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 Merenaz Caliphate (M)

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PostSubject: Merenaz Caliphate (M)   Sat Mar 05, 2011 6:07 pm

Hadrallah, Capital of Merenaz Caliphate,
Administration District,
Emerald Jade Palace.

The interior of the Emerald Jade Palace is riddled with wondrous architectural designs that showcase the craftsmanship of Aremians engineers. The pillars and walls are filled with intricate Aremish calligraphy that seems to tell the history of the Aremians people as a whole and yet still the palace is renovated each time a new grand caliph was installed to power. The current grand caliph, Khaleed is an intellectual person who values the knowledge of the past and the present to dictate the course of their nation for the future, it was his idea to renovate the interior design of the palace to that which reflects the past history of their people.

A scribe wearing long white robe and a gray turban is now seen walking towards the center of the audience hall of the Emerald Jade Palace and with him is a bunch of scrolls he held in his arms. Across the audience hall is a man wearing a set of green desert garb, he is seen to be very busy reading and writing upon the piles of scrolls left on his black wooden table.

"My lord I bring to you the reports as you ordered...", the scribe bowed a bit to the man infront of him and held out the scrolls. The man turns towards the scribe and quickly took the scrolls off his hand, "good! good!, now take these other scrolls here and gave to the representative of the Shura at the entrance", he sighed as he told the scribe and the young man quickly fetched the other documents and scrolls from the wooden table, make a slight bow to his superior and quickly left for the main entrance.

"I swear one of these days I'll regret ever taking the position of the grand caliph...", he said to himself as soon as the scribe left him alone in the audience hall. However just as he was about to turn back to work on the newly arrived documents, Khaleed heard sounds of footsteps coming from the hallway outside the audience hall and soon it was revealed that it belonged to his wife and four of her handmaidens.

"You're complaining to much dear, after all it is you who signed up for this yourself, no one's forcing you...", the lady Mirzinna walks in to the audience hall in her sophisticated but feminine robe that covers her entire body, but in truth she hates having to wore such a thick garment in such a hit weather here in Hadrallah but fortunately for her, this is only when she got out of the harem to display her courteous and well-mannered demeanor but when she's safely tucked away in the harem she would usually be clothed in the rather revealing garment from her original hometown, thus it is for the eyes of her husband and the other female members of the caliph's extended family, "...or perhaps you would rather your brutish brother took over?"

Khaleed immediately chuckled at such a notion before quickening her pace to reach her, "...and to have his name be liken to that of a bogeyman to scare children? I'm not that cruel", he responded to her jokingly. Once he reached her, he quickly held her by her waist and planted a brief kiss on her forehead, "...I take it that your father is well?", he then asks her. It seems Lady Mirzinna has just returned from Telmatalhamar where her family now resides and due to their marriage has caused Mirzinna's impoverished family to rise to power and now governs the state of Telmatalhamar.

"He is husband, he is...come let us talk more while sipping a new tea I have just bought from the grand bazaar, and the most expansive there is too...", with a soft smile to her husband she quickly leads him to the nearest table of two so they could sit down and have a private moment for themselves while the handmaiden now stood at the entrance of the audience hall.


-Lady Mirzinna has returned safely to Hadrallah after her trip to Telmatalhamar to visit her family
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PostSubject: Re: Merenaz Caliphate (M)   Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:00 am

Aremian Deserts,
70 miles south of Ishtafar

The company of a hundred prospectors had been walking away from the city of Ishtafar for days now. They are all garbed in light desert robe that prevents sands from entering their eyes or ears or even their nose and mouth during powerful gust of desert winds. Becoming a prospectors in such a dry and desert kingdom as the caliphate is never easy but once the had hit a gold mine, each of these prospectors is going to become much more richer in life. This company of prospectors are led by Captain As-Salim or Salim as his comrades would call him. A tall man in his forties with grizzly appearance and a scar over his right cheek. He was a soldier serving the caliphate until he retires about a year ago and now leads expedition such as these into the deep deserts.

The company of prospectors are also guarded by 30 armed caravan guards who have been wary since they passed the borders of Ishtafar, watching over the horizon for any signs of bandits or desert marauders. The three days journey had been uneventful so far, there was an incident when the overcautious guards almost spook an innocent merchant tradesmen on their way to Ishtafar but after careful inspection, the tradesmen poses no threat whatsoever.

"Salim!", the shout came from one of the prospectors nearby, as he calls on to Salim who is currently leading the expedition at the front, "...I think there's going to be another desert storm soon", the man walks up to Salim and pointed to the east of their location. Salim, who is currently garbed from head to toe in the desert robe with just a small opening at where his eyes could be, looked over to where the man had pointed and saw dark clouds over the desert dunes.

"Tch! mule's piss!", he curses at the winds over the cloth that covers his mouth, "this is not good, we need to keep moving as fast as we can and find some hills where there is sure to be cave or underground tunnels". The man from before nodded before replying, "I happen to know just the place, further west of here there's a ruins of a village, centered around a dry oasis, there's still a couple of dwellings that have stood the test of time, we could take shelter there". Salim did not even think of refuting his guide and gently pushed aside the man and looked behind to the rest of his prospectors company.

"We are going to seek shelter until the desert storm abates, there's a ruined village nearby to the west, follow me!", with that order, he turns to the west and started walking towards the direction his guide had pointed before, he could only hope they they could arrive to the ruins in time.


