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 [TUTORIAL] Basics of Negotiations

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[TUTORIAL] Basics of Negotiations Empty
PostSubject: [TUTORIAL] Basics of Negotiations   [TUTORIAL] Basics of Negotiations Icon_minitimeSun Feb 20, 2011 3:38 pm

Negotiations has to do with official, diplomatic contact between kingdoms. Things like trade agreements, treaties, negotiations, and alliances are made here. Minute contact between empires, such as citizens making visits and tourism, doesn't belong here. That stuff is implied and included in the Day to Day Life. Wars and combat are in the Wars and Battles thread.

Starting a Negotiations Thread:

When your empire discovers another in the Day to Day Life thread, you'll have the option of making diplomatic contact. To do that, start a diplomacy thread titled like this:

Kingdom of Ezria / Kingdom of Mabiya.

Once you post, the other kingdom will have a chance to respond. The negotiations will go on until both parties are finished. At that point, let me know in some manner and I will post a Summary Mark summarizing the agreements made in the negotiations. Both kingdoms can continue to use the thread for diplomatic contact at later times.
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[TUTORIAL] Basics of Negotiations
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