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 Shidrus / Zvar'Korret

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PostSubject: Shidrus / Zvar'Korret   Shidrus / Zvar'Korret Icon_minitimeSun Apr 10, 2011 5:57 pm

"Well at least they put up a sign." One of the soldiers pointed out, provoking a small bout of laughter among the high-strung shields. The galley Revonas was moored behind the party of thirty. Since Sal Mishlan's death the navy had encouraged its captains to be more cautious - it was not eager to lose another idol of public worship to primitive lizard tribes. They needn't have worried in Lishdin's case though, the captain was naturally cautious.

"So, are we going to leave them a note?"

"No, we'll wait." Lishdin decided. "on the ship though." They retired to the enormous galley, where any unsuspected aggression could be dealt with in safety. If the lizardmen were willing to talk, that would be well. If not. . . well, no one in Shidrus felt particularly fond of lizardmen right now.
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PostSubject: Re: Shidrus / Zvar'Korret   Shidrus / Zvar'Korret Icon_minitimeMon Apr 11, 2011 3:53 am

After some time party from Shidrus could hear noise of drums and fifes, obvious sign that Lizardmen were coming. Company of Skirmishers came to the border of forest. They had bows and arrows in their hands, but not ready to shoot and not aimed at halflings. Only priest went to the beach and said loudly 'Welcome to Zvar'Korret, my children. Thank you for respecting our holy land! My name is Fullor'Tjeterme, in common language it should mean 'Speaking with strangers', as only chosen ones are allowed to do so. I see you came in peace, we don't want to fight with our children anymore too. What can we do for you?' He bowed a bit, but still was very cautious and looked back from time to time, to check if his bodyguards are still there.
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Shidrus / Zvar'Korret
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