Administration District,
Palace Harem.

Lady Iraa is seen in the fountain side of the harem together with a few of her handmaidens, as always, she is wearing her brown palace gown with a translucent green scarf over her head and accompanying her is her two handmaidens who are holding a bunch of scrolls in their hands. She was sitting at the edge of the pool surrounding the fountain with the statue of a supposedly giant bird that the Aremians had attributed to the legendary Garuda, a monster of legend. Splashing the water around the pool, she waited for the third handmaiden who had just walked into the harem and this time with a bottle of ink and a quill in her hands.

"Mylady, everything that you had asked for is here, as you had requested", one of the handmaiden spoke to her while standing nearby, Lady Iraa did not answer immediately and instead continue to swirl around the water of the pool with her finger calmly. Moments later, sh gestured for the handmaidens to deliver the items and they complied. Lady Iraa took the scrolls and both the quill and the ink and put it on a solid platform near the pool. She unfolds the scrolls and it contains declaration of sorts, with a determined face and cold demeanor she began to write something on the papers.

"If I may be so bold as to ask mylady...", one of the handmaiden is clearly curious as to why Lady Iraa had asked them to fetched these items without being seen by other palace's attendants, "what is it that you are trying to do?"

Lady Iraa stopped immediately and smiled as she looked to her loyal handmaidens. "I have been ordered by my brother to prepare for a journey eastward, our nation has been concealing itself behind our desert and dunes for far too long, the grand caliph believes that it is time for our nation to have some sort of diplomatic relations with outside world", she replied and the handmaidens nodded a couple of times. After she was done writing on the scrolls she gave them to her handmaidens and walked away from the pool towards her bedchambers, "...however, I am the one tasked with traveling to those exotic lands and meeting with the foreigners, as such I want you to go to the palace's barracks and order for a full contingent of soldiers to escort me in my journey".

Only then did the handmaidens knew why she had been so secretive and ordered them to retrieve those items without being seen. Lady Iraa is a staunch supporter of Grand Caliph Khaleed but the other noble houses are not happy with the results of the vote and even now grudgingly accept the humiliation of serving the young but cunning grand caliph, however if they were to find out that the caliph's elder sister is leaving the capital, she would certainly be a target of abduction or worse, assassination and that is why she had opted to leave the palace's ground secretly because unlike her younger brother, she wasn't guarded and protected all the time by the cadre of elite bodyguards such as the Deathlords who even till now spooks the living out of her and the palace's attendants.


-Brief introduction to Salim, as he traverse the Aremian deserts in search of new resources for the caliphate

-Lady Iraa secretly leaves the capital and headed west to negotiate diplomatic ties with other nations
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PostSubject: Re: Merenaz Caliphate (M)   Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:50 pm

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Aremian Desert

Captain Salim and his prospecting party barely made it indoors when the sand storm hit. The clouds of sands blotted out the sun in hazy colors of yellow as it whipped into the abandoned village, shifts of sand seeping in through damaged shutters and cracks in the structures that the prospecting party had sought shelter in. Being desert people they knew all they could do was hunker down and wait. Being out in a sand storm was dangerous even for the experience for blowing sand was like razors on the flesh and a person could become horribly lost which was a terrible fate when in a desert that changed constantly.

After several hours the storm abated enough for the men to continue for another couple of hours. When night fell, there had been no further areas that might provide any resources for the kingdom. The party was closing on the further reaches of their maps and in the distance a mountain range began to rise. It was possible that those mountains might yield something in which the prospectors would find useful, but who knew what was beyond the kingdoms borders.

The civilian prospectors talked about venturing toward those mountains. When they finally came to agreement, their leader went and spoke with Captain Salim. The captain listened to their proposal with a growing apprehension. It was one thing to lead people out into the desert that his kingdom called its home, but entirely something else. The dangers inherit in leaving the boundaries were enough to give the former soldier pause, but the prospector leader had a card up his sleeve.

Salim wasn't entirely a greedy man, but when the prospector offered him an additional sum should the expedition prove fruitful. So Salim agreed and ordered the party to be ready to move out to those mountains come the following day. The captain stayed up for awhile viewing those distant peaks thinking that if anything he could sell the new maps that he would be drawing up.

Eastern Frontier
Lady Iraa's journey through the deserts had been a quite one, even with the jingle of swaddled armor that the soldier wore. Though the journey had been delayed for almost half a day because of a sand storm that had blown up, they had made good time to their eastern border. Once they passed that border, the sands slowly gave way to sloping plains with a rare sight to desert folk, forests.

Also one thing that caught the diplomatic party off guard was that the climate was much cooler than the baking temperatures of the sands. They continued the now pleasant trek through this new landscape. Eventually they came to a well worn road which Lady Iraa chose the more eastern direction to take, leading them deeper into this area.

It took another two days for the diplomatic party to see any living being besides the abundance of wild game. Off in the distance rose smoke from the chimneys of various houses in a Sessaen village. Though Lady Iraa was on a diplomatic mission to new kingdoms, she was still wary. She called a halt to discuss with the captain of the guard to see whether it was wise to approach or not.

