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 Confederacy of Caexi (T)

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PostSubject: Confederacy of Caexi (T)   Confederacy of Caexi (T) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 21, 2011 9:15 pm

Tysol Caexi

Tysol Mas stood next to the window, looking out over the rolling plains that stretched for miles in all directions of the city. Behind him the arguing was continuing between the patriarchs and chieftains of the various clans, which was enough to even try his patience. Though most of the other elf patriarch were dressed in fine silks or elegant breastplates, the patriarch of House Vojal was in a sable red-grey robe with hood drawn over his head to cover the pulsating runes and tattoos on his skin. Twin swords hung around his waists, being the only member of the council allowed weapons within the council chambers. Unlike the typical purple eyes and black hair of the dark elves, Tysol Mas had mixes of silver in his hair and eyes.

The Council of War was a deceiving title the elf thought since most of what they talked about was issues regarding the nation. This particular issue had been going on for the last two days and tempers were starting to flare. The orc chieftains were always quick to anger and act while Tysol Mas and his fellow patriarchs liked to think through things before they acted. The one thing they both had in common was once was declared, both peoples were behind it in both soul and body completely.

Several of the orc chieftains wanted to send out scouting parties outside the borders, because they were getting bored of the sanctioned fights that the council had approved. Tysol Mas actually approved of notion since it had been a long time since he had seen a good fight. The last action within Caexi was when House Duka and Clan Taif got into a border dispute between their lands. He hadn't particularly liked going against the elves of House Duka, but they had everything that was coming to them as the orcs of Clan Taif.

Finally he had enough of the arguments. Tysol Mas spun turning those black and silver orbs on the other Council members. "The orcs have a good point my fellow patriarchs. We know not of any other kingdoms beyond our borders, but not if any are worth savaging or whether or not they have anything good enough to stay our blades in payment. Plus it has been a long time since we have expanded our borders." Tysol Mas's voice was musical like most of his race, though he tended to talk in more hushed tones than others.

Bosef slammed a meat fist down on the long steel table that separated the patriarchs of the elvish clans and the orc chieftains. Bosef was a brute compared to most other orcs, but behind those impish yellow eyes Tysol Mas knew he had a fierce cunning. The two of them had tangled in the past since Tysol Mas's House Vojal and Bosef's Falin had their own disagreements. Several of the scars the green monster bore were from Tysol Mas's twin swords.

"Finally one of you pointed ears is making sense. This should be and we orcs believe much blood should be spilled." Bosef exclaimed in the orc's guttural voice.

This of coarse sparked of another round of arguments between the two sides which just caused Tysol Mas to press his long elegant fingers on either side of his nose. Over the last several millennia, the orcs had learned some of what it was to be civilized while the dark elves had in turn grew angry more quickly. It tended to be a downfall Tysol Mas thought of having two different races working and living in close proximity to one another. Habits tended to wear off on one other. The council was the one thing that brought the two races together, but the elves still tended to feel superior to the monstrous counterparts.

The wisdom though of the first Council of War did come easily for Tysol Mas, but he didn't know how they had all gotten by. The dark elves provided the knowledge of craftsmen while the orcs the brute force to build and tend the fields. It was a delicate balance made all the harder with the different clans.

"Listen. We have been at this for two days and the arguing is starting to upset me." This caused a silence to come over the assembled members for each knew how deadly of a warrior the patriarch of House Vojal was. "Let's put it to a vote. If we can't make an unanimous decision, let us adjourn for the day and take it up again tomorrow."

Each member of the council placed their vote and the tally came out to agree to send out scouting parties. Then the arguments started up again about what units to send. This continued for another four hours until it was decided that one orc squad of cavalry [50 light cavalry/ orcs on wargs] would travel east beyond the Dufang Mountains and one to travel west. Also one elvish squad of cavalry [50 heavy cavalry/ elves on horses] would travel southeast and southwest with an dark elf emissary in case they came in contact with anyone..

Tysol Mas sighed deeply as he left the council chamber. There were more things of interest in his own house than business as normal within the capital. He did love his dwelling here, having poured much time, effort, and magic into the construction of the estate. He hadn't made it far from the chamber before a large hand stopped him. The dark elf turned one hand going to the hilt of a war sword at his side. What he got was Bosef de-Falin's pig face staring at him.

"Why you pointy ears take so long? We see it as a simple choice, but everything always takes long with your kind." Demanded the orc chieftain.

"It is because we think before leaping. You should try it sometime Falin." Tysol Mas said the orc's clan name like a slur. "Your people may have numbers, but we have the brains."

