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 Grand Campaign (Talis)

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PostSubject: Grand Campaign (Talis)   Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:46 pm

Settler's War / War of Conquest
Turn 1

Sparked by an unknown border conflict, the Settler's War (War of Conquest) was the culmination of multiple border skirmishers between the Sessauan colony of New Mille and Orcish Tribesmen from the Confederacy of Caexi. After discovering a valuable supply of wild horses within the borders of New Mille, the Confederacy of Caexi decided to send an army to enforce peace demands on the human colony. However, the Empire of Mille Sessau had been prompted to strengthen its military defenses in order to protect its colony from the continued raids of the Confederacy.

The war will likely decide the border between the colony of New Mille and the Confederacy of Caexi, and which of the two factions will control the key resources that rest between them. Depending on future events it may escalate into an invasion of Caexi or the eradication of New Mille.

-- This war is currently between the Empire of Mille Sessau (humans) and the Confederacy of Caexi (elves & orcs)
-- The Empire of Mille Sessau is currently aware of all Confederacy of Caexi troops in New Mille. It may mobilize troops at any time.
-- The Confederacy of Caexi knows where New Mille is, but not where its cities are.
-- The Empire of Mille Sessau knows that Caexi is to the east of New Mille, but nothing more.
-- The Confederacy of Caexi's Advanced Party is at the outskirts of the city Keye
-- The Confderacy of Caexi's Cerberus Legion is two day's march from Keye, but does not knew where it is.
-- Four companies under Count Merci are two days away from reinforcing Keye.


-- 1. Empire of Mille Sessau : The Empire has recruited a large number of light cavalry to patrol New Mille and defend Keye from enemy incursion. In addition, an infantry column under Count Merci is marching towards Keye. Further reinforcements from Mille Sessau are possible, but will take five modmarks for them to be dispatched and arrive.

Available Military

8 Light Cavalry Regiments
-- (2,400 Human Light Cavalry)
2 Spearmen Regiments
-- (600 Human Spearmen)

3 Spearmen Regiments
-- (900 Human Spearmen)
1 Swordsmen Regiment
-- (300 Human Swordsmen)
-- They are under Count Merci, marching to Keye.

-- 2. Confederacy of Caexi The confederacy of Caexi has sent the Cerberus Legion to enforce its claims on the plains. Further reinforcements from the homeland are possible, but will require three modmarks for them to arrive.

New Mille Plains
Cerberus Legion
Commander: General Shor
3 Elvish Spearmen Companies (900 Elves w/Iron)
4 Orc Swordsmen Companies (1,200 Orcs w/Iron)
1 Elvish Swordsman Company (300 Elves w/Iron)
5 Elvish Skirmishers (1,500 Elves w/Iron)
3 Orc Light Cavalry Companies (900 Orcs w/Iron)
5 Elven Elite Heavy Cavalry Companies (1,500 Elves w/Iron)
4 Catapults

Advanced Party:
300 Elves
250 Orcs
1 Elvish Spearmen Companies (300 Elves w/Mithril)
3 Elvish Swordsman Company (900 w/Mithril)
1 Elvish Skirmishers (300 Elves w/Mithril)

-- 3. ModMarks : Moderation Marks will be given to dictate casualties. If no tactics are given during the respective posts, the Moderator will have to imply battle tactics which may mean unnecessary casualties, it is for this reason that it must be stressed to be extremely detailed in your posts.

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Mille Sessau

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PostSubject: Re: Grand Campaign (Talis)   Sat Apr 09, 2011 7:43 pm

City of Keye,
New Mille, High Plains

" They are here, the scouts place the primary host here. You will sweep southeast along this small stream, cross it here and enter the enemy's territory here. Unless they have scouts this far out, you will be relatively unhindered and unseen from the primary host. You must not allow them to continue operating in our territory. You must destroy everything in your path, but avoid the host at all costs. We will hold here, if Sessau wills it. Do you understand? "

" Oui! "

Two men. One a politician and one a soldier stood at the opposite side of a small wooden table. Governor du Vaus, perhaps a bit melancholy due to his position, but no coward, and Leftenant Edward Mexieu. The Leftenant had been chosen to lead the eight regiments of Light Cavalry on a daring mission into enemy territory, this was mere review. Leftenant Mexieu pulled the leather helmet back over his head and fastened it. He folded the map up and slid it down his tunic before leaving the Governor's hamlet and mounting his steed. Lining the streets some 2,400 Light Cavalry waited.