It didn't take long, only a couple of days, before word reached Aban's ear that Lady Iraa had left the capital for parts unknown. Aban was one of the older members of the Aalimis and one among several who chafed at the rule of the new caliph. Several of his collaborators kept looking for anything that could gain them position against the caliph and maybe ascend one of their own which would provide a more solid backing for their interests.

Aban and six other Aalimis met in a cellar of a local tavern friendly to their caused, all in hooded cloaks to hide their identity. Though it was night the cellar remained only barely lit for they knew if caught they would probably be executed. One of the Aalimis, marked by a grey beard, spoke when Aban finally made his way to the meeting.

"So why have you brought us here tonight."

"I have learned that the Lady Iraa has left the capital accompanied by a group of soldiers and from the looks of it for a long journey."

A murmur arose from the group since they hadn't heard of the departure. It was their conniving ways that they made good coin to keep informed of important matters that they could exploit and this surely was one of them. Aban smiled within the hood as he waited for the other to quiet down.

"I think we should take advantage of this situation," he continued in hushed tones.

"What do you have in mind friend," said one of the Aalimis with a oiled accent of the desert families.

"I say we hire some able body cut throats and send them after our caliph's lovely sister. They may cause problems for her and where ever she has gone which could only benefit us wouldn't it friends."

"An interesting proposition," answered Grey Beard. "I say we take a vote and see what the majority says."

In the end the majority was with Abran which only pleased the man more. He made sure to collect money from the others for he was as conniving as the rest of them and surely wasn't going to pay for it all by himself. Also it allowed Abran to claim them as collaborators if he was ever caught and looking for a way to save his own skin.

-The prospector party does find anything within their current path eastward. After taking refuge in an abandoned village near the outskirts of their kingdom, they decide to press forward toward the mountains within the Karag Mor.

-Lady Iraa and her company of soldiers make into the Mille Sessau and stumble across a Sessaen village. Lady Iraa speaks with the captain of the soldier to decided whether or not it is safe to enter the village.

-Aban, one of the corrupt Aalimis who don't like the rule of the new caliph, has learned of Lady Iraa's departure. Abran brings it to his collaborators who agree that it would be a good idea to send cutthroats after her to cause problems for the caliph's sister figuring it would further their gains.

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PostSubject: Re: Merenaz Caliphate (M)   Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:46 am

Aremian Deserts,
90 miles south of Ishtafar.

The desert storms that had hit the band of prospectors yesterday was brief and although it was violent, it didn't deter the group at all. Previously, Salim and the group of prospectors had discovered a tall mountain range that they could see from the distance albeit it lies far into the uncharted region of the caliphate. The deep deserts had always been an enigma to the Aremians, despite the Aremians tenacity in the face of incredible odds especially considering that they were the only people to have ever truly tamed the great desert, very few had ever ventured into the deep deserts.

As a child Salim had heard wondrous stories of ancient and marvelous kingdoms that had inhabited the deep deserts, or an entire court of genies and other magnificent but mythological creatures dwelling deeper into the desert. There were some grains of truth in that story however, as very few guides or prospectors had ever emerge from the deep deserts unscathed. Most died from hunger or dehydration from the scorching sun and some did survive only to have their minds stripped away from them, these few survivors did however tell stories of nightmarish monstrosities who dwells deeper into the deserts and of magnificent ruins of ancient cities, but many of these accounts were simply disregarded as simple delirium and hallucination under such scorching heat of the desert.

Salim agreed to lead the team of prospectors deeper into the deserts for the sole purpose of the profit being offered by them, it seems however if they had indeed struck a goldmine, then he no longer needed to work as a guide and can easily retire with plenty of coins to go around still and that alone is enough of a motivation for him to wade through the danger of the deep deserts.

The team of prospectors had just passed over a huge dune over yonder and as they did they came across what appears to be a trail of cobblestone pathway half buried under the sand. "I did not recall any of the caliphs building such an extensive roadwork this deep into the desert", said one the prospectors behind Salim. The man jumps off his steed and examine the cobblestone pathway but couldn't make heads of tail of when it was built. "Perhaps this roadwork predates the Caliphate itself, during or before the warring period era", the voice belongs to the leader of the prospector who called himself Hakim but with no last name thus made Salim believed that this isn't his real name at all.

Salim nodded before returning his view over to the mountain range, the road leads straight to the mountain range which by the looks or it lies further approximately 20 miles, "I had the feeling that we will either find these resources of yours in the mountain range itself or beyond it", Salim sighed afterwards, remembering another tale from his youth, "...although I would loathe to go beyond that mountain range though".

"Why?", Hakim asked

"First and foremost because it lies at the furthest reaches of the Caliphate where civilization is nowhere to be found and second...", Salim seems reluctant to speak further but after awhile he steeled himself and told them, "my father, a guide before me had always warned me of what lies beyond that mountain range, although he did not told me what it was specifically, he did say that it was the realm of the old gods, a sanctuary to them I suppose, a dangerous place to be in at any time"

Hakim's eyes widened in surprise as he listens to the story intently, and at the end of it he scoffed at such a notion, "nonsense! through and through, we know the old gods do not exist, only the lord creator, but if what you say is true then there is much to be gained from such a trip", for a moment there Salim could see a glimmer of greed in Hakim's eyes, "no! we go deeper and that's final...", Hakim did not wait for the others and proceed along the cobblestone road ahead of the team of prospectors. Salim could only shook his head and although he himself do not believe in such myths, he was sure there is something evil and dangerous awaiting them beyond the mountain range and this is because there's a another portion of the story Salim did not tell the others and that is the part where his grandfather told him that in the past there were an entire team of prospectors and that include his own brother, they went into beyond the mountain range with enough provision and such but none of them had ever return from the trip, none of them were ever seen again.

