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 Battle of the Deep [Karag Mor / Goblin Horde]

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Battle of the Deep [Karag Mor / Goblin Horde] Empty
PostSubject: Battle of the Deep [Karag Mor / Goblin Horde]   Battle of the Deep [Karag Mor / Goblin Horde] Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 5:45 pm

Battle of the Deep
Turn 1

-- There are no reinforcements in this battle for Karag Mor unless being sent for which will take 4 Mod Marks after being sent for.
-- If Karag Mor wins, the goblin horde is destroyed.
-- If Goblin Horde win Karag Mor's Happiness will drop 15 points immediately.


1. Karag Mor
-- 295 Forge Guards

2. Goblin Horde
-- 230 Goblin Warriors

-- 212 Goblin Warriors (1 ModMark)
-- 1 Cave Troll (2 ModMarks)

-- 3. ModMarks : Moderation Marks will be given to dictate casualties. If no tactics are given during the respective posts, the Moderator will have to imply battle tactics which may mean unnecessary casualties, it is for this reason that it must be stressed to be extremely detailed in your posts. Goblin Horde reinforcements will arrive on Mod Mark 3.
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Battle of the Deep [Karag Mor / Goblin Horde] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Battle of the Deep [Karag Mor / Goblin Horde]   Battle of the Deep [Karag Mor / Goblin Horde] Icon_minitimeTue Apr 12, 2011 5:30 pm

Boyar Gunnar Ironheart surveyed the shield wall for seemingly the twentieth time in the past hour. Skirmishes with Goblins had left his force with only light casualties but every crack in the wall meant possible disaster. He had to be prepared for another wave. The Dwarves had chosen the main tunnel as their hold out point considering it's only entrance from the back would lead straight from Karag Mor negating any possibility of unexpected assault from the rear.

Currently the Formation had been broken into three lines worth of Forge Guard, each holding in tight formation with each other leaving only enough room for a single dwarf, or goblin, to pass between them. The front of the Lines formed shield walls bristling with spears to be thrust into charging foes. The Warriors on the sides however wielded their close combat weapons. The plan was the lure the Goblins to charge and as they did so, trap some within the small gaps between lines. There, they would be easily slaughter from both sides. Just in case, the Dwarves on the rear had turned about face in the off chance that some goblins might be able to skirt the lines or find a way around the Formation.

"Alright Lads! Get ready for glorious battle!" bellowed Gunnar cheerily, his comrade and lieutenant Thegn Engir Skullsplitter standing at his side, "Once again the Goblin Hordes pour forth to threaten the sanctity of the Holds of Karag Mor! Well, once again the Forge Guard sally forth to do battle with the wretched vermin! Let's teach these rats what happens to their kind when they come to the holds!"

"Ach! Ye all better be killin' a plenty or ol' Engir here will be takin' yur' heads!" Engir threw in as he took position in the line. From there, the line waited for the Goblins.
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Battle of the Deep [Karag Mor / Goblin Horde] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Battle of the Deep [Karag Mor / Goblin Horde]   Battle of the Deep [Karag Mor / Goblin Horde] Icon_minitimeWed Apr 13, 2011 1:32 pm

The huge cavern was home to a rather prominent force of Cavern Goblins ; short, skinny, grey and unintelligent, Cavern Goblins were the long time enemies of both the Hold of Karag Mor, as well as the Dwarves of the Republic, although the goblins made no distinction between the two, a dwarf was a dwarf. There was no leadership here, these goblins were loitering in the caverns, preying on hapless dwarven explorers and taking whatever goods they had on them. The situation was simple, there was one entrance into the cavern on one side, and one entrance on the other side, the goblins had come from one of the entrances, and they would progress into the other, constantly pressing at their Dwarven peers until they reached a Dwarven settlement.

" Shortsies! Shortsies, 'dere in 'da cave! " One of the goblins shouted, leaping from atop a nearby rock and scraping up a goblinoid looking dagger, that, due to the goblins small frame, looked more like a swore than a dagger.

" Get'em! Kill'em, kill'em! " The group shouted in unison, and they all began to charge into the tunnel where the Forge Guard stood. They threw themselves forward; high, low and somewhere in between. A few stood further, drawing short bows made of bone and sinew and flung arrows haphazardly down the hallway. They knew nothing but war and destruction, they knew nothing that if they cleaved a dwarf into two pieces that they could eat another day.

One of the goblins still in the large cavern climbed up on top of a huge rock in the center of the cavern, and atop it sat a huge drum. The goblin heaved the stick from the ground, barely able to hold it up with both hands, and he struck the drum as hard as he could.


He struck it again!


Even over the cacophony of battle, the screams and shouts of goblins in the network of caverns that surrounded the goblins became apparent. More were coming, and a clobbering roar of some unknown beast made itself known. How deep the caverns went, and how many goblins inhabited them was unknown.
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Battle of the Deep [Karag Mor / Goblin Horde] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Battle of the Deep [Karag Mor / Goblin Horde]   Battle of the Deep [Karag Mor / Goblin Horde] Icon_minitime

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Battle of the Deep [Karag Mor / Goblin Horde]
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