He pulled the spear from it's saddle mounted sheath and raised it. " Ici! Ici! We ride now! " He spurred his own horse south, the steeds kicked off and filed out of Keye at a slow gallop. They would head south for some time and turn east, where they would ride for some hours to enter Caexian territory. The journey would be somewhat long and arduous, as the soldiers were not familiar with the terrain, and the land was unquestionably vast with huge rolling plains and savannahs. They would hopefully go unnoticed by both the advanced party and the Cerebrus Legion which rested far to the northeast of Keye. If they encountered any small establishments of an Orc or Elven nature, they would be run down and slaughtered, and if any sizable cities or forces were spotted, the Light Cavalry host would pause for further observation.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

City of Keye,
New Mille, High Plains

" Leftenant! Get those people back in their homes! "

" Oui, monsieur! "

The defense of Keye was being prepared. Even now off in the distance the small host of a few thousand Orcs and Elves, barbarians as they were called, were visible on the horizon. Keye's entire defense rested on the whim of 600 Sessauan Men-at-Arms armed with wooden pikes tipped with iron heads. 2,000 Sessauan natives had been told to keep to their homes, but as spooked as they were, they seemed restless and desired to head west to the New Mille port. The central avenue was occupied by a majority of the soldiers who, while ready, lounged and chatted while awaiting further orders. A few dozen passed out rations of bread and Mille juice to those citizens who wanted it. If the Caexian host approached, they would have time to get into battle formation.

" You, rider! Take this! " Governor du Vaus shouted, a nearby soldier atop a Sessauan steed jostled over and extended his hand. " Ride to New Mille Settlement and take the first vessel you can to Mille Sessau and get this to the Empress. Hurry! " Governor du Vaus slapped the back of the steed and he was off. It was not a request for reinforcements, Governor du Vaus was not so vain. Instead it was an "Observations Report" regarding the huge host of barbarians gathering outside of Keye. If the Empress willed it, reinforcements would be sent. If not, du Vaus would not complain.
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PostSubject: Re: Grand Campaign (Talis)   Sun Apr 10, 2011 4:36 pm

New Mille Territory
Outside the City of Keye

Hektarian Kelif didn't expect a city to be in the area since the reports from the survey team hadn't mentioned that there was one. The soldiers as well as the civilians crouched low into the grass, the tall stalks making it easier to hid in. He cursed his bad luck cause the standing order from the Council was to secure these animal for the Confederacy at any cost. Not to mention that the kingdom was in a state of war until the envoy had a chance to talk to the humans, which he doubted would be possible once they took the resource away from them.

The elf officer watched the city, becoming cautious because this was an unexpected development. Well he had the civilians to worry about and he already knew that the legion needed to go. He turned to the civilians and enlisted some of their help.

"Most of you need to head back to the Confederacy and let the patrols know that there is a human city by where the horse were found. The others need to go to the Cerberus Legion and lead them back here."

He pulled out a map and indicated where the legion would be and assigned a set of men to guard the group. Twenty-fice swordsmen, skirmishers, and spearmen would go with each group while the rest of the party would provide the distraction. He estimated it would be two days before the Legion reach the city.

"Stay low and move fast. The legion needs to get here incase we fail."

Hektarian Kelif motioned to the rest of his men and they stood and moved into formation. The formation looked like a phalanx with two rows deep of each company, 75 men standing shoulder to shoulder in a slight arc. The formation was a flexible one which allowed for comrades to either retreat or advance through the rows in front or behind, but also allowed for the formation of a shield wall to protect from an arrow or spear barrage. The spearmen with their round iron shield led the march for the city, followed by swordsmen, and finally with the skirmishers with their powerful elven bows.

It would draw attention to them of coarse, and away from the civilians fleeing since they would have cover both from the grass as well as from the marching force who broke into a slow jog toward the city.

Tysol Caexi

The Council of War had finished their negotiations with the Doth'rak, employing the plains nomads as patrol scouts to complement the cavalry of the Balaur Legion. It was a long stretch of land to cover, but it was necessary so that they could keep the land protected. With the addition of the Doth'rak, the cavalry forces of the confederacy was close to 3,000 within the kingdom itself.

It had been sometime since the Cerberus Legion had left and the Confederacy was at a state of war until their return. Everywhere the black and white colors of the Balaur Legion patrols the cities to maintain security and protect of the citizens. House Vojal was also helping in that fact for they were training another group of their deadly mithril armed soldiers.