Bosef roared his outrage at the elf and slammed a fist against his breastplate. "You speak dangerously elf."

"Maybe so, but we know who comes out on top between Vojal and Falin." Tysol Mas bowed his head slightly with a grin on his face, before turning to continue on his way.

-- The Council of War decided to send out scouting parties. Two squads of orc cavalry [50 light cavalry on wargs each] one to the east and one to the west. Also two squads of elvish cavalry [50 heavy cavalry on war horses each] each with an elf emissary to the southeast and southwest.

--There is no love loss between Tysol Mas he-T'luka and Bosef de-Falin. The two still feel the hostility between their house and clan.
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PostSubject: Re: Confederacy of Caexi (T)   Confederacy of Caexi (T) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 21, 2011 9:17 pm

Tysol Caexi

General Shor sat in her plush office in the military wing of the Imperium. Shor was in the middle years of her life for an elf with a rich mane of black hair. Though the general was older than most elves serving in the legions, Shor was still a fierce soldier who faced down even challenges from orc warriors. She had spent the long years of her service trying to create a cohesive fighting force among elves and orcs.

It was late in the day when a courier brought word of the council's decision. A grin slowly came to the elf's face at the thought of conquest. He approved of the fact that his people were sending a diplomat and equally so of the orcs rashness at not. Orcs were monsters of legend and would probably get in a fight regardless if they had a diplomat or not.

The general had dispatched riders to the Balaur Legion in the west and personal met with Commander Ael, one of the other few female officers, of the Cerberus Legion here in Tysol Caexi. Each one had been ordered to send out scouting parties beyond the borders of the kingdom. Shor just waited word on what was found while possible battle plans formulated in her head. Above all was the anticipation of wetting the ground with the rich red blood of an enemy.

A knock at the door brought the general back from her thoughts. She growled low at the intrusion but bellowed out anyways.

“What ya want?”

Dekarion Warsum de-Falin, the general’s second, entered baring his tusks. Warsum was from a lesser clan as the ‘de-’ displayed unlike the ‘he-’ attached to the clan name of greater clans. The dekarion was a brute with the lighter green skin and more squashed face of a lowland orc.

“Here are the reports of the Legions general.”

Shor took the reports and dismissed her subordinate with a wavy of an elegant hand. The reports were dull, just mainly requests for supplies and troop strength and morale. There were a few incident reports of fights from the warchief of the Balaur Legion at Dufang. The more interesting was the execution of an orc who had bashed in the head of a elf comrade. It was a standing order that fighting among soldiers was not allowed outside of practice and there was harsh punishments for those who broke that order.

Western Border
Taskmaster Dannoch de-Mari had his party of orcs camped for the evening a day past the western border of the kingdom. All the orcs including Dannoch were excited about the possibilities this scouting mission represented. They were a little too excited for the taskmaster had to lay into a couple of his troops with the three metal pronged whip he carried at his side. The large orc had never seen his people pulling at the leash so hard before, but the possibility of war fired their blood.

Three days after Commander Ael of the Cerberus Legion that the general was ordering scouting parties beyond the border. There had been a lot of talk about the uncharted lands to the west. It was almost better than going east through the Dufang Mountains. The west though was across the nice open plains that the people of Caexi knew so well.

“Ya think we see find anything or some pale skins friend Dannoch?” Asked one of his orcs.

The pale skins was what the orcs called humans. The growling of the others attested to the fact that they wanted to stumble across some small village or band of humans. Dannoch didn’t really know what they would find, but his plan was to follow the sun before circling south to head back to Tysol Caexi where the Cerberus Legion was stationed.

“I know not what we will find that is if we find anything at all on this trip. Now settle down and get some rest, we have many leagues to cover before returning back home.”

- General Shor sent orders to the commanders of the Caexi army to send out scouting parties to attain what is beyond their borders with adding a military surveyor with each party to assess any potential resources to be had. Also Shor goes over military reports about the readiness of the legions.

- Taskmaster Dannoch from the Cerberus Legion has traveled a day’s journey west of the border with 50 orcs warg riders. They plan to do a large circle and cover as much land as possible before heading back to the Tysol Caexi. Other scouting parties from the Balaur and Cerberus Legions have been sent out in other directions.
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PostSubject: Re: Confederacy of Caexi (T)   Confederacy of Caexi (T) Icon_minitimeFri Mar 25, 2011 10:56 am

Confederacy of Caexi

The deliberation between the Elves and the Orcs had led to the tenuous agreement to leave the lands of the Confederacy and seek out what lie beyond the borders. Constant infighting had led to a small period of isolation which was about to end. The troops saddled up and took to their maneuvers, but the leadership within the Confederacy would not hear back from the troops for some time.

