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 Isle of Zvar'korret (M)

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PostSubject: Isle of Zvar'korret (M)   Wed Apr 06, 2011 1:34 pm

Meeting Room, Central Hall,
Cala’Mocal, Asylum of Zvar’korret

Central Hall is big, igloo-shaped building made of mud and branches in the middle of Cala’Mocal. Five Lizardmen were sitting in a meeting room. Chamber wasn’t decorated, it was plain with visible ceiling and naked walls. Four chairs and throne made of wood standing in the circle in the middle of room, guarded by a few skirmishers, were only furniture. Tamen Pas’shef of course took the throne with engraved symbols of water and ground. The leader seemed to be pleased, but interested with upcoming meeting. He took his beautifully decorated spear and shook it, everyone in the chamber stood up as he was starting first speech.

‘Everything goes well. City is well planned and will soon be finished. Still, we need to take care about our state religion and foreign affairs. At the end we’ll think about our soldiers and a few buildings which need to be built in first place.’ Tamen said calmly. ‘Zotflas as our eldest member should speak first. I have spoken.’ Pas’shef nodded and everyone took his place. Zotflas, sitting on high (not as high as chief’s one) seat, yawned and started speaking slowly.

‘I don’t have enough priests to preach in our growing community. Elder gods’ servants will soon finish writing our holy book. I will tell that gods have said me what to write. I also need two shrines, they don’t have to be very impressive at once, but place for our cult is vital case. I think that’s all. I have spoken’ Immediately, Jurob raised his hand making everyone know he wants to speak in this topic. Tamen didn’t agree to give him voice as he was already thinking about more important in his opinion cases. He didn’t let anyone know that religion is only part of keeping control in the settlement, but that was a fact.

‘You are too young to discuss, my wojt. You’ll build what he said, you may just consult with priests after the meeting. Now it’s turn of kupc. I hope you remembered that I appointed you to take care about foreign affairs.’ He made a grin which looked frightening with his sharp teeth. Appointing everyone to different cases let him do nothing so there was nothing to fear. ’Qev’Krahin, speak now’.

‘Sire’ young merchant learnt this word from humans, but it was foreign and only made tamen angry ‘we can still be hunted. Remember your hunts, bounty for your head is still up-to-date. We don’t really want to contact other races and especially don’t want them to enter our island. However, I suggest you to locate signs with warning in all common languages. We don’t want our army to kill any emissaries. They can leave letters to us or leave us alone, they’ve been warned.’ Resh’prit’s smile, started with memories of old raids, got bigger.’ I’ve spoken’.

‘Thank you, kupc. It’s real reptilian diplomacy. How are out soldiers doing Wakhmis? I want report only, you got full control of army, remember about it.’
‘Good, my tamen. Four of our Royal Huntsmen Companies are already in swamps, ready to ambush any incomers. First Company of Royal Huntsmen is in settlement. They serve as town watch and have lots of work, but they do well. Three companies of Spears and one of Clubs are still in training. They aren’t any experienced. Transport ship’s crew was completed from most trustworthy men. Ballistas will be ready on our borders and their crews will warn us of any visitors. I ordered to put them on rafts so they can retreat fast to the settlement and disguise them in woods. That’s all. I have spoken.’

Tamen really wanted to finish the meeting, so he just said ‘Thank you for the report. Ah, buildings. Wojt, you will construct two shrines, serious jail and hatchery for our beloved eggs below main building. We also need execution place in the market, but this should go fast. Thank you. Meeting is over. I have spoken.’. Everyone stood up, bowed deeply and went away facing tamen.

