the enemy and inflict high casualties upon them.

Population: 23,000 ( +2,000 a week)

Happiness: 67/100 ( +2 )

Military Points: 9

Religion: Zvar'Korret Polytheism. ( 70% / 0% Growth )

Economic Points: 10 (Increase of 3 a week)

Cultural Points: 4 (Increase of 2 a week)

Zvar'Korret Military

5 Skirmisher Regiments (Royal Guard / Elite)
-- (1,500 Lizardmen Skirmishers)

3 Spearman Companies
-- (900 Lizardmen Spearmen)

1 Warrior Company
-- (300 Lizardmen Warriors)

3 Ballistas
-- (60 Lizardmen)

Zvar'Korret Navy

1 Transport
- (100 Sailors)






Foodstuffs - Foodstuffs are staple foods raised in farms as agriculture, or hunted in the forests and on the plains in order to feed the entire population. They are absolutely essential to the livelihood of a kingdom and without it, a kingdom will quickly drop into recession and its people will begin to starve and die at an alarming rate.
* Feeds the entire population.
* Portion of the population will begin to starve if a Moderate or Massive amount is traded away.
* Generates 1 Economic Point a week unless being traded away in a Moderate or Massive amount.

Wood -Wood, found primarily in huge forests are useful for building huge fleets of ships as well as creating minor defensive walls and outposts within the borders of a kingdom.
* Wood is now required to purchase Wood Constructs, Catapults, Battering Rams, Siege Towers and all Ships.
* For every ONE Wood Resource Node, you can support 20 Ships and/or Siege Equipment at any one time.
* Generates 2 Economic Points a week unless being traded.
* Goblins and Dwarves cannot select this resource if using Underground Kingdoms.

Cultural Activities




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Isle of Zvar'Korett
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