Western Front

Taskmaster Dannoch, like all orcs, held a rather primal blood thirst deep within him and this time was no different. He had been ordered to scour the western borders and document all he saw. He didn't have to go far. Three days into the ride, two forward scouts returned with news that a small farming village of pink skins had been located. Dannoch surmised that the pink skins were simply that, ripe for the taking. He ordered the scouts back into formation and led the fifty strong host across the plains toward the village. Four small settlements and fifty acres of wheat and beans was all the settlement was made up of, Dannoch counted some twenty odd humans.

" What'chur orders, tas'masta? " One of the orcs, seated impatiently atop his warg asked.

" Kill'em all. " Dannoch mused.

The wargs and their riders took off, streaming past Dannoch.

The humans were native Mille Sessuans, but that was both unknown and irrelevant to the orcs of the Confederacy. Their genetic predisposition for bloodlust had been unsated in the last years by sparring bouts with their Elven cohorts. This was real combat, or at least .. as close to it as they could get. The host rose over the plain and like a black prophecy swept down across the village with hooked blades of steel and iron. The first casualties were the women, and a small child. One of the men, perhaps an adept hunter had taken to a nearby bow and arrow and loosed a single quarrel, dehorsing one of the riders and leaving him unmoving on the ground with a fletched arrow protruding from his chest. The man was cut down before he could notch a second arrow. The screams of women and children became the symphony of the background as a handful of the orcs dismounted to explore the homes of the village.

They emerged carrying various bags and goodies as Taskmaster Dannoch entered the small townsend.

" Whas' tha' there, Gorg? "

" Lookin' like gold to me, Dannoch! Hahaha! " The orc replied, sifting through the bag. " An' some jewels! "

" Look at Fraggoth's coat! " One of the orcs, laughing, pointed to a nearby orc who had tried on what used to be a rather elogent Sessuan fur vest. It ripped at Fraggoth's sheer girth.

" Shut it, pup! " Fraggoth growled.

" Burn the homes an' we ride! " Dannoch shouted before ushering his beast on out of the village. The orcs complied by setting the nearby homes to the flame, leaving most of the bodies where they lay.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Since the Warg's had fallen ill last winter, the ready supply of orc ready mounts had steadily disappeared. Elvish surveying teams quickly began to scour the area again to find new, undomesticated wargs to ensure the continuation of the orcish cavalry. They searched all within the borders of the Confederacy but found none, a week after Taskmaster Dannoch had returned, a pair of Elvish surveyors also returned with word of a Warg den south of the borders of the Confederacy. They were not in reach of them currently, but could be if they could extend their borders south just enough to enshroud the Warg den, otherwise it would be almost too long a trip to go track and capture rampant Warg to bring them back to the Confederacy to train for cavalry maneuvers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-- Taskmaster Dannoch's orcs raid and loot a human village. They take 3 Economic Points worth of loot from the village.

-- Elvish surveyers discover a Warg (Horse) Resource to the south, though it is currently outside of their borders and cannot be utilized until it is in the borders of the Confederacy.
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PostSubject: Re: Confederacy of Caexi (T)   Confederacy of Caexi (T) Icon_minitimeTue Apr 05, 2011 5:02 pm

Tysol Caexi
The council chamber where the Council of War met was in an uproar and had been for over a week. This recent quibbling between the orc clans and the elf houses was due to the return of Taskmaster Dannoch and the riches he brought back from the western frontier. There was no doubt that everyone was in agreement on continuing exploitation of the west, as usual though the pointy-eared bastards were arguing over every detail of timing and strategy.

Interrupting one of the elves pontificating on "density population" and "terrain maps" Bosef growled.

"Pointless! The clans rumble with blood lust, we will annihilate any of these human towns that stand in our path. It will only cause discontent to keep our forces leashed where such easy pickings lie so close to the border".

Tysol Mas had been allowing the arguments to slip by with pointed indifference and turned at Bosef's comment, the elf was always quick to seize to on arguments that would allow his to lead the process to the decision that he ultimately wanted the council to make.

"We should not have sent scouting parties out in the first place if we were going to not act on our findings." He glanced toward the patriarch of House Vaeden, icily mentioning with the barest tilt of one brow "Malcontents might take the opportunity to stir up animosity within house and clan and believe they may be better suited to lead their fighters to such rich pickings on the western frontier".

