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 Map of the Known World

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PostSubject: Map of the Known World   Sat Feb 19, 2011 4:42 pm

Map of the Known World

This is the map of the known world. When creating your application, take this map, save it and open it in MS Paint or a similar program. Draw your kingdoms borders and label it numerically. If you are the first kingdom, put a 1 within the borders. You can if you choose to use dots to indicate the location of the cities within your kingdom as well.

Political Map

Biome Map

Known Kingdoms
1. Empire of Ezria (Avian and Elvish Confederacy) - A region predated by bloody tribal wars and local warlords. It was only recently united within the last few hundred years by King Zargari the Great. The empire is relatively unknown as very few civilizations ever venture far enough into the mountains to have located the Avian culture. Although the empire claims lands on some of the fertile plains to the south and west, they have not yet established settlements outside of their own protective mountain chain. They have a sizable military force and their borders touch with that of Karag Mor of the Dwarves to the south. The Ezrians have a very strong economy but a small and growing culture. They recently seized the Kingdom of Mabiya and with it, declared themselves the new Empire of Ezria.

2. Guild Union of Shidrus (Halfling Confederacy) - Originally a handful of Halfling city-states, the rise of merchant guilds gave way to the climactic Guild Wars and led to the unification of the various city-states after a 91 year long period of bloodshed. They are have a stable economy and a growing culture, though their ancestral home has been stripped barren of most resources by the Guild Wars. They have a very small army, but their navy is vast and their seamanship is unrivaled. Their greatest weakness is their isolation on the far Southern Continent.
* Lashid Colony - The Lashid Colony has about 4,000 native halflings inhabiting the small island colony, it has a defense of a few hundred Wardens but has no major defenses located there either. It has a reasonably well built harbor however. The Lashid Colony also has wooden walls built around it.
* Hrothar Lumber Colony - The colony has about 2,000 halflings who have colonized the island to begin mining operations of the huge forests on the island.

3. Republic of Ever-Winter (Dwarven Republic) - An entirely subterranean kingdom, the Republic of Ever-Winter is an old an ancient realm that houses a handful of Dwarven clans united in democracy. Their earthen borders make up a majority of the Kingdom of Ezria's realm, although beneath it.. They are within a stones throw of the ocean to the north, except a few millions tons of earth still impedes them. The Republic possesses a moderate economy as well as a budding culture. Their army is absolutely huge as well as well armed as they have well trained and equipped Heavy Infantry.
* The Republic of Ever-Winter lies directly beneath the Kingdom of Ezria.

4. Holds of Karag Mor (Dwarven Monarchy) - A large subterranean kingdom in the center of the Western Continent but south of the Central Desert, Karag Mor is a kingdom of another age. It's better days noted in the annals of history, Karag Mor seeks to step back onto the world pedestal as a leading power since the ancient times. It has a sizable military, but it's economy and culture are both floundering in comparison to the days of old and how the empire stood at it's height.

5. Empire of Mille Sessau (Human Monarchy) - A large kingdom that lies south of the Ezrian Mountain chain, Mille Sessau holds borders with the Kingdom of Ezria, unknowingly the Holds of Karag Mor, and unknowingly the Dwarven Republic of Ever-Winter. They are a very sophisticated people culturally, they have a moderately sized army and a small navy. The Empire has a very strong culture and a moderately sized economy as well.
* New Mille - The New Mille colony currently has no major settlements and only a small scattering of about 4,000 native Sessuans. It has a handful of small ports, but it's only city is Keye, home to large farmland and the only horses in the Empire.

6. Merenaz Caliphate (Human Republic) - Referred to as the People of the Great Desert, or the Aremish, they are considered to be one of the oldest human kingdoms in existence. They are a highly militaristic society and possess one of the largest military's on the continent. The Caliphate is an extremely isolated civilization though and only recently did they begin to explore the world outside of their own great desert. They have a small but flourishing culture and a reasonably successful economy, but their kingdom is plagued by internal strife of people as others seek to take control of the Sultanate themselves.

7. Confederacy of Caexi (Elvish and Orc Confederacy) - Dating back to the times of ancient Orc warclans and Elvish warbands, the Confederacy of Caexi is an uneasy union on the Eastern Continent. They have banded together for purposes of convenience and expansion. Their society is both civilized and barbaric, and the Elves and Orcs themselves always seem at ends, though when together in arms they are a force to be had. The Confederacy is nearly landlocked, they have a very small culture because of the two races' cultures conflicting with one another but their economic power is relatively huge. They share a border with the Empire of Mille Sessau's New Mille colony.

8. United Tribes of Ejrahk (Human Confederacy) - A tribal federation of wandering peoples, the Tribes of Ejrahk are a nomadic people that are tied for one of the largest in the known world. Their nomadic nature however means that the people themselves require little assistance from the rulers of the kingdom, they are rather self-sufficient. The lands of the Ejrahk are very high in natural resources, which will make them a lucrative target for neighboring powers, and the Ejrahkian Cavalry is also renowned for being the best quality in the known world. The people of Ejrahk have a very weak culture, but a budding nomad economy.

9. Isle of Zvar'Korett (Lizardman Oligarchy) - The people of Zvar'Korett are ominous and isolationist. The island is almost all jungle, and it helps obscure the already mysterious Zvar'Korett people. They are religious, though exactly what deities they worship are unknown. They are primitive, but their need for technology is not necessarily genuine. They have an elite guard to protect the island, and their economy and culture are both small both growing.

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Map of the Known World
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