House Vojal wasn't the only one training troops. The veteran sergeants of the legion were training the new elves and orcs in the finer tactics of armed war that complemented the dark elves and orcs natural abilities toward battle. If war was truly joined, then it was going to be what was needed of the people to resupply the Confederacy's legions.

With the Doth'rak acting as scouts and 50 man squads of skirmishers going out from the cities on patrol, if the humans invaded it would be just a matter of knowing where and sending out the Legion to destroy whatever force they found. In the meantime they would wait on word from the Cerberus Legion and prepare.

New Mille Colony
Cerberus Legion

The Cerberus Legion had wasted enough time trying to find people to negotiate with and General Shor took that to mean they were not interested in diplomacy. So the Legion turned south to continue on with the systematic search for human settlements. The army marched in a loose order with companies of spearmen and cavalry on the flanks, front, and rear. Orcish warg riders provided the role of scouts for the army as they headed south. Screening their movements as well, though such a large host was hard to hide their trail through the grasslands.

General Shor was itching for a fight and her irritation was up because of the constant protests of the envoy that was with her. He was against her orders that they would fight any opposing force instead of trying to open diplomatic talks. The soldiers had all cheered and were anxiously waiting for the opportunity. At one point she finally snapped at the envoy just to get him to shut up.

"If they wanted to talk to us they would have. They obviously don't which means war and that is my job so shut it Envoy."

At the end of every day, the army would rest with rotating shifts of guards. Their camp though also took on a new life for now that the decision had been made to be prepared for combat a series of shallow ditches were made to encircle the camp except at three cardinal points where the ground was left undisturbed. The ditches weren't anything to oppose an attacking army, but were deadly for cavalry since the ditches would cause horses to stumble and fall with the potential of laming enemy cavalry.


--Hektarian Kelif send the civilians away in two groups with an escort of 25 Skirmishers, Swordsmen, and Spearmen with each. One group of civilians will go back to the Confederacy while the explorers go back to bring the Cerberus Legion to Keye. The rest of Kelif's forces march on Keye to take the city over and gain the horse resources that the Confederacy needed so much.

--The Balaur Legion separates its soldiers to protect the cities of the Confederacy. Since cavalry were not effective inside cities, the Balaur cavalry rides out to help in scouting. To help the kingdom protect its borders and be able to inform the Balaur cavalry of any enemy movements into the Confederacy's lands, the Council of War hires the aid of the four Doth'rak companies. These nomad elves are just for scouting and are requested not to engage forces and to inform the Balaur officers.

--The Cerberus Legion readies for war since they have found no humans for diplomacy. They march toward the south with the orc warg riders acting as scouts and screening the legion's movements.
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PostSubject: Re: Grand Campaign (Talis)   Mon Apr 11, 2011 6:34 pm

Settler's War / War of Conquest
Turn 2

Current Weather: Clear skies
Time: Late Evening

As the advanced elven party advanced towards the city of Keye, cries rang out and soldiers gathered. Having nowhere to run, the civilian population locked itself in houses or cellars and prayed to Van Sessau while the small group of men-at-arms prepared to defend the town against the invaders. The elves were unused to fighting in the dirty streets of the small city, but as soldiers of the house Vojal they felt confident in a swift victory.

Out in the endless plains several events were unfolding as this drama began. The four companies under Count Merci camped just over a day out from the city. They knew nothing of the imminent invasion, only of the common raids that had demanded their presence. To the north, the Cerberus Legion was wheeling south towards the wild horses they intended to claim as Caexi's own, knowing nothing of the enemy city that stood between them and it.

Mexieu's cavalry rode swiftly on the high plains. They had neither baggage train nor infantry to slow them down, and their horses were still fresh. By the end of the day they had ridden past the borders of New Mille and entered unknown territory, but had yet to find any signs of life.

-- The Cerberus Legion is 1 modmark from Keye
-- The column under of Count Merci is 1 modmark from Keye
-- The advanced party has invaded Keye
-- 2,400 Light Cavalry under Leftenant Mexieu have entered the Confederacy of Caexi

Caexi Notes:
-- The Cerberus Legion has enough supplies to last for 8 Modmarks
-- The Advanced Party has enough supplies to last for 4 Modmarks

Sessau Notes:
-- The soldiers under Count Merci have enough supplies to last for 5 Modmarks
-- Companies garrisoning Keye do not need to resupply
-- The Light Cavalry under Mexieu have enough supplies to last for 4 Modmarks

(Continuing Posts should move to the Invasion of Keye thread.)
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PostSubject: Re: Grand Campaign (Talis)   

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Grand Campaign (Talis)
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