-Salim and his team of prospectors continues their journey deeper into the uncharted region of the desert
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PostSubject: Re: Merenaz Caliphate (M)   Sat Apr 09, 2011 2:07 pm

Administration District,
Merenaz Caliphate

It has been awhile since Mawli Ibn Al-Hessan took a break from his time-consuming work as a member of the Shura council. He and his other 22 colleagues are responsible for maintaining and governing the caliphate at state level in the Grand Caliph's name. The Aalimi had served the caliphate for nearly 15 years, now in his mid fourties, Mawli is no longer interested in the politics of the court and only wished to serve the people under him but recent years have shown that the council is seemingly falling apart, there are those who wholeheartedly support the young caliph and there are those who oppose him in secret, believing that the young caliph is not ready to rule a challenging nation such as the Merenaz Caliphate. Despite that, Caliph Khaleed had proven thus far that he was up to the challenge, the kingdom had only recently opens its door to the outside world, a move that had earned him the ire of the more conservative part of the council and while this may indeed brought in prosperity to the caliphate, it may also be bringing in undesirable culture into the already fragile peace of the caliphate.

Mawli had just passed the massive iron door entrance of the palace where he could see two well armed Emirate guardsmen standing at the front entrance as well as a few scribes and officials exiting or entering the palace. However, just as he was about to exit the palace, Mawli heard a voice calling him from behind his back. He turned around to see the Aalimi Areef catching up to him from the nearby stairs. Mawli lets out a sigh and stopped dead in his track while waiting for Areef to catch up to him, "despite you're age, you do walk fast do you know that", Areef said as he catches his breath. Areef is also an Aalimi, a member of the Shura council but he is a lot younger than Mawli and had barely reached his thirties.

"What is it that you wanted Areef, if you hadn't notice the council meeting is over and I'm on my way home", Mawli turned his back on Areef and looked out the doorway where he could spot the sun on the horizon, just above one of the hills at the coastline of Hadrallah as it is now setting. By now, the people of Harallah are already finishing up whatever work they have left in preparation to close shop and return home for the day and so are the Aalimis.

After catching up his breath, he turned to the senior Aalimi, "well, I just wanted to discuss with you about what had happened in the council chamber...", Mawli sighed, he knew this young Aalimi would approached him about the ugly incident in the council chamber. The meeting turns sour with the two faction, supporters of the Grand Caliph and the ones who opposes him argue and it soon turns into sarcastic and subtle but insulting remarks thrown against both sides of the council. Despite being religious and spiritual leaders of society, these poor excuse for community elders sure does act like 10 year old bickering amongst themselves albeit doing it in a more civilized manner as they believed throwing tantrum around as being uncivilized and beneath them. The arguments happen when chair person of the assembly had announced that the Grand Caliph had sent his sister to a foreign nation to initiate diplomatic relations and as expected the conservative members of the council opposes it while the supporters, defended the caliph's action.

"The caliph is playing at a dangerous game here Areef, some of his decision that he performs in secret are of minor consequences and the conservationists could easily look past it, but his recent decision will undoubtedly affect the entire caliphate and yet he does that behind the council's back", Mawli commented. Unlike the others, Mawli had taken a more neutral stance but there are not many of the Aalimis that share his view of staying neutral.

"But can you blame him?", Areef immediately replied, "look at the assembly just now, those old fools just could not accept the changes that is happening is for the good of the people and the caliphate itself, I mean how long are we going to be bottled up in our desert?"

"Those 'old fools' served alongside me since before Khaleed took power and most of them are my friends still, does that make me a fool as well?", Mawli cynical remarks is accompanied by a shirk on his face as he looks at Areef straight in the eye.

"Forgive me for my outburst then, but you are not like those fool, I can see that you sense the wisdom in the caliph's decision, and I was just hoping to persuade you to join our cause and that is all", Areef said, obviously the younger Aalimi is of caliph's supporter camp and he was hoping to persuade the elder Aalimi to join in their ranks.

"This bickering between the two sides has got nothing to do with me and I am not interested in it either way, I believe in what the caliph id but I shall not become an instrument that would break apart the caliphate", judging by Mawli's voice, he was becoming weary of this conversation and turns around towards the road leaving the palace, "now if you wouldn't mind i need to wash away all the unpleasantness of the council convene just now, good day to you". He said as he walks down the path leaving Areef as he watched the senior Aalimi walked away.


Central Desert,
The Caliphate's Eastern Frontier,
Saylahudd Citadel

From the distant horizon of the desert, a magnificent stone construct has arisen in the middle of the desert, surrounded by camps and an oasis. This stone construct was a remodeled and renovated ancient fortress of Saylahudd that predates the caliphate itself. It was founded by a patrolling army of its way back to Ishtafar to the north and while it was neglected for a couple of decades and was left in the state of disrepair, it was Amir Ziyad Shaheer who saw the potential of raising this once magnificent citadel back to its true splendor. The fortress itself is built in three different layers of walls, the outer stone walls that are 5 feet thick and 6 meters high serves as a battlements to slow down potential besieger. The second layer of wall which is 10 feet thick and rose up to 10 meters high is the true defense line of the defenders as it is supported by a set of towers for every 30 meters of the wall. The final wall is situated up by the small hill in which the fortress was built around it, it serves as the last line of defense and are as thick and as high as the second layer of walls.