Brosef noted the miniscule flush of anger that crept onto the neck of the patriarch, most orcs would not catch such a subtle tell of emotion but he did and it allowed him to well for himself and his people. Elves always expected little of the "dumb brutes" but those arrogant bastards could be prodded into decisions without realizing it. Baring he teeth at the patriarch.

"Strong leaders take decisive actions."

It was as much of a direct attack as he felt he needed to make, there was not a house or clan that did not have its share of troublemakers and discontents. Such insolence was dealt with swiftly in the clan, but elves with all their hand-wringing "tactics" often waited much too long to deal with trouble in their houses.

Jumping up as if there were a brumble wasp under his chair, graceful if he had been an orc, but noticeably agitated for an elf . "We should send a fighting force to the frontier at once."

He glanced challengingly around at the Council who had fallen into hushed conversations, once again debating the merit of such immediate action. After awhile the Council came to agreement that people on their border were either one of two things. Either they were friends under the protection of the Confederacy or they were enemies to be squashed under the legions.

Of coarse the Council of War had other things to discuss. It didn't take long for them to elect an elvish envoy to go with the legion, but their other concern was the being able to replenish their stock of both the elven thaer thyr and the orc wargs. To Brosef's disgust, Tysol Mas offered to send some of his personal soldiers with a further exploration party to secure the area. It didn't sit well with the orc chieftain, but in this case House Vojal's personal troops were better equipped than the rest of the military since they jealously guarded their mithril mine. So when the Council asked for a vote, Brosef sighed as he gave his own agreement because such a thing would just hurt the entire confederacy.

Tysol Caexi
General Shor sat upon a snow white thaer thyr, its main silver in the sunlight as the Cerberus Legion marched from his barracks without the city walls. Red banners streamed off various staffs throughout the ranks showing a three headed serpeant. The music of steel hitting against steel with pipes playing a marching ballad and rich elvish voices mixed with the harsh orc tunes was music to her ears. Only one problem stood at her side upon another horse and that was in the form of Envoy Faeil, the elvish envoy accompanying the Legion toward the western border to deliver the Confederacy's terms to any kingdom they ran across.

"Do you really think all of this is necessary General?"

"Yes I do Envoy. Humans are corrupt after all, but our terms are harsh and frankly I would prefer a nice stand up fight."

Of coarse so would most of the military, but most understood that what could be gained by words could save their lives. Once half the legion had made it out of barracks, General Shor turned her mount and followed her men with the envoy in tow. This was the typical diplomatic procedure with the Confederacy, a show of strength to prevent others from thinking they were dealing with a simple nation.

-- Council of War decided to send out a Legion with an elvish envoy to secure their western border either through diplomacy or through strength. Also some of House Vojol's prized soldiers are sent with an exploration party to where horses and wargs could be found. This exploration party is to secure the terrain for an eventual expansion of the borders southward.

Cerberus Legion
Commander: General Shor
3 Elvish Spearmen Companies (900 Elves w/Iron)
4 Orc Swordsmen Companies (1,200 Orcs w/Iron)
1 Elvish Swordsman Company (300 Elves w/Iron)
5 Elvish Skirmishers (1,500 Elves w/Iron)
3 Orc Light Cavalry Companies (900 Orcs w/Iron)
5 Elven Elite Heavy Cavalry Companies (1,500 Elves w/Iron)
4 Catapults

Exploration/Advance Party to Setup for Expansion
300 Elves
250 Orcs
1 Elvish Spearmen Companies (300 Elves w/Mithril)
3 Elvish Swordsman Company (900 w/Mithril)
1 Elvish Skirmishers (300 Elves w/Mithril)
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PostSubject: Re: Confederacy of Caexi (T)   Confederacy of Caexi (T) Icon_minitimeWed Apr 06, 2011 4:06 pm

Western Frontier

Living off the land was easy for people use to the rolling grasslands that stretched passed the borders of the Confederacy and helped to keep the baggage train smaller and preserve their food stores until the Cerberus Legion really needed it. General Shor moved through the neat set up of tents as the army settled down at dusk after another day of a systematic search for life. She was beginning to think that the scouting parties were just an isolated tribe and not a kingdom after all much to her dismay.

The legion had marched for three days past the border before setting up a base of operations on the plains. Scouting parties ranged out each day in search of signs of life since then and had so far found none. Her disappointment was the same as the Council's since she updated them each eve through magic that was inheriting in the general's race. Envoy Faeil to was getting on Shor's nerve, but the man had no concept of military matters even if he was her for diplomatic purposes.

