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 Frequently Asked Questions

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:51 pm

I'm going to put this here for people to ask the questions, and put the answers I've come up with so far. Add your own if you can think of a question that's popped up often.

Theo, if you go to the Administration Board, there should be an option entitled "Add your own FAQ" or something similar. You should take this and make it an official faq once it develops enough.

Q: I really like this forum, but I really want to play an empire of Beholders with lightning magic, can you add a new species and/or Trait so that my idea will work?
A: The short answer is "No," you need to play by the same rules as everyone else, and we can't bend over backwards for every new idea. We are open to new ideas, and player-invented races and traits have been added, but there are some criteria before we accept ideas:
1) It needs to add something new and unique to the forum (Those Beholders need to have a new Strength and Weakness trait, not just use Arcane Understanding).
2) The idea must follow the same rules and setting as everything else on the forum. (no steampunk/scifi/etc, and no traits that provide submarines)
3) The suggestion should make sense in-universe. (Any new trait suggested should have effects and consequnces that could be expected from it)
4) What is proposed is proposed in a courteous manner, not foisted on the moderator as a condition for participation

Q: That battle took three weeks of posting to finish, but my trade shipment crossed the entire ocean in a single post!
A: time-warp is a fact of life on a forum. Detail-oriented actions, like battles and negotiations, take more forum posts and thus take longer than generalized actions. That means a meeting with an ambassador will take weeks, while an army can march across the land in a day. There isn't really a way to avoi the problem, other than ruining the forum by forcing people to wait weeks for anything to happen. Take my advice and just ignore it.

Q: I designed my Kingdom so that it has negative Economic Points, how does that work?
A: You cannot get "Negative" points in Warring Fronts. If you have negative points in your creation, you simply won't start with any and won't gain any during weekly updates. You won't lose points every week or anything like that.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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