Amir Ziyad approaches the fortress with 600 soldiers marching behind him, all clad in chainmails, these are the specialized Emirate cohorts of the caliphate and they have been ordered to reinforces the newly renovated fortress. Currently, Saylahud citadel has a garrison of 10 companies, 1500 Ghazies and 1500 desert archers, these are the minimum amount of garrison and Ziyad thought that the fortress could use extra hands to defend it walls, after all it was he who saw the potential of the fortress as it sits near the edge of the caliphate barring the entryway into the caliphate from the east.

"Your honor, all the preparations are nearly completed and as you can see the walls are fully repaired and renovated, the interior of the keep still need some works but so far the defenses has been bolstered and checked", said a man riding a steed next to Ziyad as he strutted through the fortress's gatehouse on top of his prized war steed. The Amir nodded as he looks around the interior of the walls, seemingly checking its structural designs.

"Impressive work, Fareed. You'd do your builder's guild proud, because for as long as this fortress stands so shall your name be remembered". The Amir replied as he continues his tour into the castle accompanied by master builder Fareed and 5 of the Amir's bodyguard. The 600 Emirate cohorts had already taken another path into the fortress straight towards the barracks where they will probably be briefed and assigned to their duty and posts.

"Thank you your honor...", Fareed replied while slightly bowing to the Amir, "...but this is made happen due to your insight and your own ingenuity of using old ruins as a startegic fortress".

"Perhaps, now show me the interior of the keep, after a long journey here I would like to take a rest first before proceeding with the inspection", the master building nodded at the Amir's request and took the lead of the tour party as he led the Amir and the bodyguards deeper into the giant fortress.



-The Grand Caliph revealed to the Shura Council of his decision in opening up the borders of Merennia to foreign trades and diplomatic relations.

-The Conservatives faction of the Council opposes the idea but could do nothing for now since majority of the council supported the Caliph's decision

-Amir Ziyad, inspected the newly rebuilt Saylahudd Citadel(fortress) at the eastern frontier of the Caliphate
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Merenaz Caliphate

The Great Desert held many prizes, and it was in the winter of the second year of the New Age that the history books of Merennia denote " .. one of the greatest discoveries in the known land. " The Great Desert did not extend forever, as many young Merennian boys were told in their youth, but it instead gave way as humidity rose and turned into sweeping savannahs and rolling hills. There was an oddity here in that a particular flower grow across the natural substrate of the desert landscape where excess rainfall gave the plant the necessary nutrients to survive. It was to be called the habu flower, for it's unique golden petals. After three days of heavy examination, it was confirmed that the plant would be adequate for coloring natural cottons and cloths for sell in the market.

The plant was in absolute huge abundances across what the explorers were calling the Great Divide, the land where the Empire of Mille Sessau and the Merenaz Caliphate parted at the behest of a small southwesterly stream. Because of this, the flower was not actually within the Caliphate lands and a mandate would have to be issued before the plant could be adequately harvested and sold in the marketplaces. A few of the explorers took gracious handfuls to show the Caliph for when they returned.

Finished with their southern travels, the explorers decided to turn north to find refuge at Saylahudd Citadel, but what transpired between their decision to seek refuge and what actually happened is still open to debate.

Salim showed up, originally a group of fourteen travels, tattered and limping with only one other man. Although a reputed explorer, Salim was also competent with an Aremian saber and was no pushover. That same saber still hung from his belt, coated in a slimy brown secretion. Soldiers of the Caliphate rushed out as they saw their brothers exit the heavy sandstorm and they were immediately taken inside and to the mess hall where tables were cleared and Salim was laid down.

Amir Ziyad was summoned, and he entered the room just as a few of the soldiers began to coax words out of the wounded soldier.

" .. a city of pure gold. Not a single soul left, only ruins of gold. We entered the city and .. " cough cough " .. searched for inhabitants, but there were none. In my bag. In my bag. " He motioned limply to the satchel at his side, and a few soldiers slowly removed it and opened it. Shining as if a miniature sun, a six inch long dagger of pure gold. Too malleable to be used in weapon, it instead was worth a few thousand gold pieces just through it's intricate design alone. " Worms. As big as a man, came forth from the sand. Like the demons of old they attacked at will, their hides impervious to our blades. "

Amir Zivad was quiet, but fellow soldiers pressed him.

" And what happened, Salim! How do you stand before us now! "

" I know no greater despair than this. I abandoned my brethren when they fought, thinking I would be by their side. "

Salim had no more to say. They bandaged his extensive wounds, but found that in the morning he had passed away from poison infected wounds.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-- In the region southeast of the Merenaz Caliphate, where the Great Desert and the Sessauan Plains meet, huge groves of desert flowers grow where trickle down from the more humid plains reaches them. They are not within the Caliphate borders and the Caliphate must expand to reach them. They will equate to TWO Dye Resources.