- State religion (polytheistic) will soon be established.
- Signs were placed on coasts. They have same message in three common languages
Only reptilians allowed.
Foreign emissaries may wait for our representative near the sea, leave there letters or leave.
Violators will be considered as spies or invaders, captured and punished.
- Hatchery below central building, two shrines (too poor to name them Religion Centers, even small), jail and executions place are being build in Cala'Mocal.
- 4 Companies of Skirmishers (elite) are ready with ambushes to defend the island, 1 Company of Skirmishers (elite), 3 of Spearmen and 1 of Warriors are in the city. 3 ballistas are on the coasts, ready to retreat to the city. Transport ship waits on the coast.
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PostSubject: Re: Isle of Zvar'korret (M)   Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:24 am

Eastern coast of Zvar’Korret isle

Company of Padu (skirmishers) were marching through eastern plains of Zvar’Korret. Priest being at once leader of expedition was walking first, drummer and two fifers second and then warriors. Noise of primitive big drum was very loud and could be heard even in the settlement. It was used to defend company against evil powers. After traditional march they boarded on transport ship (it went very fast as Lizardmen don’t have many things to take). Rii-teds were showing warriors which cabins they could take. Priest Korkeni’zotper, Palk Shykon’pyrtej and Pilum-ted Rojne’zere held a meeting in officers’ cabin.
Priest started ‘Our task is to sail and explore any land we will meet. We may find anything useful, but we are also appointed to check whether enemies live near and what they do. Eventually, goal of every Lizardman is to meet Zot’pyjet who may live anywhere. Palk, remember we’re ordered to avoid any contact with other races!. I have spoken.’
‘Just tell me where to head and I will take you there. In the name of Jetese’ujene, god of sailors! I’ve spoken.’ Pilum-ted nodded.
‘No contact? We were plundering their lands for ages!‘ Shykon’pyrtej didn’t seem to be pleased with orders, but knew that he had already said to much. ‘Ah, I will escort you if I’m ordered to. That’s you who has divine wisdom, I will only follow orders and keep discipline in lines. I’ve spoken’.
The meeting finished and soon they set off heading East.

Kala’Mocal, inner sacred zone

Shrines were ready, workers were leaving happy that they had worked for gods’ glory. Gods probably wouldn’t be pleased with their work as temples were very poor. Still, it was enough for people of Zvar’Korret for the beginning. Eventually, it was only a place to make sacrifices Actually, shrines were just two very deep holes. One was empty and the second was filled with water.

After a while, first Lizardmen came to sacrifice birds’ feathers to Zot’pyjet and hearts to Jetese’ujene, and to pray for a moment. Priests sitting in rings around holes were making noise with primitive drums. Two secular Reptilians were kneeling in mud before water-filled shrine cutting off live birds’ wings and hearts, and muttering prayers softly. Frightening groan of tortured hawk joined hypnotizing sound of drums. Soon one of young warriors threw first gift to holes. Practices similar to these, but with varying offers were repeated whole day. No one wanted to anger gods.

Kala’Mocal, outer merchants’ district

Company of Shti was standing in a circle. Shouts of civilians were heard from everywhere. One Lizardman joined the crowd around them and asked ‘What’s happening?’ His neighbor responded two merchants had been having a duel. One of them accused other of theft and they decided to solve the problem in traditional way. At the moment they were fighting in the middle of circle, naked and unarmed. After exchanging a few hits they started to wrestle. It took five minutes and then everyone could hear crack of broken neck. Duel was finished and some spectators congratulated winner who hadn’t even been right in the argument. Spearmen took the body heading to shrines as the loser was considered thief. His body had to be thrown to gods.
‘You’re lucky he agreed to have a duel. If Tamen was to judge, you wouldn’t have your tongue anymore for fake accusations. As the winner of traditional fight you are free to go. I’ve spoken.’ Pilum said these words and followed his soldiers.
‘If he didn’t agree he would be always called a coward. I don’t know what’s worse, having no honor or being dead.’ Tired winner headed to his home, he needed to wash blood covering his scales.