The nights were the more interesting parts as swordsmen and skirmisher companies rotating shifts with their counterparts and the very little amount of glow baskets to help hide the camp at night with both orcs and elves relying on the moon and their superior night vision to aid in the night patrols. The camp was fortified as best the plains people could do in the grasslands or as if anyone could do without the timber to do proper field fortifications. Of coarse any force trying to attack the camp would find out sorely how it feels to have the jaws a steel clamp down on their flesh. It was common practice for elves and orcs to sleep in their armor after years a fierce battles between clans and houses for one never knew when you had to be ready for battle.

Each scouting party she sent out carrying a purple flag of parley, which the General doubted would mean anything to other people unless they had had some dealings with the Confederacy in the past. One reassuring aspect was that come first light the army would be on the move again, heading south. The nice open columns that the Legion marched in allowed them to fall easily into battle lines. As she passed one of the orc cook fires a grisly taskmaster bared his tusks in respect.

"Any pale skins to bleed yet General?"

"No not yet Ganlurf. All the scouts are not in yet, but if there is no sign then we will be moving out tomorrow." Her musical voice was sharp as steel even when in pleasant company.

"This is good. The sooner we find 'em the sooner we get to bleed them."

"Very true, but we must first offer the Council's terms."

The orc snorted and sneered. Most soldiers knew of the terms that the Council of War offered other organized groups. They were harsh and very rarely did governments choose them, so the legions got their chance to fight. The few who did agree also appeased the orcs who were greedy anyways and providing them with loot to take back to their clans made life a little more tolerable until they could find someone else to fight.

Southern Frontier

Hektarian Kelif looked back over the line of soldiers and civilians following his lead across the plains. The noon day sun was scorching above their heads with no cover for shade, but the elves and the orcs of the Confederacy had grown and evolved to that type of biome. He of coarse didn't envy the soldiers of the legion who had to wear the heavier steel armor compared to his relatively light mithril plate that provided even better protection.

The elvish officer took pride in being one of the elite among House Vojal and leading this advance party, the coiling dragon on a silver background was everywhere on both clothing and material even though the party was a mixed group. It had been a several days of slow going as the explorers in the group went out to cartographic everything so that the expansion of the Confederacy's borders would go smoothly. Of coarse it also involved some digging and testing of soil for fertility as well as any trace elements that could be helpful to the kingdom.

Kelif did have the group rather well protected with the three companies of swordsmen spread out around the party with squads of spearmen dispersed among them as well. The skirmishers were ideal scouts in this terrain and he utilized them as such to keep him informed of any dangers to come as well as screen the movements of those he was in charge of. He didn't expect any trouble, but he didn't take the chance and fingered the communications medallion around his neck each time a skirmish squad checked in.

From what he could tell they were at least another day or two from the horse herds and warg dens that the surveyors had found. He couldn't wait for that day when they could finally set up a modest camp and start their true work. The surveyors in the group would be checking the stock of animals as well as any other possible resources around. The explorers would be map the land more intensely from the border and the immediate surroundings. And over all of that Kelif had to provide protection to the various elves and orcs.

Long elegant fingers tapered over his temples as he rubbed. Just the thought of the potential madness of supervising so many parties gave him a headache. The elf though let out a sigh though and nodded his head to himself, knowing he would do all in his power to not dishonor his house or those under his care. The elf broke off from his leadership of the column and proceeded about with his rounds of the companies to check on them and make sure all were ready for any possible attack either from animal or another race.

Eastern Caexi
Quartermaster's Office

Leti Delgar de-Tul had risen to the rank of Quartermaster for his ability to organize and keep the military supplied with vital materials. For an orc it was a high position and one he was determined to keep because it also elevated his place within his own clan. Today though was not a good day for Delgar as he slammed a meaty fist on his desk while the two orcs and two elves stared back at him. The two orcs were in charge of the various iron mines within the kingdom, while one elf was from House Vojal and their mithril mine and the other the head of the surveyors. Delgar didn't care for any of them at the moment after going over the papers now scattered over his desk.

"This is not acceptable. We must find more. It be my job to make sure we keep the supplies up."

"Its not much we can do Quartermaster. The iron mines are running at full capacity." One of the orcs responded.

"The same goes for the mithril mine within House Vojal's land." Added the Vojal mine master.

"Well maybe if you would let us into that mine it would produce more." The other orc mine master spat at the elf.

