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 [ACCEPTED] The Hu Dynasty of Meidi

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[ACCEPTED] The Hu Dynasty of Meidi Empty
PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] The Hu Dynasty of Meidi   [ACCEPTED] The Hu Dynasty of Meidi Icon_minitimeTue Mar 15, 2011 5:25 pm

The Hu Dynasty of Meidi

Population: 85,600 [+ 2,200 additional population for bonus]

Military Points: 155

Economic Points: 24 (Increase of 8 a week)

Cultural Points: 14 (Increase of 7 a week)

The Hu Dynasty of Meidi Military

6 Spearmen Regiments
-- (1,800 Human Spearmen)

7 Skirmisher Regiments
-- (2,100 Human Light Infantry)

5 Swordsmen Regiments
-- (1,500 Human Swordsmen)

6 Light Cavalry Regiments
-- (1,800 Human Light Cavalry)

3 Heavy Cavalry Regiments
-- (900 Human Heavy Cavalry)

3 Catapult
-- (60 Human Soldiers)






Foodstuffs - Foodstuffs are staple foods raised in farms as agriculture, or hunted in the forests and on the plains in order to feed the entire population. They are absolutely essential to the livelihood of a kingdom and without it, a kingdom will quickly drop into recession and its people will begin to starve and die at an alarming rate.
* Feeds the entire population.
* Portion of the population will begin to starve if a Moderate or Massive amount is traded away.
* Generates 1 Economic Point a week unless being traded away in a Moderate or Massive amount.

Stone - Stone quarries, while seemingly less important in retrospect of iron and gold mines are equally as important. Stone quarries are used primarily for the construction of walls and roads and buildings.
* Generates 2 Economic Point a week unless being traded away in a Moderate or Massive amount.
* Useful for Constructs.
* Decreases the price of all Stone Constructs by 3 Economy Points.



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[ACCEPTED] The Hu Dynasty of Meidi
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