- One company of Skirmishers boarded transport ship and they are heading to the East.
((As I said, shrines are poor and they are only for roleplay. Since I haven't paid for religious centre they don't have any effects.))
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Mille Sessau

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PostSubject: Re: Isle of Zvar'korret (M)   Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:03 pm

Isle of Zvar'Korett

The area between the sea was not vast, but it took three days for the transport vessel to finally make headway, as ship seemed to veer and turn without any sort of direction, although the rowers and sails had both been set. The land was nothing but forests, huge forests that offered refuge from cold, and was it cold. The Isle of Zvar'Korett had a unique climate as an island, and snow was a rarity. Rains frequented the summer, but the winter was more of a respite from the humid and scorching summers. This land, this huge Western Continent seemed (currently) to be naught but a frigid winterland of snow and leaves.

They landed, although several of the grumbling Padu made it known that that they were more sure they had crashed rather than landed. The soldiers filed over the sides of the boat, waded across the frigid knee deep waters and up onto shore. They were greeted by a forest that boasted no end. With only loin cloths to keep them warm, the Padu reluctantly sent a small contigent of soldiers into the huge forest to discover what it held, if anything. The remainder of the Padu remained aboard the ship, attempting to keep warm. They did not have to wait long.

The Padu explorers returned by evening, originally 28 strong, with only 17 in their company. They brought bundles of violet colored fruits clasped in their arms. They reported that the trees were tall and strong and could be used to build many buildings and ships, they also reported that the fruits they carried grew in a strange abundance and that when ground up and put on their lunch, made the food taste that much better.

The winter had taken a poor effect on the Lizardmen. They were exotherms, and the cold winter did little to help. Eleven of their brethren had fallen ill and died while exploring, and even those that returned were somewhat weak and cold to the touch.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-- The Padu skirmishers discover that as far as they can see north and south on the western coast of the Western Continent is nothing but Forest. (Two Wood resources).
-- The Padu skirmishers, while exploring the huge forest, encounter a source of fruits that create a sweet tasting spice when ground up and put on their food. (One Spice resource).
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PostSubject: Re: Isle of Zvar'korret (M)   Sun Apr 17, 2011 10:24 am

Western Continent

For a few days Lizardmen party was sitting in a camp near the coast. They didn’t do very much after their last exploration due to cold. Small camp set up in the forest didn’t even have many guards outside, party rather relied on traps. They made holes covered with leaves and loops to catch coming enemies, and threw branches to hear their crack if anybody came. Nobody was happy nor hardworking, freezing cold had negative effects on exothermic Lizardmen. Only tansport ship made fast cruises between island and continent. Eventually, sailors came with orders from Zvar’Korret.

You and your party are allowed to use fire. We remember that it’s not good power, but our goddess agreed to use it after our prayers. She doesn’t like our children to suffer from cold. Remember, be careful with it!
Explore the continent, stay away from others. We send you additional company of spearman. Soon we will send you 2000 people with some eggs to establish a colony and merchant to lead it. You will be head priest of new settlement. It’s important to respect the nature, but more wood will be very helpful and fruits you send us were very good and could be traded later on. Finally, you will be our outpost if we need a contact with habitants of the Continent.
You have very important task. Don’t fail it. Search for Zot’Pyjet continues.
Kaplin Zotflas, Tamen Pas’Shef

Lage Inn, inner merchant’s zone
A few merchants were sitting at one table. One had a strange looking fruit and divided it into parts for everyone. Every merchant liked it and although parts weren’t very big, taste was strong enough to be appreciated.
‘Were did it come from? I have never seen such a strange plant. It can’t grow on our Island.’ Somebody asked.
‘I bought it from member of transport ship’s crew. They went to the continent and brought a crate especially for Tamen.’ Answered man who brought the fruit.
‘Well, it can be great business. Other races will like it and our people will buy it. I wish we weren’t so close country.’
‘Hah, you are always thinking about money.’ Somebody joined conversation.
‘That’s why I became a merchant…’
‘Well, it’s also good way to have exciting adventures, not only sit in the mud’
‘You are always having so much problems, because of your adventures. I’m curious how you became so rich…’
‘Get back to our topic!’ fruit owner said loudly ‘I think we could make a business together.’ He pointed his claws at two active speakers. ‘Come to my home this evening’.