Delgar just growled for he had been dealing with this for the last couple of hours. He roared short and loud to head off the argument that was about to erupt for the fifth time this afternoon. The orc quartermaster just rose from his chair and paced across the room a few times. Problem solving wasn't a strong suit of most orcs which was probably why he had been able to grab the position, not also because he was heavy handed when it came to making sure he kept the mines running correctly.

"Its not just the metals. We need usable stone for construction, wood to would be nice, and some fresh stock for mounts. And now with the legions marching we will need more metal. So here is what I propose. You three," Delgar pointed to the three mine masters," are to sent out a long term team, one from each group, to hunt down metal veins whether iron or mithril and also any potential quarries for useable stone."

The orc quartermaster turned his attention on the head surveyor.

"The Council has granted me my request to fund an ongoing survey of your teams outside our borders for vital material that the Confederacy can use. From the north all the way to the south. Set up way stations along the way so we can resupply survey teams. All teams are to carry communication medallions and report back at least once a week. The Council also want your people to find other suitable areas for food production incase anything happens or for trade as well. A surplus of food is always good."

The orcs all grinned and nodded. The Council's plan seemed sane enough to them and Delgar was more than happy to relay the plan. The more material he had to work with the easier his job would be and the better off he would be when the monthly reports came in. Having to decide where material had to go the orc thought was the most grueling part of his job.


-- Cerberus Legion is camped three days past their western border as a base of operations. General Shor has sent out scouting parties of 100 Light Infantry flying the Confederacy's purple banner of parley and are ordered to bring either a representative back with them or location of inhabitants. All scouting parties are returning to the camp and the legion will break at first light to move farther south of their location. The legion camp is also well guarded and prepared for attacks knowing they are in hostile territory.

--Hektarian Kelief is the leader of some of House Vojal's crack soldiers as they escort explorers and surveyors to the location of the horse resource discovered by the advance team. The explorers and surveyors are to check the quality of the animals and make it easier for the Confederacy to expand its borders southward not knowing that it has already been procured.

--Quartermaster Delgar relays the Council's desicion to fund survey teams within and without the borders of the kingdom for long-term search. It is the goal to find new metal veins for the Confederacy to mine either within the plains or in the mountains along the eastern border. Also to find any new resources that would profit the Confederacy's growth.

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PostSubject: Re: Confederacy of Caexi (T)   Confederacy of Caexi (T) Icon_minitimeSat Apr 09, 2011 5:39 pm

Western Frontier

The march west was long and arduous, but the confederates were used to the heat of the plains and were able to hunt and forage for most of their food. More than once the advancing army came across abandoned hamlets or villages. Such locations were ransacked and looted for anything of value, then put to the torch. It kept the orcs in line to think they were doing some good.

Human cavalry were often sighted in the distance, but they invariably fled at the first sign of trouble. If the army wanted prisoners they would have to give the orcish light cavalry permission to pursue them over any distance, which risked splitting the warg-riders apart. five days into their march they had found little more than hamlets and grasslands.


The advanced party moved much quicker, advancing without baggage trains or siege weapons. The expert elves traversed the land quickly, passing through empty towns. On midday of their fifth day they discovered a large city that rose out of the plains. It was not fortified, being nothing but a collection of wooden and sod buildings surrounded by farmland. However, there were many horses and stables, and the by the number of patrols leaving and arriving it was obvious that the horsemen who had been shadowing them for days were stationed here. Judging by the number of patrols and stables, there was a sizable cavalry force defending the town.

Northwestern Border

Garluf was not happy. He sat in front of his survey team's tent. Below him the mountains sloped down and eventually formed gentle plains, while above him the rough peaks that were part of his homeland protruded. The orc was sitting on a stool, staring at two objects.

The first was a rock. The large lump was reddish in hue, and had a thick vein of what looked like rust or dirt running straight through the middle. Garluf knew it was a piece of iron ore, and his team had found many such stones on the western slopes of the mountains. This was exactly what he had been sent for, and it should have made him quite happy to have found it.

The other object, the one that made him not-happy, was a spear-shaft. It was coated in blood, but he could tell that the wood was well treated, and the tip finely crafted of steel. This spear had come out of one of his surveyors, who had stumbled upon a human patrol not twelve miles from this spot.

The good news: He had found a rich deposit of iron. The bad news: the humans probably wanted it too.