-- Salim the Explorer tells a story of a huge city of gold in southwestern Aremia. However, his entire group is attacked by alleged sand worms and all of the explorer's except Salim's aid, Abbib, are either killed or pass away after reaching safety. The fabled City of Gold contains somewhere between 45 and 100 Economic Points worth of treasure, though whether it is even real, or what other dangerous it holds is unknown.

-- Because of Salim's unlikely end, the Eastern Mountain Range is still unmapped, as is much of northern Merennia.
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Saylahud Citadel,
The Eastern Desert,
Merenaz Caliphate

What had happen just a few days ago still haunts the Amir, he had just seen an explorer died from injury that he had never seen before in his 25 years of serving as a military commander for the caliphate. The physician that was in charge of the autopsy told the Amir that the poison was unlike anything he had ever seen before. Scorpion's bite is something that travelers of the Aremish Desert had always feared and it may range to mildly poisonous stings to a fatal ones, but the poison being injected into the explorer's body is unlike anything the physician had seen before, thus lending credence to the late Salim's story of mysterious giant worm inhabiting what was supposed to be ancient abandoned city made of gold. Since Salim had passed away, Ziyaad could not sleep more than a few hours, the images of such grand city and the great discovery as well as the fame it would bought onto his name and his family would lasts for many generations. In fact it wasn't too far fetched with such wealth he might be able to buy himself and his family the nobility status and everyone knows what that means, it means his family would be able to contest for the position of the Grand Caliph.

That night Ziyaad had trouble sleeping, so instead he went to the Battle chamber where a round table with the map of the known world were laid on. This is the room where generals and commanders go to in order to discuss battle plan but tonight no one is there except for two soldiers guarding the entrance to the battle chamber. The Amir walked over to the table and went around it as his eyes fixated upon the map, particularly to that one area where it is allegedly, Salim's exploration party had founded the Golden City, as it is now dubbed. Ziyaad's hand went to the map, as his finger pointed to the unclaimed territory.

Also, as Salim lay dying, the physicians attending to him had also found a couple of flowers, possibly a sort of resources that explorer's think would benefit the caliphate. Knowing this, he had a messenger bought the sample of the strange flower to Hadrallah, where such a new findings would interests the Shura Council and Ziyaad thought, let them deal with it and instead he will deal with the more important matters at hand, the fabled city of gold. The Amir also knew that it was a wishful thinking in itself that such a city exists but he was curious enough and until that curiosity is sated, he won't be able to have a good night rests. Thankfully however, he thought to himself, the position of Amir actually comes with its own benefit. Being a member of the Amir means that he has the absolute control over his own emirate cohorts, whereas every normal commanders and generals needed the permission of the Caliph to travel into unclaimed territory, he needed none of those and may act as he wishes.

Finally relenting to his own curiosity, Ziyaad lets out a sigh, before calling for the soldiers standing guard at the entrance. "You call us, your honor?", the soldier's asks, Ziyaad is however still looking at the map intently with his hands behind his back, studying the geography of the uncharted region. "Go to the barracks and bring word to my first cohort to be ready and assembled by sundown, I have a journey planned". The soldier's looked to each other, obviously disturbed by the sudden command but know enough not to question one of the highest ranking officer of the Caliphate's military. They each gives a bow before disappearing into the corridors of the keep.

* * *

Come morning, the troops were assembled, no doubt the Amir is going to run across the alleged giant worm that supposedly had attacked Salim's party, but those were mere band of prospectors, helpless and mostly unarmed and Ziyaad thought to himself, now those giant worms, if they exists would have to contend with the Caliphate's brave and proud soldiers especially his own veteran First Cohort. The Amir, now clad in his family heirloom armor, a scalemail with shoulder pad made of plated steel with brown cloak worn over it and armed by his trusted scimitar, Syful-Aswad now rode across the field on his war steed while overlooking the contingents of 1200 soldiers infront of him. Earlier, a messenger had been sent to the nearby military checkpoint where a regiment of mounted desert archers have been patrolling ordering them to join the Amir's force in a top secret mission, as such the Amir's standing force now is that of 600 strong emirate cohorts with supported by a regiment of desert archers and a regiment of mounted desert archers. To Ziyaad, this is strong enough force for him to claim the uncharted region as part of the caliphate.

Satisfied with the inspection of his personal army, he strode back to the front of the assembly where his lieutenant is waiting, the Amir nodded to the lieutenant as a signal, "Onwaaaard...march!!", the lieutenant shouted the order and in unison, the 1200 strong military personnel turns to their back and towards the gatehouse and marched forth. By the look on their faces, each of them must've been guessing their destination, but none of them knew except for the Amir, his lieutenants and the lone guide that survived Salim's ill-fated exploration party. Albeit shaken by the traumatic event, Abbib thought that he won't want to miss the chance to take revenge on the sand worms that had taken so many lives of his comrades.



-Amir Ziyaad led an army of 1200 troops across the desert with one location in mind, the uncharted region of the Great Desert

-A messenger was sent to Hadrallah bearing sample of the strange flower, this will serve as a reason enough for the caliphate to finally expand its borders into the uncharted region
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Capital of the Merenaz Caliphate,
Emerald Jade Palace

The sound of metal clanking could be heard at the exterior court area of the palace, overlooking the great ocean. The exterior court itself is a multi-layered park built alongside the Emerald Jade Palace as a resting place for the Caliph and his family from day to day's work, and the evening peace is shattered by the sound of sword fight between two figures with plenty of spectators. Both are clad in sufficiently protective armor while armed with a rather dull and unsharpened scimitar. The two figures are sparring against each other infront of spectators who are mostly female members of the palace harem as well as representatives of the noble houses. The spar lasted for awhile but in the end a winner emerged and as he took of the helmet, covering his face it was revealed to be none other than the Grand Caliph himself, Khaleed.