House of Shti’Bimev, outer Merchants’ district

Three merchants came to the house of Shti’Bimeve. He was known as hospitable and rich person and he prepared big dinner for his guests. There were lots of fish, swampy plants, fruits and amphibian meat, but nobody ate very much. They came to talk about important things and dinner was only excuse to meet in this police-hieratic country. They knew no important person would be happy with merchants designing business in foreign lands.
‘I heard about plans of making a colony on the Continent. It’s great way to make money. One of us should try to become its kupc.’ Adventurous lizardmen said.
‘Mhm. I have money and respect, but don’t want so much responsibility. I would rather keep my own business. How about recommending you to Qev’krahin?’ host pointed at his other guest.
‘That’s great. I can rule this new settlement as it’ll be small. I will make no obstacles for our business, of course.’
‘So, we have a plan. We have new kupc and boss of our little company. Don’t even try to cheat me. Now, you should sleep here, as it’s dangerous to go through the city in the night. Thank you for coming’.
Host showed his guests rooms to stay until curfew was over. They noticed patrol of spearmen through the window, but after a few minutes soldiers went away.

- Zvar'Korret is setting up a moderate colony of 2000 people on Western Continent to exploit wood and fruits (spices).
- One company of Spearmen was transported to Western Continent.
- Western Continent Expedition started using fire to warm the camp.
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PostSubject: Re: Isle of Zvar'korret (M)   Mon Apr 25, 2011 4:46 am

Eastern coast of Zvar’Korret isle

Ju’caktar was standing on the coast of Zvar’Korret isle. He was watching Lizardmen loading boxes and barrels on the transport ship and thinking about new settlement he will build. They contained materials needed to build colony on the new land. He was very grateful to Shti’Bimev for making him new kupc. Only a few Reptilians knew what was waiting for them. Despite the new land was covered by jungle, they weren’t any calm. They had ran away from the Continent and they were ordered to return there. Young Lizardmen were creating far-fetched legends about their new home. They imagined frightening creatures living there, life with a little of food and demons flying over the forest. They kept discussing about it even when they were on the sea. Seamen, who were sailing the same way again, tried to calm others down, but without any success. New place got name of Mra’den, from reptilian words ‘return’ and ‘suffering’. Every settler had agreed to go freely, but now they were very nervous.

Transport ship, sea

All Lizardmen were very silent on the ship. All sailors knew what to do and a few commands were given by gestures. Holy drums were put in a barrel of water so they couldn’t make any sound. The only priest on the ship was also the only Reptilian whispering.

'Zot’yne, juqe vne’fund eketij dti temad,
Na’bekje nudheti tone’ne teko tare,
Ne’qendroje te’hestur pertemos zuarju,
Askush’nuk mund’teshemb pogen taj,
Zoti’yne, zote dotre...'

He repeated during whole journey. If anyone said a word, was punished at once. No one wanted to anger god who was sleeping at the bottom of sea. Lizardmen never said a word at sea, in contrast to other nations.

Mra'den - Lizardmen colony on Western Continent

After some time they managed to anchor to the coast of Western Continent. Settlers unloaded containers and at once the ship set off to bring more citizens to new colony. Soldiers, that came here before, had already set a borders of new settlement. They gave new citizens a while to rest and ordered them to start building.

New houses were different than ones in Cala’Mocal. At the beginning, builders dig hole and then covered it with branches and leaves. Faces of hole were strengthened with bigger logs. Finally they built stairs to enter home. ‘Buildings’ were cooler and wetter thanks to this way of building.

Soon, kupc and soldiers ordered some Lizardmen to create plantations of strange fruits and more to chop down trees. Ju’caktar told Korkeni’zotper that colony would for sure have supplies to cover upkeep needs. Head priest of new colony agreed and started thinking about brining missionaries here.

