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 [Tutorial] Basics of Day to Day Life

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[Tutorial] Basics of Day to Day Life Empty
PostSubject: [Tutorial] Basics of Day to Day Life   [Tutorial] Basics of Day to Day Life Icon_minitimeSat Feb 19, 2011 7:30 pm

Day to Day Thread

This is where people can see what goes on in your kingdom. Posts here include actions and decisions by rulers and politicians, the lives of ordinary citizens, and responses to Moderator Marks. Each player should have a thread for their empire in which to make posts.

A few things to remember while posting:
- Post a header explaining where the event described is taking place.
-You should post in the Day to Day thread at least once a week. The official requirement is ten days, but its best to save the three extra days for extenuating circumstances.
-The more points of view the better. Let us see how different citizens live. Show us merchants and miners as well as politicians.
-Do not post actions that affect other empires in Day to Day threads. Those posts should go in either the Diplomacy or Wars and Battles forums. The only except to this is when another nation has resources like merchants or an embassy within your kingdoms's borders.
- I or another moderator will post a Moderator Mark for every two posts.
- Include a couple bullet-points at the end of a post to summarize what happens.
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[Tutorial] Basics of Day to Day Life
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