Mirzinna, his wife immediately, took the dry towel from the nearby handmaiden and went to her husband who seems to be struggling trying to take off the protective armor. "You did well there dearest...", she smiled as Mirzinna wipes off the sweats from Khaleed's forehead and cheeks, "it seems your time at the crescent throne did not dull your skill with the sword". Khaleed smirked at such remark and after awhile finally found the right way to loosen up the armor and ultimately took it off. "Of course, the son of the Hareezi family are born fighters, even if I had sat on the crescent throne of a decade, an assassin would not find me an easy target".

The couple could not take a moment's rests when a messenger arrived at the court bearing with him a package, the messenger boy, clearly a military personnel and from the dusts and sands gathered on his cloak, seems to have traveled quite the distance to get to Hadrallah. "My lord, I come bearing news and gift, I suppose...", the messenger said, eyeing the package he's carrying suspiciously. "What is it that you have there, soldier?", Khaleed asks, seeing as how the soldier looked at the package suspiciously, he grew curious to know what it is. The messenger bought the package to his lord and presented it to him, but instead Mirzinna who took it from the soldier's hand.

"Just needed to make sure that there's nothing harmful here...", she said while inspecting the package, Khaleed was surprised that his wife would snatch the package so quickly before giving him the chance to open it. "And if it does contain something harmful? what would've happen to you, my dear?", he asks in return.

Instead Mirzinna replied with a devious grin and turns back to the package, "oh worry not dear husband, this nation needed your guidance, not mine...", with one motion, Mirzinna unwrapped the cloth that covers the package, revealing a beautiful looking flower with a rather fragrant smell. Khaleed was dumbfounded by Mirzinna's words but the fragrant smell of the flower snapped him back to reality where he approaches her from behind in order to get a good look at the package. Studying the flower intently, Mirzinna then turned to the soldier, "what it this? and who gave this to us?". The soldier quickly pull a letter from a pocket hidden beneath a section of his leather armor and presented it to Lady Mirzinna.

"It is from Amir Ziyaad, my lady", the soldier said. Mirzinna took the letter, unfurl it and began reading it and after awhile gave it to her husband. After taking a quick smell of the flower, she turned to Khaleed, "What is your order now, mylord?"

"What else?", the caliph answered before turning to the soldier, "fetch me Umar, I would have a word with him", Khaleed took the flower from the package and studied it for a few seconds before turning his attention back to his wife, "we definitely need to claim this region". Khaleed nodded while studying the content of the letter and the mysterious flower.

Moments later, a man in his fourties, dressed in brown desert robe with a turban wrapped around his head came by the courtyard and headed for the ruling couples. "Peace be unto you, Caliph Khaleed, how may I be of service?". Umar is one of the administrators in charge of the expansion of caliphate as well as its welfare, currently he also holds an office as one of the Aalimis of the Shura Council. "And peace be unto you to Umar, now I want you to check on this", Khaleed wasted no time and gave the letter as well as its content to the Aalimi who in turned took the letter and the content and immediately began reading it and studying it.

After awhile, Umar looked back to the caliph, "this is...", Khaleed smiled by Umar's reaction and nodded to him, "indeed! I want you to prepare an expedition into the southern unclaimed desert and claimed it for the caliphate, the resources there would further enrich the caliphate", Khaleed explains his plan to the Aalimi. Umar however was a bit reluctant at first, until he voiced out his concerns, "but caliph, shouldn't we consult with the rest of the Shura Council first? your last action opening our border to the outside world has caused quite an uproar". But the caliph just waved him off, practically scoffing at such notion, "that is different, I can understand their fear of cultural revolution, but this will only serves to strengthen the caliphate, after all, am I not the Grand Caliph with the supreme authority?"

It took some time but finally Umar nodded, "I understand, then I shall make the necessary preparation as well as the needed explanation to the...'other faction' of the Shura Council, now I must bid you farewell Caliph", with a slight bow, Umar went off into the palace for preparation into the unclaimed desert.



- The caliphate spends 8 cultural points to expand its borders into the unclaimed territory south of the caliphate
- An expedition of 1000 settlers and escorted by two companies of Ghazi Infantry(600 spearmen) sets out to the South western desert hoping to rendezvous with Amir Ziyaad's Emirate Cohorts before venturing deeper to set up a settlement.
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South Western Desert:
Expedition Party:

The sun beat down on the settlers like the wrath of an angry God. The South Western desert was a brutal place seemingly devoid of life as the party of soldiers and civilians alike trudged onwards. Captain Idriss was boiling alive within his armor. They had been walking for three days now and each rolling sand dune seemed the same. Carrion birds stalked overheard, their mocking caws following the trail of nearly two thousand people. Idriss was out in front at the head of the column, his spear had become more of a walking stick than a weapon but it's true purpose was about to get tested again.