- The Advanced Party has discovered the city of Keye. They may either try to make contact or report back to the main column.
- The Cerberus Legion has been unable to find any civilians or capture any of the human horsemen. They are currently two day's march from Keye, but will not know of the city's existence unless the Advanced Party informs them, or they reach it themselves.
- A survey team has discovered an Iron Resource at the western border where the mountains descend into the plains. However, the humans from Sessau have a small military presence in the area and are not likely to give up the resource.
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Molo Sharaes

The smell of salt came in on the breeze and was enticing to Patriarch Nerif he- Aelaelol Kadi as he walked around the city. With the state of things as they were, he was comforted to see the black and white colors of the Balaur Legion within his city. It was also a great pleasure that one of the survey teams had found an iron vein in the mountains not far from the city.

He had dispatched the local miners who had come searching in the mountains for new veins to that location with a detachment of 100 swordsmen as a bodyguard. With a possible war brewing to the lands to the west and who else knew what lived in the mountains, he viewed it as a good idea to secure the vein with force so that way the miners could get to work.

They had left three days ago and Nerif was already overseeing on a project to develop roads that lead from the mine to Molo Sharaes and from the city to the capital. This would allow for the material to get to the crafters faster than it would if the carts were toted across the plains. He had proposed it in the last council meeting and the rest of the patriarchs and chieftains had all agreed.

The massive project was going to be a boon for the Confederacy. It would allow them to transport goods faster between the outlying areas. Roads would also allow for the easier movements of the army's war machines and faster movement for the kingdom's soldiers who couldn't ride horses across the grasslands. It was also a perfect time being late fall in the plains. The ground would be nice and hard for months to come.

Northern Plains

Furfuf de- Talo leaned on the scythe in his hand, looking out over the almost harvest field of wheat. The heavy orc had done a lot in this day and his harvest was almost in. Farming wasn't something that the orcs were familiar with until the joining of the clans and houses. Orcs were meat eaters, but the techniques of farming had been taught and they helped supply the clans with money to buy extra food and supplies.

Once his harvest was in, the kingdom was going to go through the process of irrigating the farmland. The new farmland would produce a higher bounty and allow for the population to grow within the Confederacy. Furfuf was most pleased with the idea since having a more bountiful farm would bring in more coin to himself.

With more coin he would be able to extend his farm by hiring more workers. This would allow for him to kick back and relax a little more than going through the back breaking work of planting and harvesting. The big orc sighed as he got back to work, finished with his day dreaming for the time. There was still the rest of the harvest to be brought in and sold.


--With the finding of a new iron vein, a mining crew is sent to begin harvesting the metal. Because of the state of the Confederacy, the Patriarch Nerif dispatches 100 swordsmen with them for protection. Also the Confederacy takes on project of constructing Minor Roads Construct.

--Farmers are bringing in the last of the harvest for the season. The kingdom plans on constructing Irrigated Farmland after the harvest.

[OOC Note: I am purchasing Minor Road Construct. Next week I'll be purchasing Irrigated Farmland.]
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House Vojol Dwelling
Half a mile north of Tysol Caexi

Tysol Mas walked through his families estate with two Balaur Talaes in tow. Though he had sent most of his families personal soldiers off to the south to help guard the civilians going to secure the horse resource and prepare for the Confederacy's expansion southward, House Vojal wasn't without its forces. The two Balaur Talaes were both members of Vojal and had decided their patriarch needed protecting with things as they currently were. The patriarch of House Vojal was dressed in a red-grey satin robe with a mithril breastplate, since most elves and even orcs were terrified of the pulsating red and blue runes that marked his body.

Tysol Mas didn't need the extra protection since he was an efficient swordsmen with the dual swords at his waist, but he didn't begrudge the men the honor of doing so. He had returned to his family's dwellings temporarily to get away from the demands of the capital as well as inspect the training of troops in the jheder [like a roman lanista, but made up of volunteers]. As soon as he walked out onto the grasses of the jheder, Hektarian Vulrae called a halt to the men training within the walls.

He just smiled holding up a gloved hand to the Hektarian. "Please continue Pylysi. I wish to watch these new men of Vojal."

Vulrae cracked his whip. "Alright you dogs, back to work!"

Tysol Mas enjoyed watching the men train and the effectiveness of Vulrae's abilities to bring out the best fighters in the elven houses. At times he felt bad for the man, having been removed from service because of a sword wound to the leg that no longer allowed the man to fight in the legions. Although Vulrae no longer served in the legions, Tysol Mas had allowed the man to keep his rank. He was by far one of the best soldiers Tysol Mas had ever known from House Vojal, and he paid the man handsomely for his services.