- Colony on Western Continent is set up [waiting for confirmation of admin - Medium sized, 2000 Lizardmen] - called Mra'den
- New colony has spearmen company and another company of skirmishers (who already know the land).
- Lizardmen settlers start using wood (2) and spices (1) resources.
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PostSubject: Re: Isle of Zvar'korret (M)   Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:26 am

The journey to the new continent had been a hard one. Despite their reverence towards the God of the Ocean it had not been enough to spare them rough seas. The transport vessel's rocked and groaned, the unrelenting waves hammering the silent coffin ships. Several of the lizard men were tossed overboard, disappearing under the heavy swells. By dawn the storm had broken, exposing the virgin Western continent. Ripe for exploration and contact with new races. Though the isolated nature of the lizard men might prevent that at least for a time. The Lizard men struggled to adjust to their new environment. The cold blooded creatures slowly adapted though not without another hundred of their brethren falling extremely ill and five dying due to the perils brought on by the New World. Slowly but surely a colony was crafted out of dirt and rocks. The previous expedition that had landed proved vital in helping their brethren to survive.

For Jagdai the scout, the current level of exploration wasn't enough. They had yet to discover what lay beyond the borders of the colony and what put his people at risk. The large scout thrashed his scaled tail in annoyance, he would have to take it up with Ju’caktar. After all, if the people of Zvar'korret were to fulfill their destiny as the master race of this new continent they would need to find out whom were there competitors.

The Colony was already being menaced by several unknown predators but that was hardly Jagdai's real concern. Predators they could handle. But other beasts with swords and axes might come and then what were they to do? Better to find out what lay ahead now then sit on his damned claws. The missive he left for Ju'caktar was a simple one.

Due to the unknown nature of this continent and the forces that may surround us. I am requesting to dispatch scouting parties to our north and south to discover any possible unknown civilizations and decide what path to take in our dealings with them to ensure that our peoples are left alone. I await your reply.


8 EP are expended funding a medium sized colony on the Western Continent.

The scout Jagdai requests to lead scouting parties to discover if any races border the new colony.
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PostSubject: Re: Isle of Zvar'korret (M)   Tue May 03, 2011 5:16 am

Shrines of Cala’Mocal, Zvar’Korret

Almost every citizen came to the shrines in Cala’Mocal. Not very often people from different casts met together and respected each other. However, this day everyone was calm and silent. Even leaders of this nation shortened work hours to let everyone pray. Reason was simple - everyone was getting nervous about his friends or family sent to the colony and cult of gods calmed Lizardmen down. A few days before one company of skirmishers had hunted for birds to offer them to gods.

Female Lizardmen immersed in prayer to Nenete’Gjitha when male priests came to hatchery. Males never entered hatchery, but this time children needed to be sent to the Continent. Priestess were sitting around central fire and swaying for long time in complete silence. A few of them was still taking care about eggs and few were taken to the colony with men. During the journey they sat at the bottom of the boat and waited to be taken to the colony. They couldn’t decide for themselves, they always listened to males’ orders.


Despite people in Zvar’Korret were nervous, colonists got used to the new home. Everybody had his duties and environment wasn’t very different. They even had little army to defend homes and didn’t know about any dangers nearby. From time to time they were given these new fruits that tasted very well.

Jagdai got acceptance for his scouting expedition very easily. Company of Padu skirmishers, replenished with a few new recruits and accompanied by priest, set off to the east. Company looked like always – drummer, fifer and priest at the front and soldiers behind them. However, they had a few people as guards at the front, at the flanks and at the rear. Everything could happen, but they were self-confident as long as forest surrounded them. March through natural environment wasn’t tiring, so they were almost running. When they were a bit farther from colony, they started to march at nights and camp at days with strong guards around the place. Every movement was checked, but they hadn’t met any other races yet.

- People in Cala'Mocal pray for friends and families in the Colony
- Colonists are calm.
- Jagdai with priest and Padu skirmishers company was sent to the east - scouting expedition.
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PostSubject: Re: Isle of Zvar'korret (M)   

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Isle of Zvar'korret (M)
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