He didn't hear or see the arrow as it came hissing through the air but only a collection of figures off in the distance that he mistook for a trick of the eye. The arrow overshot the Captain and hammered into a member of his company. He only heard the scream's of the man that it impacted, the arrowhead lodging within his chest and tearing through his breastplate.

'' SHIELDS! ' The Captain roared, the troops at the front forming a ragged line as the second volley of arrows descended. This time warded off but only barely. Idriss cast a wary eye forward, the shapes were disappearing to be replaced by something far larger. As they came closer, Idriss could make them out. Men on..camels. Idriss had never seen the animal used in combat before but regardless he had to act now. The camel's crashed into the line of spearmen. Men on both sides were skewered, Idriss himself took a glancing blow to the side of his head from a saber. His iron helmet however managed to save his life. His spear struck forward, slamming into the rider and wrenching him from the animal. The 'battle' if you could call it that didn't last for long. The tribesman beat a hasty retreat back across the dunes, leaving twenty of their number dead and dying on the sands. The soldiers of the Caliph had fared better but only slightly. Eight men had been killed and only four wounded. The march would stop but only briefly..at day break again they would push on.

Following Day:
The following morning after burying their dead as best they could, the soldiers renewed their trek. They were continually harassed by the fierce nomads but eventually they came across the place that was ripe for settlement. An oasis, it was not a mirage the desert had conjured. Here was a clean, fresh source of water, not to mention an area that they could farm. The settlers had found the place to found their new city. Whether the fierce tribal warriors they had encountered would let them keep it however, was another thing entirely.

The settlers are attacked by fierce desert nomads and are continually harassed on their route of march but finally discover an oasis on which to found a new settlement. The threat of continued attack from these fierce tribesman remains high, however.
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Industrial District,
City of Telmatalhamar,
Merenaz Caliphate

It has been three years since Daud and his brother Al-Ameen moved here from their obscure fishing village to the west, since their stroke of good luck when they accidentally found a cave in a hidden cove off the southern shore. This cave was later on revealed to be a network of gemstone mines, long abandoned by a the precursor civilization of the great desert. Ever since their finding, the brothers have consequently expand their jeweler business, in fact the two are confident that they could actually established the first gemstone enterprise in the caliphate.

Telmatalhamar is a bustling city with population of over thirty thousand people, more than even that of Hadrallah and because of that, it is the trade hub of the caliphate as well as the center of culture for many nations that would trade with the desert nation. It was a perfect place to set up their business and started a new life far away from the dull and dreary village where they used to grow up. Of the two Daud is the eldest and the first to enter into the gem refinement industry that had made the caliphate so wealthy, this is apparent enough in Daud's rather unkempt facial hair and rugged features despite just barely reaching 30, other would've mistaken him for a man in his fourties. The younger brother, Al-Ameen is the brain of the duo, it was the younger brother's idea that the two stopped working so hard in the gem mines and instead starts their own entrepreneurship of gem refining business, the first of its kind in the caliphate.

The two of them made their way into the port city of Telmatalahamar, although the youngest of the three major settlements of the caliphate, Telmatalhamar has perhaps the most vibrant and largest population in the entire caliphate. It's twenty-five thousands inhabitants are some of the most creative and hardworking in the caliphate, and although it might not have the same cultural reverence as that of Hadrallah itself, it has it's major share of importance and contribution to the Merenaz Caliphate, more so since it has now becomes the caliphate's hub of trade. Daud and Ameen is being transported across the city in a carriage of mediocre stature, however it is certainly something to be proud of since these two had only begun to expand their business and to be able to afford a carriage alone in a desert nation is certainly something to be proud of.

"I'm not sure I'm comfortable with meeting these people, Ameen, so why don't you just deal with them and I'll just go inside the forge and do what I do best", Daud said as he looks out to the streets from the carriage's window. Next to him is his younger brother Ameen, in his late twenties and dressed like a noble with a wealthy robe and well groomed appearance if compared to his brother who one might easily described as anti-social. "Nonsense brother, you are still the proprietor of the business, it is important for the...morale of our workers to be greeted personally by their big boss", Ameen replied with a grin across his face.

Daud turns his attention to Ameen and arched his eyebrows at the response, "I may not be the most sociable person but I'm not a fool...", he sighed, "you know there's no such thing as 'morale' where our business is concerned, we're not assembling an army or anything".

Ameen responded to that statement with a heartily laugh but before he could continue, the carriage stopped and what lies outside of their carriage is a magnificent new factory, two stories high and it's structure made from stones, bricks and woods. The location of their new forge is still quite far away from the market area but this is not something bad anyway as the two brothers not only have purchase themselves a forge to produce their own products but also hired retailers and such to sell their products. At the front entrance are a group of twenty men, most of them are young adults and some looks to be in their fourties, no doubt these are the first batch of workers in their forge.

"Ahh, we're finally here Daud, come, let us greet your workers", the younger brother says with a bright happy smile on his face as he makes his way out of the carriage. Daud on the hand was reluctant to walk out of the carriage and instead groan and sigh before emerging out of the carriage, he wasn't sure whether his brother was purposely trying to torture him with this meager public appearance or is just trying to help him with the confidence, either way this is where their new life began.



- A forge is built at the city of Telmatalhamar (construct pending)
- Brief introduction to the life of the caliphate's gem refiners
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Merenaz Caliphate (M)
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