The patriarch stood off to the side as men sparred with one another or did various other tasks such as carrying heavy beams or boulders or training against spinning wooden poles that had multiple arms off of it coming from different angles. One reason why House Vojal's soldiers were better fighters was the fact that instead of using wooden swords like the legions or other jheders, the Vojal soldiers used real weapons. So any lessons learned were usually at the sprouting of wounds across the body, which Tysol Mas sported quite a bit of his own from his own time in his father's jheder.

During his time spent there, two men were removed from the field and taken to the healers to mend the wounds they had suffered. Several more had felt the lash of the Pylysi for not doing something right or working hard enough. After awhile of appraising the new possibilities to Vojal soldiers, Tysol Mas left to carry on with his work and eventual return to the capital.

House Vojal Jheder
Half a mile north of Tysol Caexi

Myr did all he could to show off his prowess against the opponent he faced while the patriarch of House Vojal had come down to the jheder. He was young for an elf, only in his 70th century which was in the twenties compared to human standards. From one of the lesser branches of Vojal, Myr's family didn't have much options open to him besides working in the mines or joining the legion. Being a member of House Vojal though meant he could join the jheder and try to become one of the elite.

He had been in the jheder for two centuries and failed the last challenge to be moved from the trainee to soldier. The time spent though was a constant battle against various other members of the jheder. It had been an interesting couple of centuries in which he had forged many friends and brothers from those who moved on or washed out. The trainees slept, ate, and bled together while rarely ever leaving the walls of the jheder. It was the price they all paid for trying for the honor to serve House Vojal as soldiers.

When the Pylysi cracked his whip signaling that the day's training was over, Myr let the sword and shield he was training with slump in his loose arms. The iron weapons were deposited in the armory while food was placed out for the men. Myr walked over to a water barrel placed outside, taking the pail to pull water out and pour it over his head. Though it wasn't a proper bath, it was enough to wash away some of the sweat that had accumulated on his skin. Many others had followed suit before they all sat down to the tables to eat, bantering while they did.

--House Vojal is training new troops to replace losses and to bolster the legions incase the war goes badly.
--Showing how soldiers are trained in the Confederacy.
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City of Keye:
Taskmaster Malik rammed his spear into the back of a fleeing Sessuan soldier, slamming him into the ground with a scream of agony. His head struck the cobblestone street with a bloody crunch as Malik wrenched the spear out of the wretch before planting it again this time firmly between his shoulder blades. That stopped the human's wailing, though not the dead man's twitching as his life's blood pumped from the wounds and began to pool around his corpse. Even now more Caexian troops were swarming past Malik and his men, chasing the enemy soldiers whom attempted to hide in houses or fled down side streets. All sense of unit discipline gone, it became every man for himself amongst the enemy. Malik allowed a hard laugh to leave his lips, the enemy had broken completely and Keye now belonged to the Confederacy.

'' The rest of the lads will be busy locking down the city. '' Pollox spat, the Elf surveying the houses that would be ripe for the taking. '' We should start going from house to house, there are sure to be more enemy troops hiding. Besides, these human bastard's have stolen rightful Caexian land. We should extract our vengeance. ''

'' By paying ourselves you mean. '' Malik said, cleaning the tip of his spear on the Sessuan's cloak.

'' A soldier's wage ain't much to live off. The General's will just take the spoils for themselves anyway. Now's our chance. I've got four children at home to feed. '' A chorus of agreement's came from the squad.

'' Aye, fine. Loot the houses, kill any enemy troops you find, or any of the bastards that get in our way. Pay yourselves on this campaign lads. We'll make sure the humans regret ever settling this land. '' The human's would pay in blood. Malik and others like him lead his troops from house as the city was slowly cut off and locked down, the real objective of course wasn't hunting down the last bits of broken resistance but of looting whatever valuables they could find. Whomever dared to stand in their way was given no mercy..and often times those who simply tried to hide were killed for sport.

The horrors of battle, the loss of friends and comrades unleashed a terrible rage within the battle hardened soldiers. It would be several hours before discipline could be restored by other high ranking officers whom entered the city at last and by that time several houses had been burned to the ground and many more had been looted, their inhabitants raped, murdered, or sometimes both. By the end of it over a hundred fifty civilian's had been put to the sword.

A rogue element within the Caexian army at Keye under the guise of mopping up Sessuan resistance begins looting and burning the city. Numerous houses are set on fire and sacked, while more than one hundred fifty civilians are murdered before discipline can be restored amongst the ranks.
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